Thursday, November 17, 2011

What I Did Wednesday #14

  1. Looked through some holiday magazines for Thanksgiving table centerpiece ideas.
  2. Did the dishes...twice. (so far) ha.
  3. Cleaned the oven, vacuumed out the ash when it was done, oiled the rack supports so they slide easily, placed foil in the bottom to catch drips and cleaned the grill on the stove top. Now I'm ready for holiday baking. :)
  4. Packaged up an Operation Christmas Child box.
  5. Talked to the new mother cat. She actually didn't run for the first time. I really wasn't this close..had the zoom lens going.
  6. Picked up this tiny hanging planter from the auction leftovers a few weeks ago. I replaced the ratty twine with ribbon and planted a few remaining sprouts left over from one of the outside flower pots. Maybe it will do well hanging in the kitchen window this winter.
  7. Did the weekly grocery shopping.
  8. Filled the flour, sugar, brown sugar and powdered sugar canisters. Ready for baking now!
  9. Noticed those new little kittens have bloated bellies. A Google search confirmed my suspicion of worms. Yuck. Stopped at the pet store today for some de-worming drops to put in the water outside.
  10. Noted weird hand sculpture while out and about. Not sure why, but I think it's creepy. ha.
  11. Enjoyed chocolate hazelnut coffee, a gift from a dear friend.
  12. Laughed at Mustache and that huge yawn.
  13. Smiled at blue sky and pretty cloud pattern after the dark grey and rain blew over.
  14. Oops on that number. :) Moved my wicker drop file cart back out to my desk. I need to look for some recipes and decorating ideas in the next few days.
It's been a lovely Wednesday.
I hope your day was lovely, too!


  1. I had a great day too, so far! (And when was the last time I said that?)

  2. Thanks, Christine. It was a nice day! Lots of holiday prep, but it is that time!

  3. ha yes those hands are freaky...i scrolled instantly down to see what they were...lol...a new animal in the zoo? smiles.

  4. Silver, have you ever said that? ha.

  5. I had a good day too!! The hands ARE pretty weird. Yummy coffee!!! So, what's the centerpiece going to be? Oh wait--never mind that's probably gonna be a blog post right? :)

  6. What a most gorgeous Wednesday you've had! Yay!! Apart from the wormy kitties - awww poor kitties! Hope the drops help! So glad you are there to help them!! Take care

  7. sounds like a great day, very productive.
    Sorry to hear about the kittens wormy bellies but thats just part of kittenhood. Hope the drops do the trick,

  8. Rebecca ~ not sure about the centerpiece! Will probably use some crabapple branches from the yard in the idea somewhere. :) Simple and relaxed and rustic. How does that sound? ha.

  9. I love how you love to make collages. I love doing that as well cause its saves space lol
    It makes a wonderful postcard as well and if you want to enlarge it, its just a click away.

  10. Love your day and I love your hazelnut coffe!!!:) gloria

  11. Hazelnut coffee? I can take it or leave it. I'm a French Vanilla kinda cat, if I do flavored.

    Hazelnut coffee is a great gift, though, I suppose... if you know someone who likes it.

  12. Love your Wednesday Montage.

    Amazing what a little new ribbon can do for a cute planter.

    I can't believe it, but since my surgery...coffee just doesn't taste good....I hoping this passes!!!

    I was looking through magazines today for holidays ideas...I'm excited for this time of year... Have all my baking items together too.

    Got a huge bag of hulded walnut halves from my sister. My annual eary Christmas gift...Now, I'm really ready for my baking!

    Getting some pictures together to start posting again.

  13. I wish I was half as productive as you today haha.

  14. Wanda ~ oh dear...I hope the coffee love comes back! Those walnuts sound wonderful...bread and fudge come to mind. :) Miss you...

  15. Those hands look like something out of a horror movie scene
    Like come to the slashers house, he's not at all mean..haha
    My what a big mouth Whiskers has too
    I guess all the better to chew
    And worms that's just ewww
    Cassie had a few
    Had to pin her down and shove pills down her throat
    Had to wear a good thick coat..haha

  16. Pat ~ I told the pet store that I needed water drops
    since the mom wouldn't let me near her kittens for pills to pop!
    I think pills work better though
    but we'll just have to go with the flow.

