Wednesday, November 2, 2011


from the back yard November 1, 2011
  • Nip in the air
  • Orange leaves
  • Voting citizens
  • Embers burning
  • Mulled cider
  • Blessings Counted
  • Evenings darkened
  • Roasting turkey


  1. Gorgeous colors! Simple but sweet. :)

  2. Numb fingers
    Oven warming
    Victuals cooking
    Ever darker
    Mitten wearing
    Brother's birthday
    Evening gathers
    Rosy faces

  3. Cute, Martha! I like that one! :)

  4. Great picture! I love your poem!

  5. I love the embers burning and the roasting turkey :)

  6. I like it! I also like the turkey chasing the little boy on your side bar. :)

  7. what amazing and lovely picture! I love autumn! is absolutely nice :)gloria

  8. Martha ~ I've only worn gloves once so far and that was when I worked an outside auction all day last week. I bet your temps are a little colder than ours, too!

  9. Gloria ~ it's my favorite! You have spring now, right?

  10. Pretty this time of year.In a comfy cozy sort of way.Love the banner pic.N~nestled in
    O~oranges with cloves
    V~ voices of family
    E~echos of russling leaves
    M~mocha lattes
    B~Becky's Birthday (LOL)
    E~early to bed
    R~red yummy cranberries

  11. Yes dear we are in sp´ring in my sidebar I add some pictures of my roses, but I adore Autumn colours!!
    And love roses too!!LOL
    Love always your pictures Betsy!

  12. Becky ~ ooh...I love that one, too! You guys are great at this!
    What day is your birthday?

  13. OK, Gloria ~ I'll come and look!

  14. Here's my personalized November acrostic, for New England!

    No snow until after Thanksgiving, please!
    Oh. That wish was shot to hell in a hurry!
    Very nice. Stepped in slush up to my ankle.
    Everybody in the next town lost power.
    My birthday's this month!
    Bet everyone forgets it!
    Even my doctor's office lost power!
    Rotten start to a long winter!

  15. Becky~ oh how fun! A holiday birthday this year!

  16. Silver ~ we won't forget your birthday...you know that! :)

    Sorry to break it to you, but winter's start isn't for 7 more weeks! (ducks)

  17. Tell that to the New Englanders who've been without power since Saturday, due to a snowstorm. Who needs a calendar? :)

  18. Nothing to say
    Orangutans might storm your bay
    Very likely story
    Even numbers take all the glory
    My little rhyming bum
    Beats the rhyming drum
    Ever more is all I got
    Royal and stuck in a rut

    I can play too, What was that from you? I did it wrong? Hmph, maybe for November in Hong Kong..haha

  19. I just noticed your turkey card on the side . Its cool.:)

  20. Beautiful colors....so hard to believe that it is November already!

  21. Pat ~ lol...oh, I needed that laugh. Yes, my zoo is missing some orangutans! Oh my...that would be too funny to have them swinging from the trees. Wouldn't probably give some really hilarious blog posts, though.
    Clever acrostic....figures you could not leave without doing one! :)

  22. Thanks, lady ~ it's Normal Rockwell! :)

  23. Thanks, Christine ~ it was a little nippy this morning, but climbed to 55 degrees this afternoon with warm sun. Just about perfect for fall!

  24. mulled cider....numnumnum...love it...nice acrostic betsy....

  25. Super shot, and an evocative summing up of the month, Betsy.

  26. So nice, the photo...ads the words...saying "NOVEMBER"...lovely.

  27. Hi Betsy .. love your take on November and everyone's comments - we're still in balmy Autumn here - but the threat of cold ahead hangs over us! I really could do without it ..

    That photo is glorious .. cheers Hilary

  28. The Santa Ana's started blowing tonight and will dry everything out, then they will put out the fire warnings which is like putting a red flag out in front of the bulls. Not sure why the news feels they need to post this news when anyone with half a brain knows this info. But it is nice to finally get rid of what has been a most humid summer and early fall. Even though it has been in the 80's today it felt fairly cool without the humidity. But sadly we will not get those wonderful fall colors that are shown in your picture. Just a tree here and there might change but only if it gets cold enough which rarely happens.

    This is gobble, gobble time. For me November is Turkey month. Although I do have to say that being able to smoke the turkey on the smokers is pretty cool. Fresh smoked turkey is awesome. They were selling Deep Turkey Fryers at Costco and I think they were gone in less than a week. I have heard that tastes great too, but I have seen videos of the fires and so they scare me.

    Turkey and biscuits, yummy. I think a trip to Costco this weekend is in order.

    God bless.

  29. Yum! Roasting turkey...I am already hungry for it for sure!!

  30. Mulled cider - yum!! Happy November! Take care

  31. That is a PERFECT acrostic! I like each and every one!

  32. One of my FAVORITE months for all those reasons and more!! blessings ~ tanna

  33. Hi, Blue Shell! I'm so glad you stopped by!

  34. MrsU ~ those deep fryers appear here, too, with big vats of peanut oil. I've never had a deep fried turkey. I think I would miss all the drippings for gravy! ha.

  35. Great poem! Now you've inspired me to write one.

  36. Beautiful colors! I love the fall leaves. :-)


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