Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Berry Muffins

If you haven't baked Willow's Blackberry Muffins yet
you need to do it soon!
Shown here made with red raspberries and blueberries.
The brown sugar and oats make them so
old fashioned, moist and "dee-lish"!
(as Willow would say!)


  1. Beautiful photo!

    I can't make these muffins fast enough. My husband and boys love them. Oh, and they're really yummy spread with a bit of honey-walnut cream cheese from Panera.

    Yesterday I shared them with a group of girlfriends and they went ape over them too. I bake them in mini muffin tins, a good snack size for little hands.

    You've had a productive day... berry picking and berry baking!

  2. Hmmmm...yes...I do dare say this look "dee-lish"!!!

  3. Oh, that look so good. I would pay you to mail me some! I will have to to get those made at some point but not much of a baker really.

  4. MG ~ yum....the spread sounds "dee-lish", too! I'll have to get some of that next time I'm at Panera.
    The mini tins are a great idea for kids!

  5. Willow ~ this will be a forever favorite recipe...yummy and good for you, too!

  6. Mmm ~ now what do you mean mail you some? Doesn't your wife bake? These are easy..I bet your son could do it! :)....or you...surprise your wife. :)

  7. Mmmmmm...my raspberry bush is beginning to give me lots of berries lately, and this recipe sounds and looks delicious!

  8. It's printed out, ready to try! Thanks for sharing another great recipe.

    While up north I made - by popular request - three batches of your chewy pecan cookies Betsy! They are definitely number one cookie. :)

  9. BPG ~ hey, I need to make those cookies again! There were yummy, weren't they! I could use one ...or two...right now! :)
    I'm so glad you are back from vacation...you were missed!

  10. mmmm, I made blueberry muffins last weekend. I'm still eating them for breakfast. Oatmeal in the muffin sounds like it would make them extra filling. I need that recipe.

    BTW, your picture is beautiful.


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