Monday, May 1, 2017

This and That

I got my herbs all moved outside for the warm seasons!
11 herbs in all.  Some from seed and some are plantings from
the garden center.  My rosemary is big and in it's own pot
and has thrived over the winter in my garden window
so it might stay there for the time being.
This old planter is holding thyme, basil, dill, parsley, 
cilantro, sage, chocolate mint, sweet mint, oregano and chives.
Some of these are new to my little garden, so it will be fun to
experiment with a nice big variety!

The Easter decor has been replaced with what's not exactly
 spring-ish but definitely eclectic.  The jelly beans are in an
 antique humidor I found at an estate sale recently.  
Similar ones are selling on ebay for $150 and I paid $5!
 It just belongs on this table with it's black lid with tiny red 
 and gold flowers.  The little hornet's nest under the dome was 
found in our yard with the boys were young.  I think they
took it to school for show-n-tell one time.

I got a wonderful surprise box in the mail from Dianna on Saturday!
How very sweet and totally unexpected!  I was touched with her 
attention to detail and how she picked up on things that I like
and gathered them up to make a very nice gift.
We're new to each other here in blog land but she's
a keeper for sure! If you've been a reader here very long 
you know how much I believe in little acts of kindness!
Thanks, friend!  I've been nibbling on yummy things
ever since I opened it! haha. 

Look who has been back a few times!
What kitty can resist rotisserie chicken, right?
He will come into the kitchen and eat cat food and get
a drink of water, too!  But....he did a little exploring around
the house and I caught him 'marking' our laundry hamper.
I raised my voice and clapped my hands and that cat tore through
the house and out the door and clear out of the yard in 5 seconds flat!
haha...He hasn't been back but when he does come back eventually,
I'm going to have to add to that the original list of rules about
behaving oneself and that means being a gentlemen at all times!
But look at that face!  He has a regal look about him!  He's sooo dirty
and his fur feels awful...lots of burs and scratches.

We're still enjoying some beautiful spring weather.....
warm sun, balmy breezes, sleeping with the windows open....
and some thunderstorms scattered here and there.
If only spring would last until fall....  


  1. I just love your planter full of herbs. I'm on the lookout for one. I added a new herb to the garden this year....dill. I've already been enjoying it. I've added it to salads and on top of mashed potatoes, today at lunch. I nibble on it every time I go to the garden. I have a recipe for salt brine pickles that I can't wait to try once the cucumbers start producing and I think I'll add some of that dill.

    1. Dill is one of my favorites! It's especially good in chicken salad or on grilled salmon! I've topped deviled eggs with it, too. Are you growing chives? Love those on potatoes!

    2. Not yet, but just added it to my list along with basil. That late freeze we had killed my basil. My neighbor has a chive plant that she's kept in the same pot for 5 years and when I saw those gorgeous little lavender colored flowers, I was sold. Lol! And I do love them on potatoes, too.

    3. My chives have never flowered. Hmmm....maybe I chop them off to use them too much!

  2. Your planter looks so pretty and I know the herbs will add lots of flavor!
    Dianna is so sweet and it doesn't surprise me that she sent you such a nice package. :)

  3. Your planter for your herbs brings back a lot of pleasant memories...reminds me of the one my grandmother had on her front porch when I was young. She had painted hers a pale yellow and I loved it...then she painted it dark green. lol I'm so glad you are enjoying your goodies. If you only knew how much fun I had getting that together! I love the jelly beans in the humidor! The humidor brought back childhood memories as well. I grew up in the same house as my grandparents. They lived on the main floor and my parents and two brothers lived upstairs! SUCH special memories of those years. :) And, yes, the gray guy does have a regal looking face!
    I'm with you when it comes to wishing that spring would last till fall. haha We slept with our windows open last night and it was wonderful!

    1. I've thought about painting my planter gray. haha. I got it at an auction and it was white but I think I'd like something more subdued.

      Yes, I'm loving the goodies! :) So fun.

  4. A jellybean humidor - love it!
    My goodness Sterling is a handsome fella. Hope he learns to mind his manners.
    Quite cool here the last couple days, but I love it. I, too, wish spring would last until fall. Maybe if we all got together and put in our order... :-D

    1. Sterling would be stunning all healthy, groomed and cared for. I hope he stays and lets me help him out. But yes, the manners must be minded! lol....

