Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Did Tuesday, Oops!

  1. Enjoyed gorgeous weather as I was out and about running errands today.
  2. Smiled at lower gas prices.
  3. Noted the little corner market was decked out for fall.
  4. Bought some mums for the front porch.
  5. Browsed through T.J. Maxx. This little tea cup with a lid jumped in my cart and said "Take me home with you, Betsy!" How could I refuse? I mean...it does have a bird on it! A few other things jumped in my cart, too, like coconut-key-lime scented room spray, a set of flannel sheets, a bamboo cutting board, and some scented hand soap for the kitchen sink. All on the clearance isle! Love that.
  6. Found a spot for a basket of petunias in my desk nook. Wasn't quite ready to let the frost get to them.
  7. Brought out the old jack-o-lantern!
  8. Cleaned off my desk, dusted it, and put away about 25 things that didn't belong there.
  9. Said 'hello' to the cows as I drove by.
  10. Lit a scented candle and hung it above my desk.
  11. Saw a ballerina cloud.
  12. Played with 4 kittens who were knocking on the back door.
  13. Found a spot for all of the houseplants that were outside for the summer.
  14. Took the wreath of summer daisies off the front door and hung an autumn wreath.
  15. Snapped a picture of this pretty barn as I drove past.
I seriously thought it was Wednesday ALL day today! And as I was about to publish this post, I realized that it was only Tuesday! LOL! I do that A LOT. Yes, I have quirks, too. lol. And it's just as well since I will be out of town working an auction tomorrow and wouldn't be doing a What I Did Wednesday post anyway. Hope you are enjoying your day, too!


  1. I welcome your "What I Did Today" posts any day of the week. :)

  2. Jill ~ The Mister just said he thought it was Monday all day, so I guess we're all crazy here. lol...

  3. Well, Monday and Wednesday "average out" to Tuesday, so it works.

  4. The days all run together after while. It looks like you had a busy, great day.

  5. Besdies, how many people post their Sepia Saturday posts -- to list just one example -- a day or two early? I myself used to post my Comical Wednesday posts at 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, right?

    It's your blog, doll. Your rules. "You make-a da rules, you break-a da rules!" And... "forget" anyone who can't take a joke!

  6. Oh Betsy,
    Do I need to go on? I am so blessed to have found your blog!
    My 8 year old grandson has autism and I was just putting together a notebook for my daughter that I hope will encourage her and got totally sidetracked when I found your blog. You are just amazing - but now I am repeating myself. I would just love to include a page in my daughters notebook with some of your Tuesday drawings. Would that be ok? Please let me know (mrspaul@cox.net)
    Blessings and hugs from Arizona,

  7. Well,Silver..I don't really think anybody cares....haven't heard any complaints, or jokes for that matter. :)

  8. Dorothy ~ I'm glad you found my blog, too! Send your daughter my way...I'd love to get to know her! Yes, you can use my sketches. Thanks for asking first.

  9. (I think you were the only one who was even a little bit worried.)

  10. Oh that is just all wrong
    Now you've went and messed up my schedule
    Look I can't even rhyme you got me so confused
    I don't know what to do
    Tuesday on Wednesday just doesn't work
    I need some kind of structure
    Oh wait! On second thought
    How about not..hahaha
    Looks like a busy day
    Love the shot of the four kitties waiting to play
    Put that camera down and come out
    I'm sure they were beginning to shout
    So am I the only one that knew it was Tuesday
    I think the world must be upside down today..haha

  11. Pat ~

    I flustered Pat so he couldn't rhyme?
    Oh, that must be some kind of crime!
    And to think I actually did such a feat
    really brings a smile from my head to my feet.

  12. Pat... couldn't rhyme?
    But... he rhymes all the time!
    Now who'd have thought that
    Could befall our own cat!
    I hope, dearest Betsy, it wasn't your goal
    To disrupt such a sensitive, poetic soul!

  13. I so much enjoyed my day today. Hit Hobby Lobby and they were have a 40% sale on fall and Halloween stuff as well as Christmas!! Saints be praised...I had way too much fun!!
    Loved your pics and your schedule!!
    What fun

  14. Sueann ~ Hobby Lobby sale...oh yeah, you did have fun!

  15. and even gas prices are coming down thank goodness...looks like a beautiful day....

  16. $3.05? Gas here is still $3.71 (or thereabouts). I like your gas prices better.

  17. Martha ~ maybe they will move that way...west to east..just like the weather! ha.

  18. Come At Me Bro ~ lol...you just said that at Pat's! :)

  19. And Tasha's, and at my old David'Z RantZ blog! And "she" is signed up as a follower for about 8 million blogs!

  20. Isn't it funny how things from TJMax and Ross just jump into our carts...

    Love that little tea cup with bird lid...does that say Betsy or what.

    Love all your collage, so festive, so colorful so YOU!!

    What day did you say this was???

  21. James says gas is $3.59 at BJ's. Guess I wasn't paying attention. Go figure.

    Number 9 made me smile. I talk to cows too and my kids think I'm a weirdo. At least I'm in good company. :)

  22. Wanda ~ lol....Tuesday...really! hahaha. Tomorrow will feel like Thursday I'm guessing.

  23. Martha ~ I talk to everything..animals, plants,...even myself. lol...

  24. Come at me bro is in a rut I'd say
    Saying the same thing each way
    And I just wanted to be off a bit too
    So I gave a none rhyme, in part, for you
    You can never fluster me that much
    Unless you were germy and tried to touch..hahaha

  25. Old Fidel Castro used to be prone to postponing Christmas so as to get the harvest in. If he can do that, why shouldn't Betsy be able to switch the running order of the days around occasionally.

  26. I love all of your posts. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. You are an encouragement to many Betsy.

  27. What a busy bee you are, Betsy! Where do you get all your energy from?
    I get mixed up with days of the week too ... one of the downsides of being retired from work, when every day is a holiday. :)

  28. Sometimes I will do that, too! LOL! And, when I finally realize it, I feel excited to have one more day than I had thought. LOL! Who would have thought the day would come when I would have been excited and envious to see $3.0-anything on the gas pump! That little bird mug is perfect! blessings ~ tanna

  29. Oh, how I miss TJ Max.;) And I love that shot of the cute kittens..))
    Hope you will enjoy your auction today.;))

  30. I like all the photos! TIME for fall decor! LOVE that! Your jack a lantern is awesome!

  31. Wait until you and your hubby are retired. Then you're never quite sure what day of the week it is. (and it's GREAT!)

    Always enjoy your photo essays of how you spent your day, no matter what day it is.

  32. loved the number 11 pic.Your boys are all there lol

  33. Hee hee, I'm so glad someone else doesn't know what day it is!


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