Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Wren, my peanut butter suet loving friend.
I love his perky little tail and his
long, pink delicate toes.
But most of all, his voice!
He doesn't sing in the winter, but come
spring, the calls that come from this little
body can be heard inside the house with
all the windows shut!
I hope he stays around with his lady
friend until then, and makes a nest.

One of my favorite bird experiences of all time
happened with a wren.  I posted the story back when it
happened several years ago but it's worth revisiting.
Wrens are fascinating birds, especially in
their marriages and how they love and tolerate
each others quirks and compulsions. 

Here's the story.....

Did you know that the male wren builds several nests before even meeting his mate? 
 He can build up to ten nests, each consisting of around 400 tiny twigs!
 It takes him days, but he is a scrappy little guy and hard working, singing the whole time!
Then he calls for a mate to come!  Calls and calls, so loudly that it is amusing
 to watch all that sound coming from such a tiny bird!

We got to witness process and it is amazing! He calls and calls!
 We were beginning to feel sorry for the little guy as no lady wren came for days!
 Then finally she came! Instantly, his calling becomes this sweet, soft, courting song!
 A lovely little tune! He coos and takes her around to see the nests that he has built for her!

She inspects the nests, picks a favorite and begins to tear it apart! 
She tears it all apart and arranges it how she wants!  But he isn't upset. He helps her! 
The two of them work together until it's finished! Then the female adds her own special touches.
 Soft grass, hair and feathers. Now it's ready to start a family!

I smile every time I think of that bird couple!
And what a sweet little guy to let her redecorate after he worked so hard!
 He gives the part that makes it structurally sound and she adds the beauty
 and softness for the coming brood. 
It was so fun to watch this happen in our back yard!

Isn't that just the sweetest thing?


  1. I love these little Wrens! They live hear in our yard. Intriguing tunnel shaped nests too! It would certauinly take a 'man' to watch all his hard work being ripped apart and still be cheerful! :) Cute story!

    1. yep...true sacrificial love. lol....

      first, first! :)

  2. aaah Betsy this is so cute and beauty!! love it!

  3. Can you tear up at a bird story....yes! Awww I'm just so touched with the love and flexibility...boy we can learn a lesson or two. Just precious.

    1. It's amazing how God created them, isn't it? I had just read about wrens and how they do this just before that one Mr Wren came to our yard to make his nests. So I knew exactly what he was doing! The best part was hearing that obnoxious call turn into a sweet love song when the girl appeared. It was such an amazing thing to witness. I'll never forget it!

  4. I love the Wrens as well....did not know all that stuff...but we love his song at the cottage...
    When he starts singing....we look around....zero in on his small body..."There he is"...awwwwwwwww...
    So sweet....thanks for the great story Betsy...almost makes me cry....ALMOST!!! hahaha...

    Linda :o)
    ps....my boyfriend is GLUED to the hockey game...:o)

    1. They are sweet, aren't they? I was amazed at the story and their habits. And the redecorating part just cracked me up. Females are all alike, aren't we? ha.

      hope the Leafs are doing well! :)

  5. smiles...they remind us we are in in this together...perticularly in our marriages...he is a handsome bird...i rather like their song...smiles.

  6. Wrens are my favorite wild bird. I think, because of the your story about them. So loving!

    What else is in your "secret sauce" suet?

    1. haha...oh, it's not a secret...and the recipe originally came from Martha.

      Here it is...all kinds of yummy stuff in it!

  7. That truly was a beautiful love story. Have you thought about making a children's book about it, it would work out great with your illustrations. Just a thought anyway that I hope you will consider.

    It is funny in that we put bird seed in the bird bath, I guess we need to get a feeder but they like to eat it out of the bird bath in the winter, but the funny thing is that they prefer to eat the dog food out of the dog food bowl. Plus the dogs just sit there and watch them eat to their hearts content, never chasing or trying to harm the birds at all. It is kinda funny to watch.

    God bless.

    1. the book is a very cute idea! :)

      You have birds that eat dog food? Do you know what kind of bird? That is hilarious.

  8. Just like a woman too
    Coming in after all the work is done and undoing the glue
    Why not just do it herself
    Get it done right the first time at their shelf? lol
    But yeah oh so nice and cute
    Their song plays like a flute

    1. haha...you do have a point
      can't believe his nose didn't get out of joint!
      but love is blind
      and so divine
      at least while they're dating
      and nothing on their nerves is grating.

    2. haha true
      Blindness come due
      As they stick together like glue
      Had enough nerve crap at my zoo between me and you lol

    3. Yes you have, you poor thing
      maybe a chiropractor could give your back a fling?

    4. Been there done that
      Still go once a month at my mat haha

    5. I guess the Fountain of Youth doesn't get rid of pain
      you just have to endure as the year gain
      It's my hands that give me fits
      going for another cortizone shot in a few weeks.

      yep, that didn't rhyme.
      need more coffee, so sublime.

  9. Your tale about the wren couple was so sweet. It seems the birds are getting "in the mood", even though it is still pretty cold. I spotted a chickadee checking out one of my birdhouses this morning. I hope the house passed the test and that there will be a nest in it come spring.

    1. Oh, that would be so fun! Hopefully chickadees aren't as picky as the remale wrens. lol. I've never seen chickadees nesting, although we have them here. I love their nasal-y voices. I don't have any houses out but did find a really cute one at the thrift store that I'm looking forward to hanging!

  10. That was kinda funny; I don't believe I read it before.

    1. I posted it a couple of years ago. I thought it was a sweet love story.

  11. Gee.. more like humans than I realized... haa haa! Have a great weekend! :-)

    1. yep! More than I realized, too! Weekend? It's only hump day! lol....

  12. Nice shot- he's a pretty bird. I didn't know the nesting story.

  13. Aww, I love this. I'll have to try to keep an eye out to see if any wrens come by our house this spring.


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