Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blackberry Crisp

This was a yummy dessert last night, but sure does
taste great with my morning coffee!


  1. Recipe????? That looks delicious. My husband would swoon if that set that in front of him after dinner tonight!

  2. Modgirl~ sure!
    Here's the "crisp" part...

    3 c sugar
    2 1/4 c flour
    2 1/2 sticks cold butter
    Pulse in food processor until it resembles crumbs.

    This is enough for a 9x13 pan of crisp. That's about 8 cups of fruit. I usually make a smaller one and keep the remaining topping in a ziplock bag in the freezer. Then the next time you want to make crisp, it's done in seconds!

    For the fruit, place it in greased pan, sprinkle with 1 t cinnamon and a little sugar if it's a tart berry. I also add a few tablespoons of minute tapioca to thicken any juices ~ just sprinkle on the fruit with the cinnamon. Then add the topping and bake 350 around 40 minutes. It should be golden and bubbly. Some fruit like apple takes longer.

    Lightly cover any leftovers to keep the topping crisp. If it's well sealed, it looses it's crispness. I usually just lay a dish towel over the pan. Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions!


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