Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting and Giving

At the end of last winter my slippers were so worn that I threw them in the trash. With cold weather coming I had to get new ones! You know how I love grey. :)

And with a nice, sturdy shoe box left over I thought I'd recycle it and participate in Operation Christmas Child. If you don't know about this annual event that is part of Samaritan's Purse, click HERE. You could provide a shoe box full of little gifts to a child on the other side of the world...probably the only Christmas gift they will receive. And you don't even have to ship it yourself. The website lists collection stations all over the country. One just happens to be right here in my little village. Now how convenient is that!


  1. I love them...and what a good idea to share! :D

  2. Very thoughtful... but not at all surprising.

  3. I've done this before...so easy. You pick an age bracket and sex of the child and they give you a list of ideas...little things they don't have like toothpaste/brush, socks, little toys, candy. It's very fun!

  4. what a nice idea for giving! Yes I do remember the turkey feast at my house... and yes it was probably 30 years ago... whew.. how time flys.

  5. Oh how we love Operation Shoe Box and have been involved for years. In fact, the year before we retired, our little church up North made 126 Shoe Boxes for Samaritan's Purse.

    Several of my watercolors of children, are from the brochures from Ooperation Shoe Box.

    BTW love your new slippers.

  6. Wanda ~ it is fun and hardly any effort at all. I love how they ship them for you, which is the hard part. I'm going to do a boy age 10-14. Shopping for some things tomorrow.

    love my new slippers, too....socks,jeans,and a sweater and I'm all set now. My feet were freezing last week! ha.

  7. Someone who doesn't have a taste for cat slippers
    Or any flippers
    The cat likes you even more after that...haha
    You had to know that was coming from Pat
    That's a nice idea too
    Although the last box I had that could fit a shoe
    Orlin snacked on until pieces were scattered all around
    He then trotted off all profound..haha

  8. Pat
    The cat likes me even more?
    Aw, that made my heart soar. ha.
    Yes, I started typing this post and after 'slippers'
    had a little snicker
    Since it was flipper slippers at your home today,
    even if Mr Linky caused dismay.
    I did remember to keep the box on my desk top
    So Nugget wouldn't gobble it up!

  9. nice we do christmas child as well
    so that shoebox will reuse swell
    i like the shoes they look nice and warm, so no harm on cold morns...hehe

  10. Oh the rhyming has spread
    could cause some dread

  11. While you folks end up slaves to rhyme,
    I can resist it all the time!


  12. I tell you it's contagious
    I'm telling Pat we think it's outrageous!
    He must have cast a spell
    as far as I can tell!

  13. We may just have to thrash that lad
    Until he's just a shell,
    And then when he is done for,
    We can send him down to... well...

  14. Ew...that sounds awful mean to do to a rhyming cat
    but I hear that's where Mr. Linky is at.

  15. I can't wait to check this out!

  16. hahaha Oh I love what I did
    Brian really flipped his lid
    Rhyming at the cat's, his twin's and Fox's place
    Mr. Linky no longer has a nice face..haha

  17. Pat
    I knew you'd get a thrill
    that we all climbed the rhyming hill

  18. Pat, oh Pat,
    We'll get you for that,
    As well as your Cat...
    And that'll be that!

  19. Sounds like the fox wants cat slippers like Drazin!
    ok..off to bed
    I need to rest my head.

  20. New slippers are always nice...
    and to use the box to do a Christmas project for children in need too.(I would've rhymed...but couldn't think of a word I wanted to use). 8~)
    Take car,
    Mommy 2

  21. What a fabulous idea!! If I lived there I'd participate. I do like your new slippers!

  22. Love the slippers!! And the gift box idea is wonderful. I will check into it.

  23. What a lovely thing to do for christmas!! Thanks for the link!!!

    Hope you enjoy your new pair of slippers! Take care

  24. We have three boxes going on the dining room table! The kids LOVE this every year! I do too.

    GREAT slippers...they will be toasty!

  25. what a wonderful thoughtful thing to do! And what is more comfortable than mocs? ;-)

  26. I LOVE Eddie Bauer,we just submitted our shoe box to the samartins purse too! It was so much fun filling!!,

  27. Yay, laurie! Sounds like I'm in a lot of good company here. :)

  28. I love house shoes....lots of house shoes.
    The first thing I do when I get home, slide into my slippers/ha

  29. Hi Betsy!Thanks for the visit,nice seeing you even though for a second I wasnt sure who it was LOL.Ponytail I guess.

    I checked this out it and what a great idea.Im loving it because not only do you give to a poor christian child but you also know where its going.Im with you on this one!


  30. Just filled two boxes- our church does this every year and such fun for me, I love to shop for Christmas! Cute slippers!

  31. southwest ~ yay..good for you! I wonder how many boxes are sent out in total...such a neat thing!

  32. We do something similar at our church. I was wondering if the need for a shoe box could possibly justify buying some new shoes ;-)


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