Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snow Flakes

Look for beauty.
It's all around us and can make
us forget our harried lives
for a moment.
~~Joy for the Journey
snow crystals photographed by
Wilson Bentley


  1. That is beautiful!! And what a perfect day to post...snowflakes are falling as I write this!

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and introducing yourself. It's nice to meet you! Wow, five men in your family! Do you ever feel outnumbered? I did before my little girl came along and it was my three boys and my husband "against" me!

    Your blog is lovely, what great photos and discussion you have. I noticed you just started this month. If you are new to blogging I hope that you are enjoying it. I sure do, blogging has been such a great outlet for my thoughts and a good way of meeting others travelling the challenging and interesting road of raising a child (or, as in your case, children!) with special needs.

  3. oh I have his book! Weren't the photos simply amazing that he took??


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