Friday, October 31, 2014

Wonder Woman

Hey, it's Halloween!
At least for one day we can be be whoever we want to be,
even if it's only in costume.  (wow, that's a lot of eyeliner! lol!)
I can even take the "wannabe" off the end of my title. ha.
Now excuse me while I zip up my boots and 
step back into a comic book.....time is ticking and I
turn back into a normal Midwestern girl in 24 hours....


  1. That's the best Halloween photo I have ever seen ~ totally bewitching !!
    I always thought you are Wonder Woman . . . did you do the twirls to make the transformation happen and did you get dizzy ?
    . . . and are you looking for Superman ? . . . . . Clarke Kent at your service . . . . !ol

    1. Yes, twirls and all. haha. Actually, I'm going to do that comic book treatment to all my photos from now on because it makes you look 25 years old! lol....

      So, you're Superman? Do you change in one of those charming red British phone booths?

    2. Eddie - Stand back Clark Kent, you're in the wrong film! I think Pink Cloud should dress in traditional Cherokee costume, then she if if she came to my house I would give her a big treat . . . . .a giant bouquet of flowers and a sack of Hershey Bars!

    3. You really can see the Cherokee in my face in that photo, can't you? ha.

      Actually, Wonder Woman and Batman go together. I didn't want to hurt Eddies feelings that he was in the wrong movie. haha.
      But I still want to see him jump out of that phone booth!

      Hershey's and flowers? Let me catch the next jet out.... haha....

    4. I could change in a telephone booth (or box as we say) but Clarke, like Wonder Woman, can transform anywhere and I am never quite sure where to put my glasses . . . lol

      Actually Keith has a point . . . . you do look a bit like Hiawatha !!! . . . . lol
      . . .and of course Clarke Kent could easily transform into Batman but you would then have to be Cat Woman . . . lol

    5. well, just because I like cats doesn't mean I want to be one! ha.

  2. You look absolutely spiffing in that get-up, old bean! Take a bow.

    1. old bean....now that's the best pet name a girl could wish for. ha.

    2. I'm sure it's a term of endearment!

    3. Oh yes . . of course it was . . . but not very flattering!! . . . lol

    4. Yes, but I like it...it makes me laugh. Ha.

    5. Yes it is funny
      That's ok then to call you an old bean, 'me old fruit'. . . . lol

    6. No, only Keith can call me 'old bean'. :)

      Me old fruit? What on earth! haha....it's got to be British.

    7. 'Me old fruit' is Cockney slang as a phrase of endearment. A Cockney is an East Ender Londoner born within the sound ow Bow Bells in the region. . . . almost like another country really. The call a piano the old Joanna, and Alan Whickers = Knickers, Apples and Pears = Stairs,

      Oh see for yourself ~ like a language in itself: . . . lol

      Adam and Eve – believe
      Alan Whickers – knickers
      apples and pears – stairs
      Artful Dodger – lodger
      Ascot Races – braces
      Aunt Joanna – piano
      Baked Bean – Queen
      Baker’s Dozen – Cousin
      Ball and Chalk – Walk
      Barnaby Rudge – Judge
      Barnet Fair – hair
      Barney Rubble – trouble
      Battlecruiser – boozer
      bees and honey – money
      bird lime – time (in prison)
      Boat Race – face
      Bob Hope – soap
      bottle and glass – arse
      Brahms and Liszt – pissed (drunk)
      Brass Tacks – facts
      Bread and Cheese – sneeze
      Bread and Honey – money
      Bricks and Mortar – daughter
      Bristol City – breasts
      Brown Bread – dead
      Bubble and Squeak – Greek
      Bubble Bath – Laugh
      butcher’s hook – a look
      Chalfont St. Giles – piles
      Chalk Farm – arm
      china plate – mate (friend)
      Cock and Hen – ten
      Cows and Kisses – Missus (wife)
      currant bun – sun (also The Sun, a British newspaper)
      custard and jelly – telly (television)
      Daisy Roots – boots
      Darby and Joan – moan
      Dicky bird – word
      Dicky Dirt – shirt
      Dinky Doos – shoes
      dog and bone – phone
      dog’s meat – feet [from early 20th c.]
      Duck and Dive – skive
      Duke of Kent – rent
      dustbin lid – kid
      Elephant’s Trunk – drunk
      Fireman’s Hose – nose
      Flowery Dell – cell
      Frog and Toad – road
      Gypsy’s kiss – piss
      half-inch – pinch (to steal)
      Hampton Wick – prick
      Hank Marvin – starving
      irish pig – wig
      Isle of Wight – tights
      jam-jar – car
      Jayme Gibbs
      Jimmy Riddle – piddle
      joanna – piano (pronounced ‘pianna’ in Cockney)
      Khyber Pass – arse
      Kick and Prance – dance
      Lady Godiva – fiver
      Laugh n a joke – smoke
      Lionel Blairs – flares
      Loaf of Bread – head
      loop the loop – soup
      Mickey Bliss – piss
      Mince Pies – eyes
      Mork and Mindy – windy’
      north and south – mouth
      Orchestra stalls – balls
      Pat and Mick – sick
      Peckham Rye – tie
      plates of meat – feet
      Pony and Trap – crap
      raspberry ripple – nipple
      raspberry tart – fart
      Roast Pork – fork
      Rosy Lee – tea (drink)
      Round the Houses – trousers
      Rub-a-Dub – pub
      Ruby Murray – curry
      Sausage Roll – goal
      septic tank – Yank
      sherbert (short for sherbert dab) – cab (taxi)
      Skin and Blister – sister
      Sky Rocket – pocket
      Sweeney Todd – flying squad
      syrup of figs – wig (sic)
      tables and chairs – stairs
      tea leaf – thief
      Todd Sloane – alone
      Tom and Dick – sick
      tom tit – shit
      tomfoolery – jewellery
      Tommy Trinder – window
      trouble and strife – wife
      two and eight – state (of upset)
      Vera Lynn – gin
      whistle and flute – suit (of clothes)

    8. oh dear...one example would have been plenty! I do believe you've hijacked my post!

