Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friday Randomness

  1. Isn't she a beauty?  This is mama cat to the second litter that adopted us (Socks, Charcoal, Grey, Oreo and Domino).  She had a new litter last month but comes alone to eat.  Any day now, I'm expecting to see those new kitties!  I need to name her.  Any ideas?  I also need to catch her and have her neutered!  She's not friendly, though. :)
  2. Spring bulbs were half price when I was shopping this week.  Blue and pink Delphiniums will be beautiful, don't you think?  I really wanted Foxglove but couldn't find any.  I planted them today, along with the rest of my garden....zucchini, cucumber, and lettuces have joined the green peppers, tomatoes and strawberries.
  3. Can't stop snacking on cherries!
  4. Sat on the front porch today after my chores were done.  This little house has never had any inhabitants.  Hmm.  I wonder why not?  It's the perfect size for a wren! 
  5. This jet flew over while I sat outside.  Double contrails!  It only looked like a speck until I zoomed in on it!  Not a cloud in the sky today.
  6. Enjoyed the blooms.
  7. Speaking of tomatoes!
  8. Grey...caught mid-yawn...but I think she looks like she's laughing!


  1. Love your tomatoes and love jow smell are so different than stores:) delicious salads!

    1. Oh Im first again??? Lol

    2. yes, there is nothing like a garden tomato! Yum! So good in salads and on sandwiches, hamburgers and bacon sandwiches. Mmmmm!

    3. Betsy this Mama cat look like a panther with these green eyes!

    4. Yes, she does! She looks so soft. Socks has her fur and he is the softest.

  2. Pffft you may be first
    But I have a longer burst
    So the cat counts more
    Oh dear you were shown up at Betsy's shore
    Poor Gloria what will she do
    Now that, that fun is through..haha

    Could always go with Shadow for the cat
    Or blackie at that
    LOL guess my naming game is off tonight
    Flibo could work on sight
    And what is a wren?
    Something like a hen?
    Not clouds at all?
    Had a few at my hall
    And then away the went
    Sucked up in some vent
    Laughing and sticking out her tongue
    Might even pop a lung

    See Gloria oh dear
    You just can't rant like my little rhyming rear

    1. You are the king of rants, it's true.
      Fox used to have that title before you!

      Shadow or Midnight we did give a holler
      Blackie makes sense as we named others for color.
      Flibo...oh no, that is just wrong.
      Wouldn't want to whack that gong.

      A wren is a little bird
      and a cloud sucking vent is just absurd.
      Must be a nova scotia thing
      hope I never have that song to sing.

      Yes, you are longer winded that gloria dear.
      We need Jax here to put that test in gear.

    2. Pat you said poor gloria???
      Oh dear you really dont know about me; only Im fun in Betsy shore cause I love to see a friend!

    3. LOL oh dear
      You want to put fun into gear
      Well that I can do
      And have a big long rant in view
      But that might bore all
      And scare them away from Betsy's hall
      As they would have to scroll down so far
      That they would leave with a harty har har
      Would that make them a pirate I suppose?
      Oh dear, maybe Gloria knows
      Or some crows
      Or that little wren that bites toes
      A nova scotia thing it could be
      Or maybe they just were hidden by a tree
      And Flibo would be grand
      No one else knows what it means across the land
      At least not a ton
      So you could give it a run
      Or better yet name her Dog
      That would be so great to use for your blog
      Dog the cat
      How about that?
      And Blabber coul get my going as well
      But I don't need her for a rant to swell
      And I toppled poor Fox
      That might ruffle his socks
      And make him Grammar Nazi me
      As there is plenty here to see
      Are you bored yet
      Of this rhyming pet?
      I bet Gloria Dear
      Is cursing my little rhyming rear
      Maybe I'll get a %$%^#$ from her
      That would delight my fur
      Now off I go
      As this rhyme is rant enough for your show

    4. laughing so hard I breathe!
      Oh, you can blab as you please.
      A cat named Dog.
      I guess that's better than Hog.
      Gloria, you need to get him back
      so just go on the attack!

    5. hahaha...you used his own word on him!
      Oh, that does make me grin!

    6. LOL see what you did Gloria dear?
      You made such a rant come near
      And poor Betsy couldn't even breathe at all
      Here at her hall
      That one is all on you
      With an oh dear ten times over coming due
      Yeah it beats Hog
      Go with Dog
      That is the best
      And will pass the test
      Or go with Pfffffft as it just rolls off the tongue
      Although some may think your bell is rung
      As Gloria Dear steals my word
      Dear oh dear my dear how absurd
      To think you could every out rant me
      Here there or at any other sea
      I can go on about nothing all day
      As can be seen from tonights display
      Poor people have to scroll down way to far though
      Dear oh dear you are really striking such a horrible blow
      Should be so ashamed of yourself for such things
      Now go have spring flings

    7. Pat, you had too much coffee today, didn't you!
      Come one and admit it. You know it's true!

      Look how pretty that cat is at my place
      Dog just doesn't fit her lovely face.
      Unless you promise to name your dog Cat
      when you get him and your new mat.

