Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Thoughts

Indiana Melon
        1. Feeling so much better today after 5 days of a flu bug. Actually didn't feel worn out after just getting dressed like I have been. Nice.
        2. Nothing sweeter than an Indiana Melon. Being a Hoosier by birth, I appreciate it even more. Too bad all cantaloupes can't taste that good! The best part was that all three boys ate a nice sized serving with dinner and loved it.
        3. Cutest part of my day last week was one of our regular auction customers, who can be quite cantankerous at times, stayed to chat with me a while after he checked out. Seems he has won the world wide Iron Man or some kind of weight lifting competition for his age bracket for many years. He's 79 years old! He last competed 2 years ago but has stopped to care for his ailing wife. He even wanted me to feel his biceps. LOL. How could I refuse? Cute.
        4. The garden tomatoes are finally turning ripe here. We are enjoying our burgers and BLT's and this morning I picked enough jalapenos to make salsa. Yum.
        5. Mother cat is seen less and less here. She finally has weaned her kittens after 5 months! I think I got to touch her 3 times. Not pet. Just touch. Each time she batted my hand with her paw. Not a mean strike with claws, but just an "I know you're nice, but you still aren't allowed to touch me" kind of smack. The four kittens seem happy to stay close for now. Marmalade and Whiskers will barely tolerate a touch, while Mustache and Tiger are very affectionate.
        6. I've taken away Spencer's beloved cheese. I know, mean mother I am. It's his favorite snack, mostly eaten at bedtime. But it's gotten out of hand! I allow 8-10 slices but he sneaks and takes more...up to 30+ more slices! At 70 calories a slice, that's a whopping 2100 calorie snack! Sometimes he eats so much he gets sick on it. Ugh. I've tried hiding it in the refrigerator but he always finds it. It took on another unpleasant dimension during the 2 day red dye craze (see my sidebar) as he not only took way too many slices, but had to smear it into a paste on the table before eating it. That was the last straw for me and I announced I wasn't buying any more. He is overweight anyway ~ a high-fat-protein-eating, computer-surfing teen. He's looking mopey around bedtime and forlornly looks into the refrigerator every night. He still gets his 1/3 can of reduced fat Pringles before bed and I've been offering grapes in place of the cheese. Not the same, I know, but I think he'll live. It's tough being the mom. Sigh. :)
        I hope your day was wonderful!
        Happy new week!


        1. I think it is tough but you handle it well. I think that old man was flirting with you! LOL

        2. Julie ~ I think he was, too! Had to laugh! :)

        3. haha Oh those old men
          Always sucking up to some young hen..haha
          Had to make it rhyme
          So that worked for the chime
          At least you didn't take the pringles away
          That would cause me dismay
          I'd feel his pain from here
          And sneak some down to him I fear..haha
          And thanks a bunch for the plug
          For my new book rug

        4. Pat ~ well, thanks for calling me a young hen.
          I guess to him I was, then.
          But to others I'd be old
          if the truth were to be told.

          Good luck with your book
          I hope many will buy to read in their nook.

          No, I'd never take their Pringles away
          that would cause too much dismay
          And they have to share those by three
          so there isn't much quantity!

        5. mmm...melon sounds good...ugh on the flu bug, glad you are feeling better...and yikes on the cheese...that is a lot of cheese...and a lot of calories, so good on you mom...

        6. I have a friend with an autistic son and she manages a lot of his symptoms through diet and supplements, so I have seen positive results when you pay attention to diet. Hang on with only ten more days before school!

        7. I can identify with Spencer...I love cheese and I really have to watch how much I eat. Even cheese crackers...yum!!

          So now you are attracting the older guys!! Maybe you looked a little haggard from the flu!! ;-D


        8. So glad to hear you're feeling better!! My hubby would agree with you about the Hoosier melons. He's a Hoosier by birth too. :) I like cheese too, but 30 slices wow!! LOL

        9. Farmchick ~ I know!! 10 days! I'm almost giddy with excitement! ha.

        10. Blondie ~ lol...oh, you may have a point! That was my first day of being sick and I had a fever and felt horrible at that auction. Maybe he thought I was a little older! hee. I'll have to see how he acts this Saturday. :)

        11. Betsy you dont know but Im watering I love this type of melon! aa look delicious, I have to wait for our summer! nice post! gloria

        12. Oh, it is so hard being the mean mom!

        13. Hubby is giving up his cheese too, but I refuse. Might be why he is losing weight and I am not. That melon looks really tasty. And I bet you made that man's day by giving him a few moments of your time. You also seem young to me but what can I say, it is all a matter of perspective.

          And you are such a good mom, well that is my perspective and I am sticking to it.

          God bless.

        14. Cheese paste, that's a new one!

          I love sweet, friendly old men who like to chat. So sweet.

          That cantaloupe looks delicious. I don't think I've ever had Indiana melon.

