Monday, March 31, 2008

The Hummingbird

I had to add this beautiful vintage
postcard to my collection.
What a sweet hummingbird family!
I love the way Mr. is keeping watch
over Mrs. and the nest.
So sweet!
I became intrigued with hummingbirds
when they started showing up on my
back porch to drink the nectar from
the blooms on my hanging fushia
one summer. They are so tiny
(2-4") and their wings move so
fast (15-18 times per second)
that at first you think they are
a dragonfly or bumble bee.
Their wings even make that
distinctive humming sound,
which is how they got their name!
They are the only birds with
the ability to hover, allowing
them to drink the nectar or
eat insects from deep inside a flower.
Their irridescent plumage is beautiful!
It's always exciting when you can
see one rest because that's the only
time you can focus on them!
They are native only to the Americas.
Their nests can be as small as half of
a walnut shell to several centimeters
in diameter.
They usually hatch 2 chicks at
a time. I love this nest ~ so sweetly
lined with softness for the babies.
*photos from google images


  1. Wow,

    You are my hero! You can see I love the whole Ironman triathlon theme “Anything is Possible” and strongly believe that that children on the spectrum and their parents are true Ironmen/Ironwomen based on their weekly heroic efforts to overcome this chronic or neurological disorder.

    For parents, as you know, it is a lifelong commitment of aprox 20-30 hours a week of therapy, almost like a professional or top triathlete trains 20-30 hours a week in multiple sports disciplines. How are your children doing?

    I would love to hear more and read your blog.

    I am going to be devoting a part of my blog to advocacy for autism and a project I am working on locally/statewide in Missouri.

    Please tell me more about you and your family and where you live.

    Regards, Jennifer Cunnane

  2. Hi Jennifer!
    We live in Ohio. Our boys were diagnosed when they were about four years old. They are now 14.
    They are non-verbal. They love the computer, music, trains and videos! They are sweet, obedient guys but as you know, autism invades every area of your life and with three, it's overwhelming.
    My guys attend the local public school with an IEP, aides and a full time special education instructor. You can click on "autism" on my archives and get more info that I've posted about them.
    I'd also love to hear more about your kids...I couldn't find too much about them as far as autism was concerned on your site...are they all autistic? I'm interested in knowing what treatments you are doing and what level they are functioning as. It's great to "meet" you! I have a good friend who trains for and runs marathons several times a year, so I'm quite familiar with what you do. (although you do more being a triathlete!). Let's keep in touch!

  3. I love that gorgeous vintage pc! We have a lot of hummingbirds, too. I need to replace the feeder...all it did was leak all over the patio last summer. They did love it, though.

  4. Hummingbirds are completly miraculous. I love them! Thank you for showing us the pictures Betsy!


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