Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I love this photograph.
I wanted to blog about straightening my closet
and found it under a search for "simplify".
I love the idea of uncluttering, simplification
and the sense of calm it brings me.
It also makes cleaning and keeping home
so much easier.
But it doesn't come with my nature!
I come from a family of collectors, lovers of stuff...
(nice stuff!)....pretty knicknacks, books, dishes,
and lots of them! Me, too...but I have over the last
few years come to love the feeling of uncluttering, too.
I'm a work in progress and I find I get better at it all the
time. I still have stuff....but I'm more selective as far as
what it is I keep and where I keep it.
For my closet, I was moving clothes
with the change in seasons.
I filled a big bag with unwanted items and it, along
with 6 pairs of shoes are ready to go to the thrift store!


  1. Simplifying is learning to be selective, isn't it? Selective about how we use/invest our time... selective about what we buy... selective about what we keep. The road to simplicity is ongoing, yet very freeing. I find that my mind feels less cluttered when my surroundings are less cluttered.

  2. Yes, and with our clean closets this week, MG, our minds should be somewhat less cluttered, too! :)

  3. Mmmmmmmm... how freeing it is to free ourselves from worldly encumbrances. (This from me, who just went a bit Christmas shopping mad). I am in the mood to simplify, for the sole purpose of having more time to just LIVE my life. Betsy, there can't be a better symbol of that than this beautiful tree you selected. It needs nothing but itself. Thank you dear bloggy friend!

  4. I'm doing the very same lately! I'm really trying to ask myself to keep only what I truly need...Goodwill is getting 4 nice boxes of stuff. It's so freeing!

    And yes, such a lovely photo and very fitting.

  5. It does feel good to purge every so often! I've been doing some of that lately, getting ready for a yard sale.

  6. I like simplicity but I do have the darndest time getting rid of clothes...it doesn't fit now but it will fit when I loss that 10 lbs (again!). I might need that later...you know the drill. I might be hopeless.

    Beautiful photo.

  7. Looks like Modgirl inspired you, too! Only a little more than me...my closet is still a dump...teehee.

  8. I'm cleaning closets too..spring does that to me!


  9. Hi Betsy. I am a card carrying member of the "I want to declutter" club, but when you have kids, its a gargantuan challenge. I applaud your efforts to simplify, clean out, etc. It's a worthy ambition...best of luck to you in this long lonely journey (I say lonely because the more you want to declutter, the more your family members will see it as a chance to fill bare space with NEW stuff....ha ha ha).

    Laughter is also a great simplifier...

  10. I agree, Betsy, that simplifying our lives is liberating. I am a collector, too, but since my house is small and already filled to the brim, I have been much more careful lately not to impulse buy and to give away something for every new thing I bring in.
    Now, if I could only get my children to take the things they left behind for "safekeeping" when they moved on...I'd have room galore :-)

  11. Betsy, thought I'd pop over to let you know that on the weekend when I was at the supermarket, they were selling net bags of vidalia onions. I immediately thought of you, "Betsy had a post with vidalias...must buy some!"

    I bought a bag, and so far have been slicing them for salads...deelish...but one day soon ....that hamburger heaven you described....

  12. I'm listening Betsy...I find that I'm not attached to lots of things lately, as we clear out the clutter and become more organized. We are in the process now of organizing the garage. It's really coming together quite nicely..We have no basements in Fla...so the only storage is in the garage. New shelving is going up and bins with labels...Have you noticed it just makes your heart happy as it all comes together? :)

  13. Nice thoughts everyone...I totally agree with them all. Now I need to keep the closet that way! It actually can be done with a once a week 5 minute straightening....sounds so easy but why does it get out of hand again??? LOL


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