Saturday, August 9, 2008

For Better Or For Worse....

I was watching Ina Garten on The Food Network
a while back and she was talking about
asking her husband (they are such a cute couple!)
to pick up a pineapple for her on his way home from work.
She was in one of those cooking emergencies and
didn't realize she didn't have the pineapple.
Although his intentions were good, he brought her
a cantelope instead! They had a good laugh about it.
(later, I assume!)
Listening to her tell that story reminded me
of my dad doing something very similar.
He was asked to bring home a can of
Carnation Evaporated Milk and to just
"look for the pink carnations" on the can.
He brought home sweetened condensed milk...
with a COW on the label. So, I just had to laugh today when I asked my dear husband to please stop at the little village grocery on the way home from the walk to the library and pick me up some fabric softener...... And he brought me some laundry detergent!
But the sweetheart did get a kiss....and a thank you...
......after he went back and exchanged it!


  1. cute cute cute! I once asked for butterSCOTCH pudding and got scotch tape instead!

  2. ha! I once asked for sour cream and onion chips and a coke, and I got salt-and-vinegar and 7-up.

  3. WT's getting much better at picking up the right thing in his old age. He even grabbed me a box of my usual hair color the other day when he was out and about! ;)

  4. Marie ~ that is hilarious! I'm laughing out loud!

  5. Lavinia ~ hmmm....at least it was still chips and a soda! LOL

  6. Willow ~ wow...he gets a prize or something! I'm very impressed!

  7. Fun stories... sweet husbands.

  8. I love that show!!!!!!! I can't watch it without getting hungry though. That is so funny, Brent-Boy does the same thing. I needed feminine products one time, and he brought me home incontinence pads!! I laughed until I peed on myself, so they came in handy!!!!!!

  9. Em ~ Actually, I just meant the marriage vows...not the show...but either way...I'm glad you got something that you could use! LOL

  10. Abe ~ It was actually just humorous...and it helps that the little grocery is literally a 90 second walk. :)

  11. MG ~ yes, he is a sweetie. :)

  12. Strider ~ Oh no, not you, too! :)

  13. It's so easy to be confused when we are distracted and don't pay attention to instructions. I'm guilty of that at times.

    What did Ina do with the melon instead of the pineapple? I can't picture and upside down melon cake :)

  14. This made me smile! It just shows the different *worlds* that men and women can live in. Now when I send my hubby on an errand, he takes a pic of the item with his cell phone and sends it to me to make sure he's getting the right thing. Very helpful!!

  15. I love Ina Garten and Jeffrey - they seem very devoted and share a lot of humour!


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