Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Wren

I love wrens. I think it's because
I read the sweetest story about their
nesting habits and then got to
witness it first hand in from our back porch a few
years ago. The male wren builds several nests before
even meeting his mate ~ he can build up to ten nests,
each consisting of around 400 tiny twigs!
It takes him days, but he is a scrappy little guy and
hard working. Singing the whole time!
Then he calls for a mate to come ~ calls and calls ~
so loudly that it is amusing to watch all that sound
coming from such a tiny bird!
He calls and calls! We were beginning to feel sorry
for the little guy as no lady wren came for days.
Then ~ finally! The female comes! Instantly, his
calling becomes this sweet, soft, courting song!
A lovely little tune! He coos and takes her around
to see the nests that he has built for her!

She inspects the nests, picks a favorite and begins

to tear it apart! She tears it all apart and

arranges it how she wants ~ and he helps her ~ the two of

them working together until it's finished!

Then the female adds her own special

touches ~ softness of grass, hair and feathers.

Now it's ready to start a family! I smile every time I think of that bird couple! And what a sweet little guy to let her

redecorate after he worked so hard!

He gives the part that makes it structurely sound

and she adds the beauty and softness for the coming brood More birdwatching stories to follow this spring!


  1. I love this story so much! Aren't tiny birds wonderful. I love the one that seem perfectly round with just a little beak to show you which end is which, like chickadees. Can't wait to hear future episodes of your new tiny family.

  2. you know, birds are so en vogue in the home decor world---it's so refreshing to see and hear about someone who really loves them...real birds that is!

  3. It is a cute story, huh! And the more I learn about them, the more I discover that they have traits just like humans! So interesting!

  4. That is so sweet. I love watching the birds this time of year. We have wrens, too, and they can get really loud! You'll have to give us picture updates! :)


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