Sunday, December 4, 2011

PIcking Through the Auction Trash

I worked an auction on Wednesday and looked through the discarded items left for the trash. No $80 Rowenta toasters this time, but I did bring home a few things.
  1. A stack of old linens. I collect them! I need a fun idea on how to use them.
  2. A glass pedestal cake stand. Always nice to have extras for my baking business.
  3. A large conk shell, which I'll gladly add to my shell collection!
  4. Two snowy bottle-brush trees.
  5. A pretty antique plate.
  6. Loved the plate, but it was the little tag on the back that I found most interesting. Aww! Didn't anyone want great grandma's old plate? Even it if was Bur's mothers? The family didn't and neither did the bidder that actually won and paid for it! Well, I wanted it and I'll give it a nice home! Whenever I use it, I'll think of Bur's mother. :)


  1. I'll think of Bur's mother, too. I'm that kinda guy. Thoughtful.

  2. Cute stuff...I always feel a bit sad when I come onto old family pictures because I treasure mine and they feel so lost!

  3. Another great haul!
    Imagine not wanting that beautiful old plate, I'm glad it will be loved in your household...

  4. LOve these Betsyu specially the plate and the seashell of course:) beauty:)

  5. Silver ~ of course you're thoughtful...not sure why I'm giggling at that. ha.

    Julie ~ pictures are the saddest I think. I can't imagine throwing out the old ones of my ancestors.

    Jo ~ can't wait to bake cookies and serve them on this plate!

  6. Love the pedestal glass too Betsy:)

  7. and I have a seahell like this (lol)

  8. Gloria ~ you have miles of coastline there...do you live near the ocean? If you do, I bet you have some sea shells, too.

  9. Gloria ~ I think they are so pretty..love the pink part.

  10. I live about two hours of the coast dear, but really how you I collect where I find, I have someones of Hawai too (lol) and Easter islands have amazing shells too, but your is really beauty I love the colour :)

  11. I love antiques betsy too , sometimes I used antiques dishes that Mom give me and was of her Mom:)

  12. This is Bur's mother and I want my plate back.

  13. Ha,ha Joy so good:) you heard Betsy:)

  14. Gloria ~ I have a really large conk shell I got in Mexico.

    I wish I lived 2 hours from the ocean! I think I'd go often!

  15. Well Betsy sometimes we go in tne year and summer, but this was a difficult year and we cant, but I love the sea, specially in winter:)

  16. Gloria ~ I don't live anywhere near the ocean! But I did spend a few days in Florida last year. It's fun, but not something I get to do very often. I guess that makes it more special that way.

  17. Really I love the beach in winter Betsy I dont know there but here in the summer the beachs are so full:) too much, and I dont like (lol)
    An love to swimm in the beach too but you need some space:)he,he

  18. Gloria ~ well, that's true. The crowds aren't so fun. So, in the winter, how cold is it there?

  19. Here is so cold (here where I live) near the mountains (Cordillera you know) but we havent snow normally , only in the mountains but in the beach the temperature is nice always. Now we are in summer and is so hot.

  20. so sweet, you have a great job with wonderful bonus quirks,

  21. I just love how you state your picking through the trash
    Maybe you need a photo of you picking through trash for a trash news flash..haha
    You always find nice things though
    How do you have any room left at your show
    Ohhhh right
    You just break things when room becomes tight..hahaha

  22. Pat ~ you mean the pie plate?
    Aw, that was just fate.
    Not on purpose
    I have a new one on my wish list!
    Next time I'll snap a photo
    of me looking through the trash.
    It's not really in a dump like I'd get a rash.
    It's in rows of boxes lined up on tables
    Lots of junk though sort through though, if you're able.
    I still wash my hands thought when I get home
    Like all ocd people when they're done with a roam.
    Next time I'll look for something for Orlin.
    Maybe Burt's mom will leave something darlin'. ha.

  23. that is way cool..the plate especially...you always come away with good swag...

  24. hahaha yes washing your hands is a must
    You never know they might get stuck in some rust
    Or a germ gust
    Have to keep the ocd happy and make those germs go bust

  25. Betsy darling ~~ I love your trash!!!

    I think I need to find a auction to work, haha.

    I use my "antique" linens. Many times its for a liner in a basket or tray. Since we take meals across the stree 3 times a day to Aunt Trula, I line the tray and it's ways fun to use something different ~~ right now I'm using all my Christmas mats and linens.

    BTW left you a message on my Sunday Blog.

  26. Wanda ~ I love that idea for the linens. I should just pull out my stack and start using them for things like that!

  27. Pat
    I need a 'germ orb' or two
    when working at the auction zoo.

  28. LOL @ Joy. 8~)
    And Betsy...
    I was thinking the same as Wanda...
    love your "trash"
    I wouldn't mind finding an auction to work at...
    maybe just "taking out the trash".
    Take care,
    Love the posts about the auction "finds".

  29. Nancy ~ it is a fun job..and the trash picking is the best part. ha. Glad you like my posts...have to share what I find!

  30. Awwww Bur's mother's plate! I'm so glad it's found a home with you. That's sort of sad really - makes me wonder as to who Bur's mother was and what sort of person she was! How intriguing!

    Take care

  31. Thats a gorgeous plate.
    It will be loved at your house.:)
    I love these kind of treasures.

  32. Many fun items that you came across dear.;) And how interesting that you collect linens.;)

  33. Loved the plate and the tag makes it a great find!

  34. I always get sad when I see things in sales that no one from the family seems to care for anymore. I'm glad you will remember Bur's mother. Great finds, Betsy! blessings ~ tanna

  35. Great stuff! I really like the pink colors in the shell. It would make a beautiful cameo in the hands of the right person. But sometimes it's best to leave beauty in it's natural state : )
    Love the sentiment of the plate. I'm sure Bur's mother knows it has a loving home.

  36. Once again, some great stuff! Here's one idea on the linens I've seen done: Frame several of them together in a shadow box as a "background" and then put some of your oldest family pics in there mounted in different places, possibly along with an object or two from that period of time. Makes a great way to display your family ancestry.

  37. Don ~ that's a really neat idea!

  38. I love how you open up your heart to EVERYTHING (cats, even plates) that needs a home.

  39. Aw..Christine..I'd take you in, too, if you showed up on my doorstep..or in a trashcan...or whatever. lol....

  40. One man's trash is truly anothers treasure.

  41. Glad that plate will end up in a good home again! Its darling.

  42. Ideas for old linens:
    Sew together to make a table cloth, quilt, curtains, shower curtain, bench/pillow covers, tote bags, aprons, dresser scarf, photo album cover. Stretch over a frame or canvas as art. Gift wrap. Re-usable shopping bags. Tie the corners over a curtain rod to make a valence.
    Mary Lynn

  43. how cool to pick through auction trash! i am so jealous:) i live for finds like this.


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