Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nifty Thrifty

I did a day of running errands today...grocery, etc.
It's a beautiful day ~ 65 degrees and not a cloud
in the sky! I realized something as I was driving
home with a van load of groceries.
If someone had told me three months ago that
I would have a little group of blog buddies
that would give me wonderful little
recipes, tips and ideas that I would use
when making up my grocery list, I
probably wouldn't have believed it.
But, I am doing the grocerygame.com
partly because Modgirl said that she
does it and really likes it.
I got the ingredients to make Willow's
Mexican Casserole after Lavinia Ladyslipper
raved about making it twice already. And
I looked for Willow's skin cream at Kroger
and found that it was on special at "buy one
get one free"! I also, at Willow's advise, got
the ingredients to make Blog Princess'
Thai Chicken Satay ~ looks really yummy!
And from Rachel I got the idea to print
off the online coupons at $2.00 each
for cereal and found that it was on special
at the grocery for $1.98! So, in case math
is hard for you, like it is me ~ I'll go ahead and
tell you that the grocery actually paid me 4 cents
to take 2 boxes home!
So now I'm off to slather cream on my feet
and marinate the chicken. (After washing
my hands, of course!)
Nifty thrifty and oh so fun!
Thanks blog buddies!


  1. My sentiments exactly! Isn't blogging fun and productive, too?

    Love that cute little pink wallet. :)

  2. I know! I'm having so much fun blogging, too!
    And ditto on that pink wallet:)

  3. You'll really enjoy the casserole, it's been a hit here and like many tomato-based dishes, it tastes even better the second day.

  4. Well...I totally agree...I can just see you lathering that cream on your face now :)...so cute...

    I cannot tell you how much I too enjoy visiting each of you daily...it's a beautiful thing....

  5. As I sat here tonight making my grocery game shopping list for tomorrow's big shopping trip I wondered if you were still playing the GG too. Glad to hear that you still are -- and saving money too!

    I must confess, I gave up CVSing. I wasn't using the GG for it (I was trying to do it on my own) and blah, I found myself dreading it every week -- trying to figure out how much I would spend in order to get some amount of extra-care bucks. I couldn't wrap my brain around it. Tukes kept running off for the toy aisle because his big brother clued him into the cheap, junky toys, and then he discovered the toddler-level candy counter by the cash register and started grabbing candy. And, well, I just couldn't (try) to do it any more. So I'm done and I don't miss it. There!

    Whew feels good to get that off my chest. But, I'm still a loyal grocery game customer for Kroger. Oh, I do love Kroger!

  6. Hey, Modgirl ~ I'm so glad you told me that. Just today I was remembering that you have mentioned doing CVS with Kroger. There is a new CVS very close to our Kroger and after reading another blog raving about CVS, I wondered if I should try it. But I do not want to trapes around the whole town just to do my shopping. Seems like adding another store, list and coupons would make it a burden. So, thanks...I think I'll just stick to the Kroger!


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