Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Today the boys went back to school after 11 days of spring break.
Even though Harry had impetigo and Alex had a fever/stomach bug
and we missed church for 2 Sundays, things went quite smoothly!
I enjoyed the boys being home and they seemed to enjoy the
change of pace. They slept til 8:00 most days (unheard of for
them) and even though they were their loud, happy selves, I
really didn't get that terrible "loosing my mind" feeling. But.....
the house is beautifully silent at the moment. I could just sit
here and listen to nothing all day. :) A wonderful little reward
for mom who survived spring break!


  1. Ahhhhhhh... :)

    Is that a Harrison Fisher postcard? Pretty!

  2. You know it is not! I thought it was a Fisher print, too. It is Clarence F. Underwood. Must be from the same era!

  3. Well done for surviving! Sleep does help! :)
    Enjoy whilst you can!

  4. Survived March Break? I know the feeling...it was my bright idea to paint our rooms over the March break...so much more interesting than lying on a sunny beach---NOT!

    I like your spring colours and the April showers theme...how nice that March did indeed go out like a lamb.

    I'll be back to enjoy more of your blog...

  5. lavinia ~ you know, I did have a thought about painting soon! I would have never tried it during spring break...so much easier when everybody is at work/school! I've decided it isn't going to get done until next fall. Good for you to paint some rooms! I love the freshness and new color when I paint!

    Yes, enjoy now....that school bus will be here before I know it! :)

  6. Moms know that everything is pretty much easier when the house is empty and you can go at something uninterrupted. Especially something that requires concentration, like sorting photographs or papers.

    My daughter is old enough to help paint, and chose her own room colours. Painting is a much bigger job than I had anticipated, but I'm so happy with my bright fresh new room.

  7. Hi Betsy: How I used to love spring break! I especially liked the part when they all went back to school. :-))

    Alas, my boys are 26 and 24 now and spring break has absolutely NO meaning to either of them anymore. Since they both have jobs, the word "vacation" has replaced the words "spring break"!

    Your house must be very lively with 4 teen boys! Enjoy these years while you can.

  8. A nice respite! I enjoyed the break from routine we had over Spring break but returning to routine is often just as nice.


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