Monday, October 3, 2011

Random Thoughts

back yard geraniums

  1. It truly feels like fall here, this beginning of October. We had wind chills of 34 degrees on Saturday and a frost warning last night. I picked a huge basket of veggies from the garden and brought in the houseplants. Now that we've experienced that, I'm sure Indian Summer will kick in here and we'll have a few more warm days!
  2. Spencer has lost a total of 10 pounds on his cheese-free diet! For those that don't know, he was stealing it from the refrigerator and eating over a pound a night. He would end up getting sick on it or just letting his body store it as fat. I had to get tough and stop buying it all together. He is looking so good!
  3. The Mister and I had a wedding to attend in Cincinnati this afternoon. What a beautiful day for a Sunday drive! The leaves will be at their peak mid October, but there was enough of a start to make for a lovely scenic trip.
  4. While out today, we saw an owl eating road kill on the side of the highway. That was a first. ha. Don't they sleep during the day?
  5. You know me..soft-hearted, right? Well, I was trying to figure out how to keep the kittens warm without letting them inside the house. I took a big box,taped all the sides closed, cut out a little door and lined the bottom with some old towels and a heating pad. I wrapped the dial in plastic to protect it from the weather and put it on the back porch. Its perfect. And they have been sleeping in it, too!
  6. Read an interesting statistic this week. With the national unemployment rate at being nearly 10%, the unemployment rate among those with a college degree is only 4.3%. I told Taylor he will never regret going to college. And he's half way through already! How did that happen so quickly?
  7. I picked about a dozen green peppers in the garden. Any ideas for a recipe? Should I stuff them? Do you have a favorite filling?
  8. Met a girlfriend for coffee this morning. We chatted over a vanilla latte for me and a diet coke for her. Living with five men, I need an occasional hour of girl talk, you know?


  1. #5. You could make them even warmer if you set the little kitty house on fire. Just a thought.

    #6. You wanna hear a really scary statistic? 100% of all divorces begin with marriage; therefore, marriage is the leading cause of divorce, and thus should be avoided at all costs!

    #7. Stuff them with cotton. It's filling, but has very few calories.

  2. Hi betsy!We had the same forecast here over the weekend.The heat is on inside and its really chilly out...but for us maybe tommorrow will be in the 70s who knows it changes daily.

    Im so glad to hear about Spencer loosing weight.Cheese does put on pounds really fast but boy like him I love it lol.I try not to eat it much though and my favorite is feta its high in salt as well.You just cant win when you get older HA!

    How comfy you made the kitties,I bet they did sleep well.

    As far as green peppers go I love them any way shape or form,lol.I make them usually with brown rice and some olive oil and onion and some crushed tomatoes.I do them in a crockpot. I top them with guess what? cheese LOL.But sometimes If the girls arent here I leave the cheese out.

    Have a great start to the new week Betsy!

  3. lol@silver fox stuff them with cotton, is he ok? ha

  4. @Becky: Cotton is less fattening than cheese. Just sayin'.

  5. kkk silver fox, ok then you try it yourself and let me know how it tastes ;) lol

  6. Already have. It's not as good as cheese, though.

  7. Becky ~ is he ok? I think not...set the kitten's house on fire? WTD?

  8. @Betsy: Does anyone except you and I get "WTD?"

  9. Silver, I don't know. But that was just for you. Suggest I burn up the kitties again and my language will get stronger. lol.

  10. I didn't suggest burning the kitties, just their house!

  11. You said it would make them warmer...so they'd have to be inside, right?

  12. They could stand outside, toasting marshmallows!

  13. Fox, I think you've dug yourself in a hole...haha...get it?

  14. way to go on the diet man...that rocks...it was very cool here today...owl eating road kill...seriously animal planet needs to do a show on your life...

  15. You truly do get all the different animal sightings your way
    Just look at the crazy fox you get each and every day
    That takes the cake right there
    Maybe you should singe his silver hair..haha
    Sounds like the kitties like their house
    They might even use it to store a mouse
    That is a big statistic too
    I guess that very expensive piece of paper does come due
    Does help land a job better than without
    Even though one can do the job beforehand no doubt

  16. @Pat: When you say that this fox "takes the cake," do you refer to a chocolate cake with beet stuffing?

  17. Pat ~ a dead mouse on a heating pad
    that woudl not be good
    Hope that doesn't happen to be
    something I open the box and see
    or smell for that matter
    they would wonder at all my chatter!
    Yep, be thankful you got that diploma since it is a good thing
    and you paid lots and taxed your brain
    maybe even had a fit
    but at least now you have it.
    Some times you get put in a higher salary bracket, too.
    That's what my employer told me when he hired me, too.

