Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I Did Wednesday #6

Being the first day of school, and the first day of freedom for me, I spent the day out and about! I ran errands and celebrated being free as a bird! I could go to more than one place just because I wanted to! I didn't have someone with me that might have a meltdown because things were going so well that I went one place too many! lol. It was a relaxing day, although a busy one.

  1. Enjoyed beautiful skies, although the temps were in the 90's.
  2. Did some grocery shopping at Wal-mart.
  3. Noted the pretty clock at an intersection in Beavercreek, Ohio.
  4. Dropped a big bag of clothes off at the Goodwill store.
  5. Stopped at Dick's Sporting Goods. I'm looking for an ankle brace for Spencer. His left ankle turns inward. And he has very flat feet, which doesn't help. We put him in high tops last year to give the ankle some support but they seem so big (size 12) and heavy that I think they may strain his back and scoliosis. So, we're trying some options.
  6. Noted the Ohio flags flying with the American flags. So pretty in the wind.
  7. Dropped a couple of bags of books off to Half Price Books. They pay you for your books, although it is a very little amount these days. I think Kindle has eaten away a lot of their business.
  8. Did some grocery shopping at Sams Club. I think I bought the whole store. ha. Had to get on the young man cashier who was less than gentle with my things. When he advised me that he had done this "a couple of times" I advised him that he then should know better than to squish my bananas under a box of tomato sauce cans. A-hem! lol...
  9. Treated myself to an icy cold drink in the drive thru.
  10. Got home in time to greet the boys getting off the bus. Their teacher said they had a great day. Although NONE of them would drink from those new stainless thermoses!!!!! Good grief! And here I thought I had it all planned out! LOL.

I hope you had a wonderful day, too!


  1. hahahaha guess they were just appeasing you
    With their thermose drinking view
    Then when they got away
    Screw that they say..haha
    You tell that grocery store guy
    Some of them are a pain in the butt no lie
    Some are just so so so slow
    Plugging up the traffic flow
    Looks like you really flew around too
    Guess the birds have nothing on you..haha

  2. Pat ~ hey you're first!
    Everyone else is worse! ha.

    Everywhere I go, I note the bad cashiers in my mind
    I never repeat going through their line.
    This one couldn't care for the fruit
    and had some lip, to boot!
    The slow ones are most absurd
    and yes, I flew around like a bird!

  3. What a busy but fun day for you.
    You even noticed a a lot things on your day out.
    Taking time to "smell the Roses". Good for you.

  4. Christine ~ this week has a full calendar! I won't be home alone in the quiet until next week! But it was still a nice day....very nice! :)

  5. Got your wings back I see :)
    Sounds like a great day....

  6. Jo ~ ha...yes, I've been released to fly! haha. Now, lets see how much I can get done!

  7. I told you this before dear! I admire you!! and yes was a busy day too! xxgloria

  8. What a great Wednesday...love your pictures and discriptions.

    Wonder if the boys will use their thermoses tomorrow, or will you try something else?

    Makes me think, the first day I started my exercise program at the Y, I took a small bottle of water.

    The next time, I took a medium and today...I had the big guns. I forgot how thirsty one gets exercising!!!

  9. Thanks, Gloria! :) You are too sweet. Now, if I could just come to your house and sample all of those wonderful desserts, I'd be all set.

  10. Wanda ~ I think I'm going to send the plastic water bottles again and just practice with the thermoses at home until they take them without hesitating.

    haha...you'll be taking the gallon jugs of water before too long! And good for you going to the Y!

  11. So glad the boys had a good start to their school year. You tried on the water bottles...I think it's great that they like to drink water...commendable....and healthy. Good choices.

  12. So glad you and the boys had a good day today. Sorry about the thermos thing...I thought you had it covered too.

  13. If your reason for wanting to do away with the bottles of bottled water is environmentally-based, you could always try having the boys return the empty bottles to home daily. Then you could refill the same bottles from whatever source you use to fill the thermoses.

  14. nice on half price books...we have a used bookstore nearby that does similar...walmart...and you survived to tell about it...ha.

  15. I had a better day yesterday. Today was a not so great day, but that only means tomorrow will be a better one. I did, however, get to feed my darling granddaughter and hold her while she slept so it wasn't a total loss. :) And, we had sweet corn for supper. It doesn't get too much better than that.

  16. Martha ~ I would say that a baby and sweet corn makes everything else alright! :)

  17. What a lovely (busy) day, love the way you combine it with the collage.;)
    Too bad about the new thermoses, I guess you need a new strategy.;))

  18. Never for a moment think that your days are "ordinary". They always seem to be made extraordinary by the one character that is common to them all. Step forward Betsy.

  19. Alan ~ you always make me smile! :)

  20. Shopping alone is very relaxing, for me anyway. So I truly understand how you felt today.

    Loved the pic of the boys coming home. It was hard to tell if they were happy to be home or sad from leaving school.

    And never give up on the new bottles, I have faith that it will all work out one way or another.

    God bless.

  21. One of my pet peaves is for the checker or sacker to fling my produce around! I spent time choosing it and am paying good money for it, not to be bruised and smushed at the checkout line! Good grief. Grrrr... Touched on a sore spot today, Betsy.

    Glad you enjoyed your day of freedom. Guess it is back to the waterbottles. =/ blessings ~ Tanna

  22. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!! Love it. sounds like a great day! I am going to be doing that on sept. 7th!

    Glad the guys did well their first day! GLAD you had the opportunity to GO! GO! GO!
    I did the same...
    AND plan to do MORE today!

  24. So glad you had a day of 'freedom' from all the usual. It is fun to have no particular direction or thoughts of 'what if'. Happy Thursday!

  25. Tanna ~ TOTALLY agree on the produce. Grrr. haha.

  26. enjoying the blues skies is the first one.
    bananas beneath cans? um, yeah.
    i'm constantly impressed with what moms do during the day. i really, truly can't ever say i don't have enough time:)

  27. so how is the thermos thing going btw? you are so inventive. Really admirable, that.


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