Monday, August 8, 2011

Living With Autism

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I've been invited to guest post on Rebecca's blog,
Chicken Scratchings. The post is titled Living With Autism.
If you want to take a look, click HERE!
I appreciate you taking the time to read it
and I know Rebecca will appreciate the visit, too!


  1. Damn it now you're confusing me
    Making me go here and there to see
    Oh dear what will I do
    I guess I'll go over and see what's new..LOL

  2. lol...sorry to confuse
    go have a read. There's nothing to loose
    And I promise there's no food! :)

  3. on my way betsy...look forward to what you will bring...

  4. It was my pleasure to "take the time to read it". You never cease to amaze me.

  5. Brian ~ of course..you know you never even have to ask. :)

  6. Betsy. I have tired to imagine, in the time I have known you, what it must be like to lead the life that you, your hubby, and Taylor lead.

    I know that although Taylor and hubby are invaluable in this equation, you stand as the primary one who nurtures and cares for Harry, Spencer and Alex continuously. And yet has time to do so much for others and to also pursue a myriad of talents that you possess.

    In reading this post, which is so expertly written, my admiration has only grown. Thank you for sharing a small taste on the plate you have before you.

    It's a mother's heart that loves and suffers and yearns and accepts. Please know that in your darkest moments, those private fear-filled times, you still shine a light that encourages and illuminates and educates. Thank you.

    Bless you, my friend.

    Suzanne xox

  7. Suza ~ oh darn it...look, you made me cry! :) Thanks, dear friend. I appreciate that very much!

  8. I took the time to read it and am so glad I did!I work with kids that have autism. {I am a para at my local elementay school.} I found it interesting and helpful to hear about the parents perspective..off to read more of your blog...

  9. Thank you, Laurie! I appreciate you taking the time!

  10. Dear Betsy I am probably your oldest admirer, oldest in years of course. A wonderful article. You are doing great work.

  11. Peggy ~ don't think for a minute that I don't notice and appreciate your constant encouragement to me. You're a special mom, yourself! Thanks, dear. xo

  12. Betsy, Thanks for sharing your story. You did a great job of describing the challenges of living with autism. Your perseverance and positive attitude is truly inspiring.

  13. Betsy,
    I read your story...thanks for sharing it with us.
    Praying for you...that God will continue to give you strength as you help the triplets along in life.
    I enjoy reading your blog...you are a talented writer. 8~)
    Take care,
    Mommy 2

  14. very touching and heart-felt article. You did a wonderful job Betsy of helping me see a little more clearly into your lives. Thanks for being so transparant, you are a true testament to our Lord.

  15. What a wonderful article. So clear and heart felt!! Thank you!
    And the one thread that I felt that wove through your story?? Love and joy! Wow!!
    Thanks for sharing

  16. Goodmorning Betsy!I will surely check that out.Its always good to learn something new.Have a very nice day Betsy!

  17. I too will check it out. I know it will be eye opening.

    God bless.

  18. Thanks, Sueann! I wasn't sure if anyone would take the time to go read it!

  19. Thanks, Yuji~ and you know what I'm talking about! :)

  20. It was a pleasure to see Rebecca's blog and your post was wonderful. You shared so openly.

  21. I posted this on Rebecca's blog but wanted to make sure you saw it, so here it is again. TY for being vulnerable and sharing an honest, frank look at life with autism x 3!

    Betsy, just having 3 non-verbal triplets alone woudl be enough of a challenge for most, but layers that on with all the other challenges, I think it just goes to show that you are a walking miracle. As some one said above, the fact you also bake amazing things, do incredible projects leaves me dumbfounded and humbled really.

    You mention that the immunizations have since changed when your kids got those ridiculous amounts of mercury which coudl have led to the autism and yet you state that autism is affecting more and more--1 in 120 as noted! Why do you think that is? It scares me at the thought of even having children now if I was doing that (mine are all teens as it is).

    Finally, ty for making us all aware of the challenges. if it was even possible, it seems like you'd need 3 babysitters at one time to really make it work for others. I just can't imagine the load you carry.

    My only hope is that your family and neighbours, and those who know you in your town by reading your blog pitch in as much as possible.

    "Mod Object's" comment is so true. One day, one day...

  22. Mmm ~ thanks so much for those really sweet words of encouragement. That means a lot. :)

    the 1 in 120 is astosnishing, isn't it? The diagnosis has improved, it is broader now, including more people with varying degrees of autism that weren't named as such before. And I think there are some unknowns out there...environmental factors. The causes haven't all been found yet, of course.

  23. Betsy, This is a very insightful and touching article. Thank you for sharing your life to help so many. The words that come to my mind are "unconditional love".

  24. Thanks so much for sharing the link to Rebecca. I love the details you shared, and since I follow your blog, I feel like I know the boys a little better with the stories; good, bad and ugly. You fresh outlook, and your deep faith so inspire me!

    Some new responsibilities have been added to our life, so I may not get to your blog every day. Will share in an email.

    Love and Hugs

  25. Sister of my heart Betsy! You are a beautiful woman. I SO loved reading your thoughts. Sometimes it would be nice if God didn't trust us with so much, but since He does...and He promises to always be with us...I can do ALL things through Christ. Thanks for letting His light shine through you to the world around you.


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