Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Around Here, Lately. The Feline Edition.

Thursday, The Mister came home and said he had made
arrangements to bring a kitten home the next day.
I had to laugh.  See....it's not just me!
He works at our local hospital and a surgeon's wife happened
to be there and was talking about a kitten that showed up at her
house.  She had been feeding it but couldn't keep it because they travel
months at a time and she was afraid their big dog would eat it.
The Mister offered to take it and made arrangements for the next day.
I have to say I was pretty excited!
We haven't had a kitten in a long time!
But this kitty that came here was pretty much grown up....
and he has some issues.  My heart sank when I saw him.
I immediately noticed his eyes.
Cloudy, one is infected.  Blind....or nearly.
He seemed off his balance and didn't meow.

I've made a call to the vet for an appointment, so we're waiting on  
 that.  I was fortunate enough to have Vetropolycin to put in his infected eye.  
And of course food and water were inhaled. :)
I spent Friday helping the poor thing walk around.
He was banging into everything.  So sad.  I had to take him
back to the litter box and make sure he could find the food bowls.

He's made great improvements every day!
His eyes still look awful, but he has good balance now, walks pretty
fast through the house for not having much eyesight,
and he purrs incredibly loud!
I've put a post up on our area's Lost Pet Page on Facebook, just
 in case someone is looking for him.  He's belonged to someone at
 one time....probably fairly recently.  He's neutered and domesticated.
So, we shall see what happens....if he's claimed...
and what the vet says.

In case anyone is wondering about Sterling....
he seems to be avoiding fully adopting us!  He's a man about
town and very independent. haha.   I only see him once every couple
of weeks.  Sometimes he lounges on our back porch with the others.
He loves a scratch on the head and is quite charming, but
hasn't shown interest in staying.  A few weeks ago I got up in the
middle of the night and he was in the kitchen eating!
He obviously knows how to use the pet door!
I told The Mister that this winter will be the true test.
He might just decide that living in our warm home is better than
shivering in the snow.  But then he will have to abide by house
rules!  Such big decisions for a little man. hahaha.

Still, look at that face!

If any of you local people know of someone that lost a black
cat in the Centerville (not Cedarville) area, have them get
in touch with me.  We've named him Pepper while he's here. 


  1. Hi Betsy: It's so odd how someone can feed an animal and not notice that it is ill or half blind. :-( I'm happy to know he is in your hands now no matter the out-come. Thank you for being so kind to this needy cat.

    1. Oh, I know...don't get me started! I was beyond irritated at the whole
      thing last Friday. :(

  2. Aww, I do hope that his eyes can be helped, and yes, he's in the best place for that.
    The Mister has a huge heart, just like the Mrs :)
    Sterling is a lover-boy, off on the prowl, and then home again home again, clippety clop ...

    1. A lover boy....oh yes, he is! And if I were a cat, I'd have a kitty crush on him! haha.

      Pepper actually acts like he can see a little better today. And he wasn't even responding to our
      voices on Friday and I was sure he was deaf, too. But he responds very well today, so we're coming
      along! It would be nice if he could at least see out of one eye!

  3. I sure hope this has a happy ending...with you caring for him,I know it will!
    Linda :o)

    1. If he has a home, I hope we can find it! But I have a feeling someone didn't want him
      anymore when he started having problems. :(

  4. Wonderful of you to be providing the much needed care for him. I do hope his situation, in all respects, improves.

    1. I know..me, too! I'm find with him living here but he has to be able to find the litter
      and food on his own! He is so much better today, so I am hopeful!

  5. Aww - poor little kitty. Glad he found you, and I love that the Mister had a part in it. Sterling is a handsome guy!

    1. I know...poor little guy. But we're seeing improvements even tonight. He actually made eye contact, watched another cat walk by and jumped up on the couch when I coached him to. Maybe the eye ointment is working!

  6. Hi Betsy - how sad ... but how lucky he has found you via the Mister - who obviously also can't see ... as he thought he was bringing a kitty home ... not a cat - I know 'twas the lady's description ... and please don't mention this to the Mister - he might bar me!!! Wonderful that his health is improving ... good luck to Pepper and then to Sterling - yes that winter might bring him home to roost up! Cheers Hilary

    1. Yes, I did have words with the mister about that. haha. He saw the cat in a photo on her phone and couldn't really tell anything. Then the cat carrier had mesh windows and you only see shadows through that. It was a comedy of errors for sure....neither of them picking up on details that were there. It obviously wasn't a cute long haired kitten. Goodness!

  7. haha yep, not just you
    The Mr. helps collect them too
    Hopefully the poor guy can get all the needed TLC
    and have some fun at your sea
    Although the Mr. may need to pay the eye doctor a visit as well
    Sterling will have to learn that marking inside isn't swell

    1. Sterling will get whacked.
      And have the snip snip attack. haha.
      I told the mister that this was not a kitten
      and with blindness they're both smitten. lol.

  8. Your Mister has a good heart, like you. I hope there is some help for the new cat. Good luck with that. Sterling is like a lot of fellows. He has that wandering bug. He sure is a hunky dude. We have a new kitty in our home after almost a year of no pets. What fun we are having!

    1. Oh, how exciting for you! So fun! I want to know all the details...looks, age, name...everything!

  9. Had to laugh when I read, "See, it's not just me!" . . . haha! You are both softies when it comes to cats . . . lol
    Hope Peffer continues to improve and his eyesight recovers. I expect Star has already said to him in cat language that you are the tops and he and Sterling should adopt you ~ and blow the house rules, it's well worth it! . . . lol

    1. It's Pepper, Ed...not Peffer! hahahaha. Who needs their eyes checked now? ;)

    2. Ooops! Well, the cat has not been Christenrd yet . . . . ROFL. The f is next to the d on my keyboard . . . lol

    3. There is no 'd' in Pepper. Oh dear...

    4. lol . . . oh dear indeed. Complete red herring is the d. Cant quite think why I said that. . a senior moment I think. . . :)

    5. Well, I must say you're very entertaining, if nothing else. :) lol....

    6. lol . . . a very polite way of informing me I am nuts . . . lol . . :)

  10. Here's hoping Pepper comes along nicely, health-wise. Orson's been a bit ill lately, growling or hissing when he's picked up, or even sometimes when he just moves on his own.

    1. Aw...sounds like he's in pain! :( Hope he's better soon.
      Pepper's getting around the house really well now and seems to be able to see a little bit. He still hasn't found his own way back to the litter box yet, so I'm taking him back there a few times a day. Not the optimal situation, so I hope he can get there on his own eventually.

    2. I feel so badly for the new "kitten." Such a shame. But I'm so happy that he is getting care from the best place on the planet for Kitty Care.
      And Sterling. Well, what can I say. He's a lothario!

    3. Isn't he! I think I missed the perfect name for him. He has such a bad boy persona ....we could have called him Loth for short. Hahaha

  11. oh he's so cute! That's wonderful, that you're taking care of almost blind cat. You gave him a chance to get a normal life!
    Me and my husband found 2 blind cats in the past. We also took them to the vet and we healed them. We gave them to my husband's parents. One of them is still alive - he's cute and happy cat :)

    1. You healed them? Well, of course, I want to know more! Tell me what you did! Maybe it will help Pepper!


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