Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Homemade Granola

This is a wonderful recipe that originated with my friend,
Jen, at Irrational Love. I've made a few tweaks to it
that we enjoy, and I thought since I made it today
that I'd share it with you. But beware...it's so
yummy that you will never want to eat store-bought
granola ever again! Fortunately it makes lots!
4 c oats
1 c pecans, chopped
1 c brown sugar
1 c puffed rice cereal
1/2 c wheat germ
1 t cinnamon
1 t salt
Mix all the above in very large bowl. Set aside.
1/2 c honey
4 T vegetable oil
1 T vanilla extract
Microwave these three ingredients 1 minute.
Pour over cereal in large bowl and stir to combine.
1 c apple juice concentrate
Stir in juice concentrate to cereal mixture .
Spread into large greased pan
(lasagne pan is great, or use two 9x13 pans)
Bake 60 minutes at 300,
stirring every 15 minutes.
Cool completely, then add remaining ingredients.
Cereal will crisp as it cools. Don't keep stirring as it cools
because this will break up all the nice little bite size pieces.
1 c dried cranberries
1 c coconut
1 c dried dates
1 c dried apricots, snipped with scissors
Really yummy as a breakfast cereal with milk
or sprinkled over yogurt.


  1. I love homemade granola and I love trying new recipes for it. This one sounds hearty and delicious. I imagine that the coconut in it gives it a yummy and unique flavor! Can't wait to make some!

  2. I have just one word...yum-o.

  3. MG ~ it really is wonderful...hope your 3 men like it, too! :)

  4. Willow ~ have I ever made this for you? Maybe in a Christmas basket? I can't remember.

  5. Betsy,
    That looks yummy! Please stop by my blog, I have an award for you!


  6. what a shame! i thought that you had taken a break from posting! i bookmarked you and was always faling on the same post.. clicking on newer post didn't do the trick... Yeahhh! Now I see that there are tons! I get to catch up now:)

  7. Hi Betsy,

    I was so excited when I found your blog last night and have already passed your website on to someone else. Can't wait to try this recipe. I love granola!

  8. Michelle ~ ok ....I'll be right over! :)

  9. Marie ~ that's strange! Don't know what happened there, but I'm still here posting! :)

  10. Jojo~ Hi and thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'll be over to visit you soon...

  11. Your recipe sure looks good.

  12. This sounds delicious and the type of snack I love! Thanks!

  13. I have a very fond memory of you bringing us a jar of this amazing granola and we DO NOT eat store bought since!! In fact, you will be pleased to know that it is known as "Betsy's Granola" at our house...always a hit. It is scrumptious.

  14. Awww...that's sweet! It is the best, isn't it! And I do remember bringing you a jar of it! :)

  15. This looks great!.... Copying another one of your great recipes to file...:-)

  16. My mother always ate granola like this. I miss it. This looks so amazing too.

  17. Okay, so you know how I am about food in my food, and I like my granola (homemade too) plain. But this actually sounds kind of good, without the pecans, because they only belong in pecan pie, or on turtles. I think I'm actually gonna go out on a limb and try it. And I'm sure there are too many textures in there for those three boys!

  18. Yum!

    I make granola on a regular basis, but your recipe is much fancier than mine...gift-giving worthy!

  19. Sounds delicious. We make our own muesli.


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