  18. You should use the peppers to make Inside Out Stuffed Green Peppers. Seed them, cut in large chunks, and blanch. Mix them in a casserole along with everything you'd put INSIDE them. (I use hamburger, brown rice, onion, garlic, tomato sauce, and salt/pepper.) Bake till hot.

  19. that was so nice of you to make such a nice box for the kittens

    We never ate much cheese till I met my husband and he's a cheese man but skinny like a rake lol
    Your son must have a craving for cheese.

  20. KathyG ~ that sounds delish! And I have all the ingredients, too! Thanks! I bet it smells wonderful in the oven, too!

  21. hahaha never thought of the smell
    That would not go over well
    I think the "some times" got skipped where I work
    As that is not a perk

    And if that is your want
    Sure Mr. Fox a chocolate cake you can haunt

  22. Yea, for Spencer!! (and, his loving mom... I might need to recruit you to help me. ;) LOL!)
    Those kitties are sure lucky to have found a home at your place. I thought owls slept during the day, too. Have a great week,Betsy. blessings ~ tanna

  23. Pat ~ No higher bracket?
    Guess you'll just have to continue with the book jackets. :)
    Or repo cars, that could do it
    oh, now don't have a fit.
    Just carry hand sanitizer with you
    and don't look so blue.

  24. haha nope no higher bracket here
    NS is quite barren I fear
    When winter is through
    I think leaving this one horse province is due
    Yes book jackets will continue
    As 12 are also due
    For the right amount of money
    I'll make the hand sanitizer runny
    And repo some cars
    Just hope no one would came at me with pipes or bars

  25. Pat ~ you could do a Repo Man Reality Show.
    I know you love them, so! haha.
    But one with a germ OCD
    would really be quite funny!

  26. @Pat: Repo cars? Betsy and Brian can give you all sorts of tips about that job!

  27. Enjoy your day Betsy !
    Regards from France,


  28. Loved your random thoughts today. I just love the "cat house" you made for the kittens, and how much they appreciate it.

    Yeah for Spencer...Hide the cheese!!

    When you mentioned having a latte, I had not been to Starbucks since my last bad attact in June. Well yesterday I could not stand it when I saw the sign for Pumpkin Spice Latte....I drank it slow, enjoyed every drop...and didn't have a reaction to it!!! Yeah!!

  29. Unlike for you dear Betsy, here it is warmer then in the summer, an all time record breaking heat.;)
    Such a lovely house you built for the kittens, glad they enjoyed it.
    Have a great Monday.;)

  30. What a pretty photo. Better "snap fast"-flowers are fading quickly. I'm guessing we will all be taking gorgeous Fall photos soon. A pound of cheese every night--wow!!! That couldn't be good for anyone. Your son will never regret getting a college education.
    Have a nice week. Mickie :)

  31. Your garden geraniums look lovely and yay for green peppers too!!! I mostly roast my peppers with garlic - yum!

    We here in the UK are just finishing a mini-heat wave but the days are shorter and the nights are longer and there's a definite cooling in the evenings! Roll on autumn!

    Yay for Spencer and Taylor and thank you for looking after these adorable kitties!!!

    Have a lovely Monday! Take care

  32. Wanda ~ everybody's talking about those pumpkin spice lattes. I think I have to try one!

  33. Kim ~ the collages are done with Picasa! :) (just google it!)

  34. How great for Spencer. Hopefully he is feeling better without all of the cheese!

  35. How many pounds, 10? Way to go!
    You do have a soft spot for animals. Love it!

    (I was reading the upper part of the comments and thought I was at the wrong blog.)

  36. Christine ~ was it a full moon last night? lol...

  37. Note to self, feed Mom more cheese. :)

    I rather enjoyed your exchange with Silver today. Marshymallow toasting sounds lovely, except that once the fire goes out your kittens would be without a house again.

  38. Love the random!!!!! Love girl talks too!

  39. I love cheese too and must be careful. No only does it adds pounds...I get migraines if I eat too much of it!! Sigh!
    Glad he has lost 10 lbs. That is great. He probably feels so good!!
    I just lazed all weekend...it was nice
    Have a great week

  40. SueAnn ~ 'lazed'...lol...love that.

  41. oooh! such a pretty and AH-MAZING picture! i <3 it! :)

  42. I love random thoughts posts. It sounds like you had a very pleasant weekend.

    It was so chilly here this weekend that I turned the heat on for the first time...just to knock the edge off the chill. I'm not over our super hot summer enough to let the house get really warm yet..hehe.

    Good for Spencer! Weight loss is never easy. Wish I had someone to hide food from me!


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