Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dust Bunnies

Dropping the boys off at school, a gloomy and rainy morning.

photo from google images

After dropping off the boys, I went home and decided I needed to tackle the dust!
It's been left everywhere to breed, multiply and grow.
In fact, the further under furniture and deeper into corners I got,
I discovered that they were really more like dust mooses. ha.
I wiped ceiling fans, vent covers, door jams, the top of the refrigerator,
baseboards and even went behind the washer, dryer, china 
cabinet and under the couches. Oh my.
  I still didn't get all the way through the house, but
I did make a significant dent in the situation. lol.

  • Did you know that dust bunnies have been around for centuries and are an untouched resource of easy-care pets for our busy lifestyles?  They have lived quietly along side us and have already been domesticated!
  • You probably have one or two that have adopted you, and you don't even know it!
  • Dust Bunnies seek out spaces that receive little traffic, and are preferably  dark, although some do become curious of the outside world.
  • Dust Bunnies have their own paratrooper squads that one must be on the look-out for.  However, since the dust bunnies do not have their own air force, the depend upon fan blades to transport them, so invasions usually take place during air circulation.
  • There are also small legions of foot soldiers that parade across the floor when ventilation units are turned on.
  • When heavy objects are moved, they will scurry for cover!  This is the best time for capture!
  • Dust bunnies are very prolific.  There is no such thing as one dust bunny. Left to their own vices, dust bunnies will reproduce at alarming rates!
fun facts are from dustbunnies.com

I also want to thank Gloria for the Walmart gift card that she had as a giveaway
on her blog!  I was the lucky winner!  I don't know what I'll get with it! 
 Maybe something as a treat for myself, or maybe I'll just lower the looming weekly Walmart bill 
while I grocery shop this week. :)  Thank you, Gloria! 
 How nice!  If you don't visit her blog, you really should.
She has a fabulous cooking blog and I've made several of her delicious recipes!


And last but not least, my orthodontist is having a Cutest Pet Photo
contest!  I've entered the picture of Jack on my sidebar.
Just click on the photo to go vote for Jack!
The winner gets $150 gift card to PetSmart.  And you all
know I could use that for a lot of cat chow to feed my zoo! ha.
Thanks very much, from Jack. :)


  1. I'm afraid I have a few of those bunnies hanging around here too. I need to have a bunny capture day!
    I voted - hope you win!

    1. It takes a whole day! ha. At least it did for me...and I could do it again tomorrow! Oh dear.

  2. congrats on the card! ow nice indeed. Excellent.

    Hahaha, re Dust Mooses! I had a lot of those in my last place.

  3. you are welcome Betsy:) Im happy you finally received LOL
    I voted for Jack of course we have to suppport him LOL
    anyway is the most cute and lovely pet:))
    and all these about dust bunnies I dont have idea!

    1. thanks for voting for Jack! :) And thank you for my card! How fun!

    2. I love Jack is the best!
      And I have these dust bunnies too time on time I try they go lol

  4. In your free time you should come to my house and corral MY dust bunnies :-)

    and, I voted for Jack.

    1. The cats didn't really add to the dust bunnies, but the rabbit sure did! haha...go figure!

      Thanks for voting for Jack, too! :)

  5. My house is a literal HAVEN for dust bunnies. lol

    1. haha...mine, too....it's like they come especially to be here!

  6. Wow such a busy day
    And hate those dust mites that are all over on display
    The more you get the more there are
    Damn things are all over near and far
    Never shared the fact that they were dead skins cells too
    Didn't want to get the ewww? hahaha
    Sucks with rain
    We are on that train
    And walmart you say
    Just don't become on that people of walmart websites bay haha
    And a vote I will do
    So you can have some dough for your kitty crew
    $150 is nothing to sneeze at
    But let's just say it would barely make a dent it Miss Priss's rising vet bill at my mat haha

    1. Ew. Dust mites are a whole different matter.
      They are ugly skin cell eating bugs giving a lot of chatter.
      And yeah, pretty nice prize if Jack wins!
      Better than a catnip toy...we have lots of them!

  7. Betsy...
    I am glad you got the Hamloaf. I wanted to share a little of Lancaster County with you! Enjoy :)
    We were so glad to spend time with Taylor this weekend. Sherri

    1. Thank you! That was very sweet. I've enjoyed hearing all about the wedding and seeing the photos!

  8. i was glad to see that dust moose image was not your own...just saying...omg...that might eat a small child you know....hope you win!

    1. haha...oh, I had some that big! Oh dear! Much better now!

  9. What, they don't make umbrellas anymore or isn't that "cool in school" these days? lol

    Congrats on the Wally gift card! I won a book yesterday but donated it to a library.

    Blogging is too cool.


  10. That is why I have carpeting...ha ha ha...you can't see the dust bunnies!!!
    Love the picture of the boys...
    I voted for Jack...

    Linda :o)

    1. I have carpeting! haha...they were still hiding under furniture. But yes, the tile floors in the laundry and bathrooms were the worst!

  11. I know this was about those dust bunnies ... but it was the image of the boys walking into school that tugged at my heartstrings ...

    1. Aw, thanks. :) Can you believe they are seniors this year? Ordered caps and gowns this week!

  12. ah, love the pictures of the boys. Looking forward to meeting the rest of "your men". I found the left over post cards from this summer & thought maybe the boys would like them. Better than throwing them out !
    This past weekend I turned my heat on & guess what landed on the headboard of my bed ?? A huge dust bunnie. guess I'll be doing some cleaning this weekend too !!! Nana

    1. haha..oh, that's funny! I found some big ones under our bed, too!

  13. Jack is so the cutest pet!!!!

    Dust Bunnies are everywhere! Yikes!! LOL!!

    Hope your boys had a great day at school! Take care

    1. Isn't he? His photo most certainly shows the most personality!

  14. You're inspiring. Maybe I will go after my dust mooses today. Maybe.

  15. That reminds me that I really ought to go after the cobwebs - a bigger problem in my house than dust bunnies. You should see the size of the spiders! They (spiders not webs, I'm not that lazy!) must be as old as the house (100+ years!)

    1. I think you're right...old house have more! Why is that? ha.


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