Friday, November 4, 2011

Gadget ~ For Theme Thursday

A small imaginative............
....an ingenious or

Gadget is the theme this week!

To see more gadgets, click HERE!


  1. Look absolutely nice Betsy!! gloria

  2. He, Betsy this lovely picture reminder me all I have to wash in the kitchen (I was in the Pc making a post) but your look more lovely than mine, lol!

  3. A spoon with holes is a gadget you say?
    Hmm I suppose it can cause some dismay.
    As someone went and tried to have their soup
    And it went through the holes and flew to coup..haha
    What is that fan looking thing in the bottom left corner of the pic?
    The rest I get their trick
    That not so sure about
    And nice Gadget shout
    But it did not rhyme
    Such a crime..hahaha

  4. Gloria ~ I bet we have a lot of kitchen gadgets between the two of us! :)

  5. Pat ~
    that nifty gadget you asked about
    is for slicing and coring and apple in one shout.
    Set it on top of the apple and push down
    it's cored and sliced for you, so don't frown!

  6. Pat ~ Yeah, that slotted spoon would give you fits
    if you tried to eat soup with it!
    But you could serve your corn
    without the liquid
    and prevent your chicken nuggets from getting bloated!
    (not to mention soggy!)

  7. Gloria ~ no quinces!! The closest thing I could find was called an Asian Pear. But I didn't think it was the same thing!

  8. haha I suppose that could work
    So no soupy crap would lurk
    I just flip the can upside down and use the cover to get rid of the watery crap
    Quick and easy lap
    Ahhh now I know what that is
    Never used it before for any apple biz
    Looked like some fan at first
    But I'm in the know thanks to your burst

  9. nope. Is not the same Betsy , wait for a while who know, maybe some one of these days you find quinces, is the time for you, Fall, when I was child (he) I bring to the school bread with quince jam! gloria

  10. Pat ~ yeah, some people think they are cool
    I prefer a knife as the rule.

  11. Gloria ~ I'll keep checking! I want to make that jam! I checked online last night and everybody was raving at how good it is! :)

  12. cool gadgets,, lovely frosty leaf photo as well, I have had top start a new blog and i would love if you would follow me there, I left a trail from my old one,, I enjoy our visits so much,

  13. Laurie ~ I wondered what happened to you! Sure...I'll come join your new one...

  14. I adore that picture and the acrostic rocks the house too!! Nice job on TT this week!!

  15. I was going to comment on your illustration, but deleted it when I realized that some people use stuff like that in the kitchen, too, huh?

  16. Yes, Silly. I mean, Silver. :)

  17. Well, those two terms seem to be interchangeable lately, don't they?

  18. Oh I love it! Great acrostic Betsy.That is a hard one to do.For me anyway LOL.


  19. I love that picture by the subtlety of its tones, you get a delicious ancient atmosphere, very nice composition.

  20. nice...love your acrostic almost as much as trees bearing goats...nice take and great pic...amazing how a little gadget can change our lives...

  21. A cheese grater is a wonderful thing. Right up there with a vegetable peeler.

  22. I love kitchen gadgets and while looking at your picture realized that I have every gadget in it. Even the strawberry corer, a very handy gadget indeed.

    And until I had gotten a pizza slicer I never knew how easy it was to slice a pizza, even if the crust is crispy. But I too do prefer the knife to slice an apple, well mostly because I am afraid if my fingers slip under the corer than I will slice one of them off.

    Okay, now I am thinking I have too many kitchen gadgets but then again I just think they that if you use them then they make life easier, well if one does a lot of cooking.

    I do have to say that the Kitchen Aid Mixer is the best kitchen gadget that took me forever to buy and then after you get it you are thinking how crazy you were to wait. Hint, hint to all you men who want to buy your wife something for Christmas. And tis the season that they have them on sale.

    God bless.

  23. HI Betsy
    I just discovered your lovely blog via Millie at The Hedge. I love your countdowns of what you get done in a day!
    Have a great weekend

  24. Interesting...
    Greetings from France,


  25. Hi Betsy,

    I will tell you what it is. It is one of the little camera's that one would attach to their computers. It had me stumped too as to what it was but then I think or at least hoped I figured it out.

    Kris gave you an answer too, maybe he is right or we both are.

    God bless.

  26. Sharon ~ aw, I love Millie! Thanks for coming by!

  27. MrsU ~ I have a KitchenAid, too...it's wonderful!

  28. MrsU~ oh, thanks for solving the mystsery! ha. I'll go visit Kris again, too! :)

  29. You've shot the most impressive shot of gadgets I've ever seen sweetie!!!!

    What a gorgeous picture...what talent!!!

    God bless and have a wonderful weekend!!! :o)

  30. great shot for gadgets!
    welcome to tina´s picstory! :)

  31. Looks a bit like my kitchen drawer....


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