Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I Did Wednesday #9

  1. Noticed Alex took all of his vitamins this morning but left one of his prescription pills behind. Stopped at school to let him take it. The whole school should be happy I did that. lol. Had a nice chat with one of the aides and his teacher while I was there. And yes, I parked in the staff parking. I always was a rebel. ha ha.
  2. Watered and talked to my green shamrock. I think I may need to name him Monster Shamrock. lol. He must be related to Monster Fern! (who btw is of mammoth size out in our courtyard and sadly is too big to move inside. I'll be sad to loose him!) The shamrock must love this spot...diffused afternoon light and no breezes from ceiling fans. Or maybe he just likes to be by the kitchen sink where I keep him good company every day! ha. I've learned the hard way on location...the purple one isn't doing as well!
  3. Looked down this side street while sitting at a stop light on the way to the grocery. How lovely is that?
  4. Rows of corn drying. Don't worry, my eyes never left the road. Good thing, too, or I would have been dizzy! :)
  5. Honey Crisp apples. If you're local, they were 79 cents per pound at Aldis.
  6. Talked to Mr and Mrs Bird. Mr Bird sang a song for me!
  7. Of course it rained while I ran errands. It's a weekly tradition!
  8. Fed four little fur balls waiting for me at the back door.
  9. Let the downspout fill the watering can.
  10. Noted how my birthday bouquet is opening up!
  11. Made myself some lunch. Scrambled egg and bacon sandwich with an apple.
  12. Ironed some shirts.
Just beautifully ordinary things.
I hope you're having a wonderful day, too!


  1. to park where one should not. a solid lifestyle choice i too often chicken out of:)
    it's amazing how a location like the clover can translate into growth and a full life.
    good day:)

  2. Hm. I'll bet you left out a lot. Your collages are usually busier. (Just teasing! Can't expect you to share everything, always!)

  3. Very perceptive, Silver. Of course I did 3 hours of errands, too. And this was only up until 2pm. ha. These are only highlights, that's for sure. :)

  4. I do enjoy going along for the ride with you on your Wednesdays. Never a dull moment.
    (I peek at your blog while at work-nice break for me).

  5. Christine ~ that's right...you're still at work and we're about to have dinner. :) Hope you're day is going well, too!

  6. There truly is JOY to be found in EVERYDAY things!

  7. OH! I am going to run to Aldis tomorrow to get the Honey Crisp! MY FAVORITE! Thanks for the tip!

  8. I am...and your day made me tired! LOL

  9. I love when you take us through your day,, nice!

  10. The furballs look ready to lap up the food
    Guess they scared away that other brood
    A food on your blog I'll actually eat
    That's a first, isn't that neat..haha
    Parking where the staff go
    That's so rude don't you know
    The poor teacher will have to park five spaces away
    And walk an extra ten feet, oh the dismay..haha

  11. Pat ~ you would eat that? I might faint
    I'd guess you'd say it would taste like paint.

    When I got to school it was almost ten
    so I thought any teacher looking for a spot was already in sin
    being so late for work
    so I drove in with a jerk
    and took the spot
    and didn't feel bad a lot.


    haven't seen those new kittens since
    but the mom was here. She needs to eat, in her defense. :)

  12. I stayed home today. Washed kitchen cabinet door. Wiped counters. Washed dishes. Ran two loads of laundry and folded two loads of laundry. Held my granddaughter. Washed stinky bottoms and diapered them up. Kissed little faces. Dozed in the chair. Picked up toys. Ate leftovers.

  13. Martha ~ that sounds like a wonderful day...especially the leftovers!! I'm staying home tomorrow...can't wait! :)

  14. you are such a rebel betsy...parking in the wrong spots...smiled at mr birdy singing you a song...

  15. Brian ~ I'd never park in a handicap spot....just faculty. lol.

    Mr. Bird is quite the singer. He can squawk horribly loud or he can do these quiet little romantic songs to Mrs Bird. It's so cute. :)

  16. Yes apples I will eat
    Doesn't that seem like a feat..haha
    True I suppose they had to be there
    So if there is a spot left take it without a care

  17. Pat ~ well, good for you to get some fruit in you
    the veggies I knew
    but this was new!

    If I got caught about the space I'd say, Well, look at Pat!
    He's much ruder than that!

  18. When you go to school they always tell you to stay far away with the car but you are there for the kids, so no parents listens.
    You day sounds wonderful with lots of healthy things to do

  19. Love the daily routines of a simple life.

  20. Honey crisp apples .79 a pound, here in Dayton they are 2.49 a pound. Jealous

  21. Saun ~ oh no! They were 1.69 # at Kroger I noticed. This price was incredibly low. Needless to say, I bought a lot. ;)

  22. Sounds like a great Wednesday.;) Your lunch looks yummy and I love that view of the autumn coloured tree.

  23. They might be ordinary - but, as always, you have the ability to make the ordinary extraordinary.

  24. hahaha I can show them a thing or two about rude
    Although I might sound a bit crude
    So better to make them stay away
    Or I could add added dismay

  25. Hi Betsy
    I always enjoy your pretty picture posts, I think I like them even more than your good bad and ugly posts, but they are funny.
    you are amazing, I have no idea how you have the time/energy/patience to get so much done.

    Yes, I am having a good simple day at home with 2 grandbabies, lawyer son coming by for lunch, then homemade pizza for supper with the no knead bread experiment.

  26. Rhonda ~ your day sounds wonderful...and I love that you're making pizza tonight, too! :)

  27. Your wonderful Wednesday...left me sighing.....Just an amazing collage of pictures, colors, and textures...You Artist, you!!!!

  28. The honey crisp apples right now are amazing! I made the best apple sauce and great apple juice in the juice man juicer! I love this time of year for the apples and pears.

  29. My mother in law was just telling me the only way she likes eggs is on a sandwhich. I guess I better try one.
    How do you make those picture collages? I would love to know. They are so fun.


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