        15. Mrs U ~ oh, I'm not young! But I'm glad you think I am! ha.

        16. A very good list Betsy! Poor Spence...but cheese! SO MUCH! Poor Buddy. The red food dye is SCARY stuff!

          Glad you finally shook the flu!

          I need to buy a melon this week! YUM!

        17. Good grief! That's a lot of cheese. He should feel better without all that gunk. I hope Spencer decides grapes are a good substitute soon.

        18. Jill ~ buy the melons with the big deep ridges..the smooth ones just aren't the same!

        19. Stevie ~ it IS a lot of cheese...and not even real cheese! ha. This is just American! I mean, if you're going to eat cheese it should at least be some cheddar, right? lol....

        20. the cantalope looks scrumptious
          I see you have little mice eating cheese at your house lol
          Mine likes it too.

        21. Glad u fought back flu.. its very irritating.
          Nice read !!

        22. This is always my favorite posts of yours, getting an inside look into your life of a busy mom and wife.;)
          Glad you are feeling better.;)
          That melon looks delicious - maybe you can get Spencer hooked on some fruit instead.;)
          Have a lovely day,

        23. Goodmorning Betsy!Poor Spencer..I think you did the right thing though.Cheese has lots of calories as good as it is,sometimes it can cause constipation thats not good either.

          As far as the old man lol, he must be still feeling a little frisky thats good.For him actually but not you lol.

          You know this yr. Im so into watermelon instead of cantaloupe.I always loved the latter.maybe so much so I got sick of it lol.But that does look really good.

          Happy and blessed day to you Betsy!

        24. Glad you are feeling better, Betsy! I think the Iron Man was flirting with you! ;) You are doing an awesome job as a mom. blessings ~tanna

        25. Oh that's funny about the old man!

          I love cheese but that much would make me sick! It does have its appeal though. My boys enjoy it a lot as a snack - they get up to 2 slices or 2 string cheeses a day. They don't drink a lot of milk so I figure it's a good way for them to get calcium.

          We are thick in tomatoes too. I did a tomato pie (yes, it had cheese!) that turned out great - I need to post the recipe. Last night I did a tomato soup - cooked tomatoes, onions and carrots down and then pureed it; put it back in the pot with some water, boullion, kidney beans, cannelini beans, and macaroni pasta for 10 minutes. I was worried they might not like it but it was actually a big hit.

        26. feel his biceps??
          You are a brave woman!!

        27. corners ~ haha...well, he asked twice. I couldn't offend him now, could I?

        28. Lisa ~ Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Your soup sounds yummy!

        29. Thanks for sharing your life...and heart. Great post! You are a wise mama to have to 'cut off' the cheese hound from all his snacking. I'm so thankful we get IN melons here in OH too - MMMM! So glad you're feeling better. Appreciate you Dearie. XO

        30. Love the bowl your cantaloupe is sitting in. Precious. It's hard to be the "meany" sometimes, but it's the right thing to do.

        31. Melon, tomatoes, jalapenos... Heaven. Fighting food, such a tough battle. Good luck.

        32. your posts are light a ray of sunshine and a warm hug.

          yikes being flu-y is awful - happy to learn you are feeling better.

          we are having some gorgeous weather up here on the north coast! hope it's the same down there!

        33. Betsy, are you sure you aren't talking about my 14 year old son?
          He is too a video game a holic.who also is CONSTANTLY EATING CHEESE!!
          I wonder how many slices he eats?
          glad you are feeling better!

        34. I could lose a few pounds too! You're a good mum,, its hard trying to get kids to eat what we want them to eat and the older they get the harder it gets,, I can just see him all pouty,, grapes just don't cut it do they!!Thankyou for visiting today and the kind words,, good luck with cutting OUT the cheeese,, lol

        35. Laurie ~ it has gone amazingly well without the cheese. He doesn't ask anymore...just looks in the frig and then takes the grapes. :) I should have done it sooner!

        36. Without buying all that cheese, your grocery bill might look smaller.

          I can understand how Spencer feels.
          I LOVE CHEESE!

        37. Christine ~ oh yeah...$20 a week smaller! Although I'll be buying more grapes. ha.

        38. Really glad you're feeling better. It's must be tough having the boys around and not feeling great - you need so much stamina. The whole diet thing is quite a minefield, isn't it? I am wondering if some of those rioting youths here last week might have been less inclined to aggression given a more wholesome diet than most teens seem to choose.

        39. jennyfreckles ~ you might have a point there...take all the red dye drinks out of London! :) It does some seriously harmful things to some people. Yes, thanks..feel so much better!

        40. you were sick ??? glad you're better..i had the flu

          in June...horrible being sick in summer....

          happy to see you today..the melon looks great !!!!

          sending love,
          kary and teddy

        41. I was sick! Summer flu...yucky. But all better now. :)


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