    2. Forgot to add that I love that last photo of the wee birdhouse and beautiful blossom. Great composition.

  5. I love this cat .touch my heart I dont know why and look so comfy there :) :)

  6. Hi Betsy - well that woke spring up - delightful post full of goodies - love herbs, love the new display on the hall table, also those prezzies- how very kind ..., and Mr GreyShoes - not sure what he's called (or I've forgotten! ah ha ... now I've seen Sterling!) - gosh we're back in cold land ... May Day is not happy - it's thick grey cloud land! But the sun is warm, when we see it ... cheers and enjoy May and all your clever ideas coming into place .... Hilary

    1. We're gray, windy and a tiny bit chilly today, too! Spring is like that though, isn't it? Such a variety.

  7. Mr. Sterling does have a regal look about him. :) Oh, how I love herbs! My favorite plants to water... the gift of their scents! You always make such beautiful arrangements! Enjoy your wonderful surprises! Indeed a wonderful act of kindness. Thank you so very much for your prayers, Betsy. I covet them. blessings ~ tanna

    1. Keep us all posted, Tanna....still thinking of you!

  8. You sure do have quite the garden growing
    With many a herb a showing
    He has a regal look
    Even if out the door he did book
    The few that mark here
    They just look at me when I yell and have no fear
    Dirty little sobs they are
    So I let the dog chase them far lol
    $5 to $150 is a win
    Too bad all finds couldn't have that jump at every bin
    A reader very long at your sea?
    I think ancient in blog land years are we haha

    1. That marking is not allowed!
      Although it's expected in a crowd
      with all the males wanting to be king,
      even though a soprano they now sing. hahaha....
      It usually happens here when a new one we add
      but they know it makes me sad
      and after them I'll come.
      I'll even hurt them some. lol....

    2. lol make them know
      That it's a no
      For if they spray high and low
      You'll nudge them out the window

    3. I've been known to throw things at them,
      maybe curse and to death condemn. haha

  9. i always enjoy your photographs Betsy. You have a talent for capturing a moment. I think your cat friend must have other homes he visits as well...he is a ramblin man!!:)

    1. He does ramble, that's for sure. There are lots of places to beg a meal here and there.

  10. Orson's a pretty big fan of rotisserie chicken, too. As am I...

    1. So you're saying you could be lured through the door with a bite of chicken? lol.

    2. That depends on whose door we're talking about.

  11. You have a wonderful variety of herbs, lots of tasty dishes in the making :)
    Mr. Sterling looks quite at home, I think he's decided he likes it at Hotel Betsy !
    Beautiful shot of the redbuds...

    1. I didn't start cooking with fresh herbs until recently! I was definitely
      late to the band wagon on that one! But they do add a lot to a dish and are
      fun to grow!

  12. Love your herbs and the basket container. Diana is a special lady....what a sweet gift box...

    HaHa got a chuckle with your laundry room incident...Sending lots of love and hugs today.

    1. and Happy Birthday to you! Hope you've been treated like a queen today!

  13. Oh I do hope Sterling returns...he's a doll!
    Nice package from your friend...I too got a package from a lovely blogger friend!
    Rained...thundered..lightning....Geesh, what a day...then the sun came out at 7pm!
    Enjoy your week...love your herb planter...
    Linda :o)

    1. We are cold here! Back to jeans and slippers! Brrr!
      MIght have to bring some pots inside the next few nights...is to
      get almost down to freezing. Always happens....

  14. herbs look good. Sping is so fun to watch bust out. That kitty, pretty is as pretty does. Marking is not good at all. I hope he can learn quickly.

    1. Yes, he better learn quickly! haha. He came around last night but was too
      hesitant to come in. :) Fed him outside.

  15. Love your planter! Kitty must like you if he is marking territory...just have to get him to do it outdoors! Our spring is going about usual- strong scary storms and now it is cool temps. I used to love spring, but the tornado season has gotten so much worse than it ever was before (either that or I have become more sensitive to the weather) that spring has moved down my list to third, with summer being the worst time of year. Hope you and your men are doing well. Have a super week!

    1. haha...yes..already claiming the house for his own!

      We're about to blow away today with all the wind! Chilly, too....dipping into the 30's at night this week!

      I'm totally with you on putting summer at the bottom of the favorite's list! Fall and Winter win every time!


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