Thursday, October 13, 2011

What I Did Wednesday #10

  1. Enjoyed a pot of caramel vanilla coffee.
  2. Ran the vacuum attachment along all the baseboards and ceilings.
  3. Did 4 loads of laundry. Now I can just shut the lid on the hamper. Got it down to 'full'. ha.
  4. Scrubbed the bath, laundry and kitchen floors with my Hoover Floor Mate.
  5. Did some ironing.
  6. Wiped Windex on TV screens, mirrors, refrigerator and laptop screen.
  7. Gathered a pile of trash from all the rooms. How does this multiply so much? ha.
  8. Prayed for a friend at appointment time.
  9. Enjoyed a pumpkin spice scented candle.
  10. Welcomed three boys off the bus. Thank you, Alex, for lining up the shoes. ha.
  11. Watched the rain. Cool and gloomy today. Like a sepia day. :)
  12. Dusted 12 six-panel doors.
  13. Served up after school snacks.
  14. Started a new thrift store bag of unwanted stuff.
  15. Nibbled on some grapes.
  16. Cleaned the microwave.
  17. Ordered more vitamin supplements and prescriptions.
  18. Dusted things hanging on the walls like framed prints and mirrors.
  19. Watered the indoor plants. Noted new blooms on the African Violet.
  20. Cleaned the bathrooms.

Just a beautiful, ordinary day! Hope your day has been a good one, too!

Now it's time to relax with a cup of tea before dinner.

Thankfully, we're having leftovers! ha.


  1. Wow, how on earth do you manage to fit all this into your day...wonderwoman is what I'm calling you from now on :)
    I thought I might be the only woman who fussed over baseboards and ceilings !
    A busy, busy, day...

  2. Sounds like a very productive day. We call baseboards 'skirting boards'... I once heard somebody say of another friend, rather sniffily: "Well, she's the kind of person who moves house when the skirting boards need dusting"!

  3. Jo ~ I still need to vacuum! Everything is clean except the carpets still look like 6 people, a bunny and two birds live here. ha.

  4. jenny ~ skirting boards...oh cute. I've never heard them called that!

  5. Enjoy your cup of tea after such a full and active day!

    Take care

  6. smiles. prayers appreciated...they cut two places off of me...but deemed both non cancerous....yay!!!!

  7. Now when the guys ask you what you did all day, you can show them the list lol

  8. Brian ~ that is awesome news! So glad for you and T. :)

  9. Damn! You really went into cleaning overload
    Coffee pot must have wanted to explode
    From all the use you must have put it through
    Now everything should be nice and germ free for your five men crew
    I had to laugh at the shoes too
    Gave a delight to my ocd upon view..haha

  10. Great to share your Sepia Wednesday. I did several of the items you have listed, but not with laundy for a house full. It's amazing to me after so many years of full laundry hampers, and large loads, that my machine usually stays on "Med." unless I'm washing sheets or towels.

    What's with this dust.... I dust all the time, and it still creeps back in the next day!!!

    Love sharing your life....

  11. Pat ~
    yes Alex like to create those lines
    and put things away. How sublime.
    Throws things out that shouldn't go
    which can cause a fit, don't you know!

  12. A nice little collection of activities, and a great example to those who say that so-called "housewives" "don't work!"

  13. I love this, I'm doing this tonight for my post,, I think its brilliant.Mine will be the lazy old womans version OK,,you are the super busy ,,

  14. Silver ~ wow..thanks for noticing us poor house cleaning moms. :)

  15. Laurie ~ old? haha...I don't think so...aren't I older than you? :)

    Can't wait to see it...

  16. Sounds like you need to take advantage of one of my patented "Selfish Days." Remind me to tell you about them sometime...

    And I can remember when you needed help getting your photos sepia-toned. *sigh*

  17. I wish I could say I did HALF as much as you did. My only excuse is that I've spent quite a bit of time today meeting people in cyberspace :-)

  18. Silver ~ ha...oh, I had forgotten all about that. Yep, you were my photoshop! :)

  19. Ah, yes, how soon they forget. "You were my photoshop, dear Silver! But oh, that was then, and this is now, and we dare not revive the past..."

  20. Did I call you 'dear'? lol...

  21. Actually, it's funny you should mention that. Some of my dreams have been quite creative, too.

  22. I did some cleaning today too. So many things were put off until "after the wedding". I couldn't use that as an excuse anymore. Well, that and the dog hair in the pantry. Yuck. (0:
    I wish Alex lived here. I like my shoes lined up too.

  23. Anita ~ you sound like me...but it was rabbit hair behind the couch. lol...

  24. holy frijoles...i only ate breakfast out, did 2 loads of laundry, changed out a toilet seat, walked the dog (twice), weeded the front lawn, walked the garden, shopped for dinner, ate pizza instead, and watched 3 episodes of 30 Rock. You are my freakin' Hero!

  25. Tom ~ well gee, you should have made a photo collage! ;)

  26. Oh Betsy, that lid on the hamper resonated with me, after having gained a full family, I wash a load ever day and just yesterday the lid was closed (on one of them, hihi.;)) Something unknown to me just a few months back.;))
    I think I know who you prayed for...
    Have a great day,

  27. Tell me about cobwebs!! I don't know how they can form when there is so much activity in my house!!

    BTW...I think you are supposed to use a damp cloth on the laptop screen...Windex can ruin it.


  28. Thank you for sharing your Wednesday with me. So cool

  29. Zuzana ~ yes, you do know who I prayed for! :)

  30. Blondie ~ I spray on the paper towel and not on the screen. Does that count?

  31. Hi Besty looks like you had a busy day to say the least.I cant remember when I had that much laundry.But if the weathers is lovely out I never mind doing it.But when theres gloomy days like this time of year it seemed to be a hassle.

    I love the Sepia affect,does tie into the days of fall.Cute! Have a nice and relaxing Thursday,or maybe I shouldnt of said that LOL.

  32. Becky ~ I'm going to be running about in the rain today. ha. Hope your day is wonderful!

  33. What a busy day! I need coffee after reading all that. lol

    3 IEP meetings? I have trouble with ONE! Bless you!

  34. The work is NEVER done!

    I would like a cup of your coffee NOW please.

  35. You always amazing me dear, all you things you make. Today I make little things only and my teenager daugther make me cray oh my God! is difficult with the kids, I know, you have a lot of worrys only sometimes you know... huggs gloria
    I always enjoy your blog! LOL

  36. It sounds so much when you write it down like that. I should do that and see just how I do spend my day, LOL Have a good one Betsy.

  37. Busy busy busy...you will need those vitamins. Do you know about iherb?

  38. delwyn ~ no, never heard if iherb!

  39. Wanda ~ the kittens had the best time with the mouse. They acted like it was real...stalking it before pouncing.

  40. Marsha ~ I'm nibblin on candy corn right now! :) Have a wonderful time at your conference!


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