    8. Bah no coffee was had
      Yesterday by the Pat lad
      So it wasn't that
      That made me rant at your mat
      haha yeah Dog just doesn't fit
      And Cat would be a good name for it
      But might keep with the trend
      As with Cassie and Orlin and give him a stargate name as Cat might offend

  3. How about Crickett? Ebony? or Cinder?

    1. I like Panther! But is yout mams cat"

    2. panther would be great if it was a male. It sounds masculine to me! I'll have to think some more! ha.

    3. Of course happens in spanish is pantera so sounds more femme and I know some panthers and were femmes

    4. pantera...oh, I like the sound of that!

    5. my new little cat is called Safira :) and her brother is Goulipher :)

  4. you are just such a kind soul for taking in the strays, this was my job in my life before so understand this, delphinium and fox gloves will be beautiful, makes me miss my garden, they did well in ours.They are so old fashioned, those cherries look wonderful!

    1. She really doesn't look like a stray, though, does she? I think she's beautiful. I have mixed feeling about another litter showing up though...lots of work if they do! ha. And they can't possibly all stay. 8 is enough. :)

  5. Looks like you had a beautiful day over there. Love that you have a front porch to relax and take everything in. Kind of like Mayberry...

    1. well, it's just a tiny front porch...but I sat there anyway in the sun and drank some iced green tea. Yes, our little village is so much like Mayberry...down to the quirky cop or two. lol.

  6. Betsy, your cats are so beautiful, and look perfectly groomed. I want to plant flowers when we get home. I will have just a few days before our Annual Father's Day BBQ, but I was afraid to plant and then leave for fear when I got back, I'd have to start over again. We are driving a couple of hours down the hill to attend a wedding of a friend, and then Sunday, back up to Tahoe for a few more days. This has been the longest we've ever been able to stay here. I have finished both the books I brought...I sent you a post card today.... Sending love

    1. She is lovely for a stray...but she only eats here a few times a week. I don't know what she does for shelter or where she spent the winter. But you're right...we're always saying how healthy and pretty and clean they all are!

      You are having a nice long vacation! How wonderful! Father's Day will be fun, too...good idea not to fuss with flowers just yet!

      A postcard? Aw...you're so sweet! Real mail! I will look forward to that. :) xo

  7. Hi Betsy .. great photos - love Blackie - she's beautiful .. my first cat looked the same - just amazingly stimulating photos .. with story lines to match .. have a great weekend .. cheers Hilary

  8. i thought that one might have been a shuttle taking off...cool contrails...yum tomatoes!!!

    1. all those contrails...they really are trying to control me, aren't they? Wonder why I seem so threatening....could it have something to do with the repo days? lol....

  9. and that last cat is kinda scary looking...lol..

    1. haha...really she's a shy little sweetheart!

  10. Ruff Ruff..."Dog"... paws down!

    1. haha...not going to happen. Pat comes up with the craziest ideas. :)

  11. Midnight??? Yum... those tomatoes are looking good!!

    1. Yes, that would be a good name. She couldn't be any darker, could she? And she has that blue cast to her like the night sky!

  12. I enjoyed all your pics, but that pic of Grey is particularly wonderful. Look at those sharp, little teeth!

    1. I know....wouldn't want to be her prey! ha.

  13. I love your cats! They are so lovely :) The mama cat looks like a nice tough professor in the photo :D And Grey...she's laughing for sure :D
    By the way, I'm not very good at making up names, but the black cat is a perfect example of what I'd call in Czech Čertice :D Čertice is a woman equivalent of Chort (or Čert in Czech), but its meaning isn't completely negative :) It means that the person can be sometimes a tiny bit unfriendly :D

    1. She does have some of that 'don't mess with me' look about her, doesn't she? She would have been hissing if her babies were with her....even though she obviously knows me by now and her other litter lives with me. ha.

  14. oh, my dear, you've chosen the prettiest flowers to plant! Love those bulbs!

    1. Oh, I loved them, too! And lovely colors, too. I still want to find some foxglove, though.

      How are you doing? Feeling better?

    2. yes, thanks. Been to doctor today and it was a rather memorable trip since it was 105F outside and me all in bandages :)

    3. oh dear...that sounds awful! :(

  15. 1. What an awesome looking cat!! I almost hear her purr. Not friendly? She will be once you get her fixed. Name: Mystique
    4. If you feed them, they will come. I wonder if the house has even been noticed? Perhaps a small feeder to attract them might do the trick.
    7. You have green tomatoes but ours are but mere sprouts since we planted late. Just finished watering them a while ago.
    8. Yes, she's saying, "Cats rule and dogs drool. Bwahahaha!"

    1. I like the name...and misty for short!

      I cheated on the tomatoes and got some already grown! ha. My zucchini and cucumbers are little sprouts. :)

  16. This cat looks just like our Salem. Pretty eyes but also NOT so friendly!

  17. I really enjoyed all the photos (flowers a definite favorite), but had to laugh out loud myself at the shot of Grey! She is laughing!


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