  17. I kind of like that weird hand sculpture!

  18. Pat ~ oh our cats used to have an occasional pill
    Getting them down them was some thrill
    We'd think we had it done
    then they'd chew around and flip it off their tongue.
    Not fun to do when they have claws either
    Doing it once makes you a believer!

  19. You are such a good mom to those kitties!


  20. Blondie ~ these are not the original four..these are a new litter that has come to my door...which I do not wish to keep
    But couldn't just let them starve or die of worms!

  21. I swear you manage to accomplish more on Wednesday than I do all week...gah. ps. that hand thing is creepy.

  22. jojo ~ a whole pot of coffee and lots of vitamins is the secret. ;)

    I totally agree about the hands!

  23. hi Betsy, so nice to have time to visit awhile. I've started my thanksgiving baking, I think I ran the dishwasher 4 times today Yikes!

  24. MMMMMM hazelnut coffee
    Nice post Followed

  25. Welcome, jerzy....have a cup while you're here...cream or sugar? :)

  26. haha yeah just when you think they swallowed the thing
    Out their mouth it will fling
    Was quite the pain
    Especailly with Cassie and her foot, had quite the pill train..haha

  27. I had a wonderful day too. My daughter in law spent the day here, went grocery shopping with me and then helped make dinner for our Bible Study group of 12. As a mother of boys too, you would appreciate this as much as i did! The hand sculpture IS creepy and I see the cats are getting in more and more pictures. They found a wonderful home with nurse/vet tech Betsy!

  28. Ah Betsy, you can do nothing but admire a person who oils the rack supports so they slide easily.

  29. Seems like a fruitful and busy day.;) How many cats do you have now actually? That yawning one looks so much like Sammy.;)
    Agree with you on that hand sculptures, they look to me like the ends of some huge shoe horns, you know those with the hands in the other end, very popular in the 70s.;)

  30. The weird hand sculpture gives one the heebie jeebies and it is a good thing you told us what it was. I kept trying to figure it out before I read about it and was just not sure.

    It does look like another busy day for you, and I agree that is more than I do in a week.

    I hope the little kittens get well soon. They are very lucky to have landed in your backyard.

    God bless.

  31. Glad your keen observation caught the worm issue. ;) Betsy, I have to say my eyes just kept being drawn back to those hands... odd, but very interesting!! blessings ~ tanna

  32. Tanna ~ The Mister said the kittens just looks fat and healthy. I said, no...that just doesn't look right and our 4 kittens didn't look like that. ha.

  33. Anita ~ I would love that...girls need girls! ha.

  34. Alan ~ do that for the GLW...she's love you for it and think you are so clever! ;)

  35. Sounds like you had a full and productive day. I had a bank appointment after which we did a little shopping and bought pj's for all the little ones. We have a whole pile! Dropped our Operation Christmas Child boxes off at church on the way back home again. I did just one and Hannah did two. I forgot to take pictures.

  36. Good fun. I love your "what i did..." posts. LOVE the kittens too. The sculpture is always intriguing...although I love the art of Y.S. I want to live there some day!

  37. Martha ~ that sounds like a wonderful day. Little ones in pj's ...aww....love that, especially the ones with feet in them.

  38. I somehow confused your #4 comment with the #5 picture and kept wondering if you were really going to "package up" a cat. Hahahaha!

    Your wormy cat, #9, looks like my baby girl who died almost 2 years ago. I remember when my kids came home from Kindergarten with pin worms. THAT was nasty!

  39. Caligirl ~ my little sister had them once...yeah, nasty!

  40. Hi Betsy .. gosh what a lot going on .. but all in the life of a wife .. and mother of 'dem boys .. and ?'dem pussy cats, and ?'dem worms ... and and and ... end ....

    Cheers enjoy the baking .. Hilary

  41. I've already done the dishes 3 times today. They never end!


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