Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Willow to list 7 random or
weird things about myself. Fortunately
(or unfortunately?) it was not difficult to think
of this many. In fact, I had to pare down the list!
Here's my seven ~
1. I have a ceremony when I get something new
to replace an old, worn out item. In the picture
above, I just got the new black spatula to
replace the cruddy old, chipped white one.
The ceremony includes marching, singing a
drum beat and a very animated pitching of
the old item into the trash can.
2. I used to be a repo man. Really! I worked
at GMAC (General Motors Credit Branch) for
almost 10 years. Two of those years I worked
out in the field for the collection office.
I investigated, tracked down and collected
delinquent payments on GM financed vehicles.
There were those who couldn't or wouldn't pay
and would even hide. I cut keys, tracked them
down and took their cars back.
Very interesting and fun job but also dangerous
with having a knife pulled on me once and even
a voodoo doll made in my likeness. Crazy!
3. I hate injustice of any kind and can obsess about
how I may remedy it.
4. I am a middle child and have a lot of the typical
characteristics ~ independant, a peacemaker,
and I remember longing for attention.
5. I love NASCAR! Most people who know me can't
believe it when they find out. I go to at least one
race each year and faithfully watch "my guy"
every week on TV. Love it and have for years.
(no tatoos or bikini tops at the race for me, though!)
6. When my husband is out of town on a business trip
I have to look under the bed before getting in it at night.
I also am scared to close my eyes in the shower to rinse
my face when he is gone. Too many scary movies, I guess!
7. I'm claustrophobic. I didn't know this until I was in college
and in the symphonic band. We took a road trip in a huge
chartered bus. We thought it would be fun to see how many
people we could fit into the tiny bathroom in the back of the
bus. I was one of the first ones in. 23 people later, I panicked
and they had to get out before really having the thing packed.
OK! Now you probably know much more than you cared to! :)
I tag Deedee from Love White Linen, Blog Princess G from
Food Film Fiction and Casey fromVissertjes.


  1. I want to see a video clip of the spatula ceremony!!!

    I'm very claustrophobic now that I'm older. I hate closed in places and feel uncomfortable flying.

    Really cute pic!

    Fun post, Bet!

  2. Willow ~ Remember playing hide-n-seek when we were young? I would fit in the cupboard under the bathroom sink and nobody could find me! I certainly didn't have claustrophobia then! I have to have an aisle seat when I fly. Must not hit until you're older!

  3. And the spatula ceremony was very fun! I've done it with many things over the years! It's a closure/cleansing kind of thing. :)
    And I'm sure it would be hilarious to watch on video!

  4. Oh Betsy Darlin...I don't do any of these things...I told Willow the last time...I can barely do my blog..I hope you understand...I'm so sorry...:( Dee Dee

  5. Deedee ~ no problem at all! It's strictly voluntary and all in fun!

  6. I think DeeDee would have very dainty, feminine, beautiful quirks, like using lavender water to spray linens before ironing, or polishing silver with a rare cloth woven in a monastery in the French Alps.

  7. Betsy, I like your quirks; I can't believe there was actually a voodoo doll in your likeness...I hope you took care of that ! Now having said that, I am glad you are no longer in that kind of repo work, it does sound downright dangerous.

  8. Lavinia ~ yes, a voodoo doll complete with my long hair and my new red raincoat. I wasn't allowed to go back to that person's house anymore and I think we wrote that one off as a loss!
    Fun, eye-opening and mind-broadening job! :)

  9. Lavinia ~ yes, I think you have Deedee down to a "T". Don't you just love her??? :) And I enjoyed reading your 7 quirks, too!
    Knives and scissors put away before sleeping? Sounds like you may have watched too many scary movies, too!

  10. I don't close my eyes in the shower either!! I like to take baths, because I take a shower and always convince myself that someone is lurking behind the shower curtain!!

  11. Hi Lady Em! Yes, baths can be safer....not sure why, but showers are just scary sometimes. I think it's those scary movies. ha-ha.

  12. I can't imagine that lovely woman with two spatulas being a repo man. That's a hoot.

  13. I forgot to tell you that I picked up a new red spatula at Kroger yesterday. We could have done the ceremony together!

  14. how fun to read your 7 random facts :)

    and seriously...a voodoo doll made in your likeness? that's insane! what a job!

    I'm leaving today for Michigan for 12 days to visit family, but would love to do another set of 7 random facts when I return. I did one in March if you'd like to read about it here:



  15. Willow ~ a new red spatula! How fun! Yes, you must do a ceremony and toss an old one! :)

  16. Casey! I will come over and check out the 7 things you posted last month. It's a fun way to get to know blog buddies! Have fun in Michigan!

  17. YOU ARE SO CUTE !!!!
    I can say this because I'm your Uncle. You need to take that knife someone pulled on you and put it in the shower when that manly man of yours is gone! Nice quirks..I'll still keep you :)

  18. Hello Betsy! I come by way of Willow's blog and I enjoyed reading yours very much . I have a 21 year old severely autistic nephew, so I can appreciate the love and challenges of raising your three boys.

    I still love the window seat on the plane .... guess living in a claustrophobically small place has given me immunity! :-)

  19. Bachelor ~ I am laughing out loud! What a great idea to put the knife in the shower! aaaahh!!
    Just so I don't lose it in a struggle! eeek! But if I keep my eyes open and don't rinse my face, I'll be sure to be on guard! tee-hee. This was a lot of fun...your quirks were funny, too. I'm glad you'll still be my uncle after all of this! :)

  20. Pat ~ hi and thanks for visiting my blog. Sounds like you can relate because of your nephew! I'll have to come over and visit your blog very soon! Lucky you to want the window seat! I still stretch over and peek out the window but can't sit there...especially if the rows are 3-4 seats deep. Thanks for the comments!

  21. Betsy, I almost never watch scary movies for that very same reason. When I was younger my ex husband worked shift work. I was okay if he went to work before dark or even if he left before bedtime, but if he got up early and left at 2 or 3 am I COULD NOT go back to sleep before daylight. I would lie in bed petrified. I live alone now and don't want to risk being scared again, hence no scary movies for me.

    I work for a auto finance company...we buy paper, fund contracts and do the collections. We always say we would make a great reality tv show.

  22. Steviewren ~ Oh, yes...and reality tv show could fit right in, couldn't it! That is so true and funny! Yes, those scary movies can really play with your mind!

  23. At least you don't buy your spatulas at Spatula City (a la Weird Al's UHF)!

  24. Glasers ~ Spatula City?? Hmmm...I'm going to have to look that place up!


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