Sunday, June 9, 2013

Auction Day

I worked an auction yesterday and I had to share what came home 
with me!  Some things I bid on and some things were found in the trash!

The two long black and white framed photos are the Buckeye Boys Club
in Mt. Vernon, Ohio group photos from the 1950's.
  I am hoping someone will want to buy them from my Etsy shop. 
 They just look like they belong on a restaurant wall, don't they?

The 4 volume set of flower prints was in the trash.
I'm thinking framed vintage botanical prints would be nice!
I pulled these brand new ramekins with lids from the trash, too!
Now I can bake all those neat things like Gloria does in hers! :)

I also thought the set of pink diner mugs were cute.
Maybe they'll go to the same restaurant as the photos!

The telescope was for The Mister.
I paid $15.  It needs one of the lens replaced, but
the vintage wood stand with extendable legs was worth
the cost alone, so I think we can find a lens or two to make it work!
It will be fun to get a closer look at the moon! :)

The boys thought it was Christmas when I came in with a box
 of large picture books about trains, a train that was a phone and a lamp that
has a Lionel train on it.  When you push a button, the train whistles and
it's wheels move.  Spencer has really been checking it out. :)
I need to get it cleaned up and put in their bedroom.
I bid on the lamp and the phone but the coffee table 
books were left for the trash!

And then there is this lovely French Haviland & Co. Limoges china.
It's the "Ranson w/Gold" pattern.
Nine complete place settings with cup, saucer, dinner plate, salad plate,
and berry dish.  Then there is a large platter, two covered serving pieces,
a gravy boat with under plate and three extra berry dishes.

The quilted storage boxes with sponge rounds
 to put between each piece were also included. 
I paid $40.  ha.  I know!  
That is less than .75 a piece.
I just found one of the covered serving bowls online for $110.
Crazy, isn't it?  

They look beautiful in my china cabinet
but I really don't need another set of china.
I'm going to offer them to Taylor and Lauren. Not
 sure if they will like them, though.  If not, you may see
them in the Etsy shop...or on my holiday table some time.  ha.

Pretty fun, don't you think?
The auction itself was very busy with three rings going at
once.  Too busy for taking pictures, but, as you can see
I did manage to squeeze in a few bids. ha.

Also, I need to thank The Mister for working at home and
staying with the boys so I could go to work!  And also,
 our friend Beth, for relieving The Mister
from "boy duty" for a few hours in the middle of the day
so he could run to work for a prior commitment.
Thanks, dears! :)

And if you live close, you should come to an auction!
Next one is June 20th.
Stop in and say hello! 


  1. Oh Dear I wanna go to see the trash there:))

    1. haha...we might fight over the stuff! lol....

    2. what should I make in my ramekins first? :)

    3. hehe I have a lot of recipes to your ramekins I love make soufflé in them!! are wonderful for soufflé or a cream brulée, LOL

    4. That was the first thing The Mister said...creme brulee! But I need a blow torch!
      Maybe those cute little tarts with zucchini, egg, and cheese? I have all the ingredients! Would be lovely for brunch tomorrow!

    5. Yes the tarts with zucchini are amazing too!!

      My blow torch I bought in a Home depot LOL and was really cheap ah the mister love cream brulé!!

    6. Really? OK...that's easy enough! I'll look there! Yes, we love creme brule! yum!

      I'm going to make the zucchini tarts tomorrow... that sounds really good to me right now!

    7. I love zucchinis tart is a nice idea LOL

  2. I love the blue cups and teh pink mugs and the
    train is soooo cute!!
    You know I will love these!!

    1. well, you know the blue cups are mine from years ago..

    2. and the limoges is beautiful too Betsy and is a lot!

    3. Y make flans too in my ramekins!

    4. I've never made a flan! Good idea!

  3. oh wow...you hit the mother load...and with that train lamp, i know you made the boys day...and cool ont eh telescope...wow, mom is the winner today...smiles.

    1. yeah, it's certainly been worth it to see them enjoy it. It has a layer of dust on it, though...need to clean it up!

  4. It was an auction bonanza! I wish I lived closer. I would come to one. :)

  5. Wow you got some great stuff at good prices. I'm lovin' the pink mugs. Very retro.

    1. Aren't they cute? Maybe someone that owns one of those cute pink Kitchenaid mixers will buy them! :)

  6. I love that show Storage Wars. I'm sure what they show on tv and reality are quite different. It always looks like fun though!

  7. Hi Betsy .. the boys' goodies look just amazing - so pleased for them and you. I was wondering about the china for Lauren and Taylor - but lots of plan Bs and Cs .. if they decide otherwise. Amazing you found those new ramekins .. brilliant collection .. and hubby's telescope - how fabulous and you'll enjoy your moon ..

    Great finds and successful day .. cheers Hilary

    1. Yeah, I don't really think the china is their style. So many young couples don't get fancy china and silver anymore! And their style is more contemporary, I think. I just offer things and if they don't want it, I don't care...it will go in the shop!

      The best part of the stuff was seeing the boys enjoy that lamp! :)

  8. Wow congratulations on all the amazing items Betsy, my favourite is the telescope, like you say it'll be cool to look at the moon! You're such an amazing mother, always important to point that out because of how true it is.

    1. well, thanks matt...you're really sweet to say that! :) I'm excited about the telescope, too!

  9. wow what great finds! beautiful things, but the photo of the Spencer and the train lamp is priceless!!!The boys must be over the moon,

    1. I know,...isn't it? I loved that photo, too!

  10. You made some great finds. I love the train lamp if only for the shade alone. How cool! It is fun to find new things.

    1. It looks even better now that I cleaned it up! I liked the shade, too!

  11. Gosh, you really scored with all these. Even I like the train lamp, so I can imagine how excited the boys might be. I wish now that I'd started collecting vintage china when I was younger. There are some pretty things.

    1. all nice stuff, I agree! Some auctions are just like that...even the trash is great! ha.

  12. wow you cleaned up this time
    Sure in your auction prime
    The trash is just as fun
    As bidding under your sun
    All the trains too
    Sure they will get tons of use at your zoo
    Put your camera through the telescope as well
    Then huge moon pics can be shown where you dwell
    Wonder if that would work
    Be a perk

    1. the trash is great because it's free
      and you can't beat that for a resale spree! ha.

      I'll have to see about the camera and telescope working together
      then I could post some men on mars with my endeavors! lol....

    2. Just be careful of that
      Wouldn't want the aliens to hone in on your mat

  13. I would like to come auction trash pick with you.
    All fine here, just too busy to blog,

  14. I would love to come to the auction. Where is it? I'm close to your neck of woods.

    1. It's in Xenia at the Fairgrounds. Here's the link...


      It would be so fun to see you! :)

    2. check the site closer to the 20th and they will have pictures of everything posted by then. :)

    3. Thanks, I will try to make it out there.

  15. OMG...those dishes are awesome, Betsy...you are right...the kids may not like the pattern...but they are so FANCY!!! I love them!!!
    The boys must love all the train stuff...good for you...bringing your men something from the auction!!

    Linda :o)

    1. Yeah, and that was a steal! ha. They sure look pretty in my china cabinet! lol...

      It was really fun to bring the men home something! That doesn't happen very often!

  16. The objects made from trains looks like a big hit, Betsy! I LOVE the china set -- it looks so elegant and very art deco in style. The "trash" items also look like finds --glad they are npot going to waste!

  17. The Lionel train lamp is very cool!

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