Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hands Free Soap Dispenser

One of my favorite kitchen gadgets has become this
hands-free soap dispenser. It has a sensor that
detects when a hand is there to get soap and
it squirts out just the right amount into your hand!
It's battery operated and you can adjust the amount
of soap it dispenses. It takes any type of liquid soap.
It's especially nice when you're cooking and
have been handling raw meat, etc.
This one is made by Sharper Image, but I'm
sure there are other similar types, too.
Sometimes it's the little things that make life easier!


  1. ...that is one of those "gotta haves"...A grand thing indeed to have in the kitchen..after handling meat..making cookies and breads...Also I think a perfect thing for my grandchildren..thank you for a great tip...Always a pleasure to stop by your place Becky....Best wishes...Dee Dee

  2. What a nifty little gadget! I've never seen one of those...handy and clean!

    Your shamrock looks wonderful.

  3. Dee-dee ~ I think you would love this...anytime your hands are messy and you don't want to touch the soap pump! You're grandkids would love it too! :)

    Willow ~ yes, this is the Shamrock I rescued from the forgotten corner at Walmart the week after St. Patrick's Day. I repotted it a few days ago and it has really come back to life!

  4. I love it! Great idea for raw-meat and other situations. I shall look for one up here.

  5. This little handy device of yours is a real find.

    And arent there such lovely scented soaps nowadays..right now I have a cinamon scented liquid hand soap by the sink; before that it was pomegranate.

    I love these cosy domestic posts of yours!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. LL ~ Those scents sound wonderful! I'll have to look for some pomegranate!

  8. What a great gadget! It's usually my hubby who's into the latest gadgets, but this is one I could really use:)

  9. I love it! I definitely need one. What is the brand/model? I'd like to look for one online.

    :) Reese

  10. Reese ~ This one is on the Sharper Image website. It's called the Soap Genie Dispenser. I'm sure they ship everywhere!


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