  3. lol the wannabe is gone
    At least until dawn
    Is your lasso ready to go?
    Stopping crime high and low

    1. Lasso in the air!
      And I'll use it if I dare!
      Will turn into a pumpkin at November's dawn
      as I give a tired yawn.

    2. lol so the cats are the rats?
      Beats being helped by gnats

    3. Gnats? Can't believe you spoke that word
      Since you think it's so absurd!

  4. Wannabe? Seriously, you are wonder woman every day in my eyes!

    1. aw...well, thanks. Shall I keep the tiara, then? lol....

  5. I see you as a wonder woman! Good luck with the countertop install tomorrow. I bet you can wait! Happy Halloween to you all.

    1. You're right...I'm so excited for them! It doesn't feel finished yet and working on cardboard is getting old. haha. Another week and it should really feel like a finished room!

  6. can hardly wait, I meant. taria

  7. ha. with that many men...and animals....
    you better be....smiles.

    1. yep...it's the only way to keep up! ha.

  8. You are a Wonder Woman Betsy, and a very pretty lady. That's a great photo!

    1. You're so sweet...I really do try! Maybe the tiara will help seal the deal. haha.

  9. Well now.... I do wonder. Absolutely beautiful as always too.

  10. I don't like to be picky, BUT you've got your head band on upside down! Pointy side UP ^

    1. yeah, I know...but I like it better this way! Actually, the picture I copied did it like this. :)

    2. Double tut! I sent you a picture. :)

  11. Twirling and whirling... like your cleaning Bot! Hee hee! You look great WW - suits you.

  12. Oh, gosh... We need to see the rest of that outfit! Funny, this reminds me of a dream I had once, as well as a story I wrote. As for you, you've always been Wonder Woman. And just to set your commenters straight, Bruce Wayne is Batman... Or I am... -- Silver Fox

  13. You make a very cute wonderwoman! I like the comicbook look to the photo too.

    1. Me, too...it covers up all your wrinkles! ha.

  14. You are truly Wonder Woman in my book and this picture simply proves you are prettier than the ones we saw on the television!!!

    Happy Halloween and keep the faith!!

    Jane xx

    1. You would make the perfect Cinderella, my dear!

  15. You are the living image of "Wonder Woman." BOO!

  16. Lynda Carter has always been my favourite Wonder Woman.

  17. Happy Halloween!!
    Linda :o)

  18. Fantastic costume! Very fitting for a woman I already see as a wonder!
    Have a fun Halloween :)

    1. Well, I think you're a wonder, too, dear. :)

  19. Oh what a perfect outfit fit for you! Love it!

    1. Just havin' a little fun...apron goes back on tomorrow. haha. :) How are you, Marsha? Hope all is well with you and yours. xo

  20. You look like her. How fun! There's a newly published book on the creator of Wonder Woman and the evolution of her powers. He's long dead but the author was on NPR the other day and it sounds fascinating.

    Happy Halloween Betsy :)

    1. That does sound fascinating! I'll have to look that up!

  21. If there is a real live Wonder Woman out there, I think you just might be her!
    I felt pretty wonderful yesterday after baking six pies, but today I feel like No Wonder Woman instead.
    I haven't done a blooming thing I'd consider productive, except maybe taking a shower.

    1. You are Wonder Woman, too...I've always thought that. :) And six pies in one day proves it. Even Wonder Woman takes a vacation day after that many pies! Enjoy and put your feet up. Have your pie and eat it, too! haha. I'm sure everyone around you appreciates the shower. lol....if we're only going to do one thing, a shower should be it! ha.

  22. What fun picture Betsy! Love this!
    Happy Halloween!!

    1. Happy Halloween! Do you have trick-or-treat kids come to your house or do you live out in the country? We didn't have too many this year...all the kids are grown up!

    2. Always coming someones.and yes many are grown up:)
      But still are some littles.Anyway always have some treats to share:)

  23. how fun! I think you truly are a Wonder Woman with all your men, cats, jobs, blogging, homemaking, art.....
    and you are prettier than the TV Wonder Woman too. :)

    1. Well, that was sweet, Rhonda. Actually, I think you're Wonder Woman, too...lovely, talented and productive! :)

  24. You are a Wonder Woman. For those of us who watch...We watch in Wonder.

    Happy Halloween to the House of 5-Men and 2-Women. May your Treats be many and your Tricks be none.

    1. Thanks, Jake.....tricks be none...love that. ha.

  25. You look beautiful and I agree, that you are a wonder woman! Have a great time.
    I have a new blog, Mildred


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