Saturday, April 19, 2008

Christmas in April?

Some of you may remember that I was contemplating
on what to plant in my cute picket fence windowbox
in a previous blog. Well, today I was actually going to
get around to taking out the little imitation pine tree with
Christmas lights. Don't worry, I haven't had the lights on
since December and this window is on a little nook area
on the back of the house. If it were the front, I'm sure I
wouldn't have procrastinated so long to remove it!
Well, look what I found making a nest under the little Christmas
tree today! A wren! You may also remember that I just blogged
about wrens and their nest making. So I have mixed feelings
here! Of course I would love to have the Christmas decor
taken down, but I am excited to have such a close up
view of Mr Wren making a nest and singing for a Mrs. to
come and inspect! I literally can be 12 inches from the
little fella and it was fun today to watch him bring in
twigs and brown leaves.
If Mrs. Wren chooses another nest he made, I'll
be able to plant very soon. But if she chooses this
one, I'll have a first row seat to the eggs and
hatching babies....and so will you! :)


  1. What magical pictures... To see such a small and lovely bird so well photographed right outside your door. I hope he's successful winning his missus and that we get to a little feathery family emerge.

  2. Awwwww! So sweet! And you were lucky enough to get some wonderful pix. You must add "wren family updates" to your posts. :)

  3. I was just on another blog yesterday in which the blogger had a front row seat to a wren family, and posted many lovely photos. Looks like your Mrs. Wren knew where it was safe and welcome to build her nest...
    Looking forward to your "Wren Chronicles" !!

  4. Oh, I hope Mrs. Wren decides that a Christmas tree is quite nice. I think it would be. And what fun for you to be able to watch them!

  5. Yes, it would be so fun to get such a close up view! Although the nest looks complete, I haven't seen Mr. Wren this afternoon! Maybe he's somewhere else working on another nest....poor little fella....so industrious to make more than one!

  6. Betsy...that is the sweetest thing ever....hard at work for his lady....I think perhaps nature has decided what goes in that window box..or then again..maybe not...Let us know :) Dee Dee

  7. How amazing to have such a close view! You know, I've never really had an interest in birds until I moved into this house- and found your blog right about the same time! I sure hope Mr Wren takes up residence by the Christmas tree so we all can follow his blissful domestic life.


  8. How interesting and fun! I can't wait to hear more about Mr. Wren and his pending romance.


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