Friday, September 5, 2008

Fun Facts About Morton Salt

While I was at the grocery this week I noticed that
Morton Salt had brought back some of their vintage
labels for a limited time. It was fun to see them!
That got me thinking about the history of their
advertisements, so I did a little research.
In 1911, Morton’s first advertising campaign
for a series of ads in Good Housekeeping
created the idea for the girl and her slogan,
"When it Rains it Pours." One of the concepts presented to Morton was
an image of a little girl holding an umbrella in one hand
to ward off falling rain and a package of salt in the other hand
that was tilted back with the spout open and salt running out. Morton loved the picture that expressed the Morton message —
that their salt would run even in damp weather.
It resulted in the now famous slogan, "When it Rains it Pours." The Umbrella Girl remains ageless,
but she has continued to changed with the times.
Makeovers to modernize her looks began in 1921
and continued until 1968.
1914 1921 1933 1941


  1. Our friend from 1914 looks like she was struggling.. the big umbrella, the huge amount of salt wasted, the heavy rains... lol

  2. What cute little girls! I don't think I've seen any of those except the last two.

    I hope your apple cake turns out well this weekend!

  3. When I was growing up my mom had a set of 6 coffee mugs... each one with a different Morton Salt girl on it. I love them all. My mom always has her morning coffee with the 1941 girl.

  4. Miss Nelson ~ you are right! And the end of that umbrella looks like a golf club! She is weighted down!

    Lora ~ I'll let you know about the cake...yum! Can't wait!

  5. MG ~ I used to have a set of those mugs! They are very cute!

  6. Thanks for these fun facts! I love learning things like this and I had no clue that's where that phrase comes from!!

  7. I love vintage advertising posters. And I love knowing the history behind this iconic little girl with the umbrella. Thanks.

  8. Amanda! Hi and welcome! You know, I didn't know it either! I love your NYC blog! I'll visit again!

  9. Stevie ~ me, too...the vintage advertising is so charming!

  10. 1956 is the one I have fond memories of.

  11. I grew up with the last four little girls. I remember those coffee mugs. Cute, weren't they?

  12. Wow! I had no idea! Thanks for that research. I loved looking at the differences!

  13. Who were the artists?


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