Saturday, February 23, 2008

Latte Art

I think this is just beautiful!
I've done something similar in
icing cookies, but never in coffee!
I love the idea of adding beauty
to every day things. And this is so simple! Youtube has several instructional videos that anyone can follow. Now if I only had a cappuccino machine!


  1. I found your page while surfing around. This post reminds me that simple things are best. Sometimes the slightest thing brings a smile to someone's face.

    Be blessed.

  2. Miss Nelson ~ thank you! I'm glad you found me! I look forward to reading your blog. Looks like a lot of great information that I will want to check on often! ~~Betsy

  3. My daughter lives in Philly and is quite the coffee snob. ;) She loves La Colombe coffee shop....they do a little dove shape in the foam.

  4. hello Betsy,

    Just new here, from Modgirl's site. What a pretty post on Latte art! Thanks for sharing,

    deb meyers

    p.s. did you ever read a children's book titled "Understood Betsy"? It's a wonderful New England story about a girl who learns courage.

  5. Hi willow ~ a little dove or bird would be so cute in a latte!

  6. Hi Deb ~ nice to meet you and have you comment! No, I've never read that book! Maybe we can get Nancy from RoundtheReadingChair to post something about it! :)


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