Saturday, July 23, 2011


Only one plant, but I had a handful of zucchini ready to pick all in
one day this week. The day turned into a baking day!
Tomato zucchini savory pie, zucchini bread, muffins
and chocolate zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting.
Lots of it went into the freezer after we had a serving.
This winter it will be nice to pull it out, ready to serve!
For my tomato zucchini pie recipe, click HERE!
Cake recipe link is HERE, with changes in the comments.
Zillions from one plant, hiding
Under huge umbrella leaves!
Capturing them while tiny is best,
'Cause they can turn into the
Hugest Goodyear Blimp
I've ever seen just over


  1. Love the "hugest zucchini blimp" line! And most of that stuff looks safe for me to eat! (Uhhh... speaking as a diabetic, that is! No reflection on your cooking/baking skills!)

  2. Any chance you could post that choc cake recipe too? What a great idea!

  3. Zucchini - the plant that keeps on giving. :) I love zucchini bread!

  4. Oh my mouth is watering...Each pictures just makes me drool. Now
    Betsy, I'm surprised I didn't see "drizzle" on the Zucchini Bread, hahaha..but then you know me!!!

    Love freezing goodies like that to pull out later for company, or for family.

  5. My zucchini plant had something wrong with it-the fruits withered up and died when they got to be four inches long.

    I pulled the whole thing up :-(

  6. Marie Elizabeth ~ sure...I had never made this before but used this recipe...


    It was really good.

    In the frosting, I replaced the lemon juice and cinnamon with a little milk and vanilla. I also only used 1 8oz cream cheese and 1 stick butter and it was more than enough frosting.

    And I baked it in a 9x13 pan.

  7. Marie don't egg her on
    The recipes were long gone
    Now you want her to bring them back
    Shame on you for stating such a fact..lol

    Zucchini is a fun word to use
    But I won't abuse
    As you summed it up so well
    In the write that you tell

  8. Wanda ~ oh don't worry! I wrapped it in foil and froze it when it was still a little warm. It will get it's Wanda Drizzle when it comes out to be eaten! lol.... You've trained me well! ha.

  9. Pat ~ I won't off you a bite
    and it would give you bad dreams in the night!

    Maybe if I grow a really huge one, I'll use it to sail out of here and the smog!


  10. Silver ~ please come have some! :) I'll make coffee.

  11. You could carve it into a canoe
    And then paddle you and your five men to Honalulu..lol

  12. Pat ~ I note you want me to go west...
    far away from your nest!
    What? You don't want a huge zucchini float
    arriving in your moat?
    Full of my five men, me
    a bunch of cats, birds and a bunny?


  13. Some people eat the flowers, but I like zucchini ANYTHING!
    Your "cooks" look delicious.
    Thanks for sharing the recipes.

  14. Christine ~ I've heard of stuffed zucchini blossoms but have never tried them! That would certainly prevent some from turning into big veggies! ha. I bet they are good, too!

  15. Zucchini is my most favorite vegetable and the hardest to grow in my southern garden. Luckly eggplant is my second favorite and I must have a bushel ready to harvest.
    Smiles. Dottie

  16. That would be too many for me
    Overloading my ocd..haha

  17. One year Bethany made zucchini custard pie, a little shredded zucchini in a regular custard pie recipe. The shredded squash was pretty on top and it added some extra nutrition to our dessert. :)

  18. It really is such a wonderful plant...like manna from heaven! ;D

  19. Pat ~ a little too much for me, too
    I'd be jumping ship to get away from the zoo!
    And send them on their way to Honolulu!

  20. Martha ~ that sounds good! Zucchini is so mild, you can put it in anything!

  21. wow thats a whole lot of goodness!

  22. laurie ~ we loved the pie...it's really like a quiche. I'm going to make 2 more tomorrow since one was gone in a blink! ha.

  23. momused to make zucchini bread all the time...the pie looks good...

  24. These are some good suggestions for zucchini. Their coming fast in my garden too. Nice harvest...keep 'em coming...can never have enough zukes!

  25. karena ~ can never have enough? um....I'm going to ask you that in about a month! hahaha. If you pick them small I guess that is possible! :)

  26. The zukes are going crazy here too, but they are good!

  27. My brother gave me some giant zucchinis from his garden so I better get busy using them up. Zucchini bread is a wonderful idea for some of them.

  28. Made my stomach growl just thinking about it! One of the plants I didn't do this year and I LOVE zucchini anything.

    Planning for next year has already started and zucchini WILL be on the list!

  29. Zucchini....the never ending vegetable! I love the bread...and the savory pie sounds so yummy!!
    And chocolate cake...wow...I am drooling here!

  30. I am like Silver Fox I had to stay with the more natural and fresh foods which I love. Zucchini is one of the most versatile veggies there is. So true they keep on giving. Loved this post Betsy.

  31. The farm I get my veggies from had a zucchini blight caused by stink bugs. Alas, no zucchini for me. :(

  32. I sometimes shred them up and lightly sauté them in the frying pan with added butter. Be sure to not over cook them and they make for a great side veggie dish. You can also add pepper and if you use unsalted butter then you might need salt. Yummy. I have also added a few shredded carrots sometimes for variety, but you have to cook the carrots first. Oh and I cook them on medium low so as to not burn the butter. Burnt butter ruins the taste.

    I made the cake with last year's recipe, but will try it with the changes you made. Thanks for sharing.

    God bless.

  33. Mrs. U ~ that sounds really good, too! Thank you...I'll have to try that. I wonder how they would do used grated like potato pancakes. Mmmm...I'm getting hungry now! ha.

  34. Thanks for visiting my blog! (Sorry it's taken me a week to reply to you.)
    I wish I had that kind of luck with my tomato plants. I'm not very fond of zucchini, LOL!

  35. i just love zucchini...and chocolate zucchini bread what could be better?

  36. I love zucchini bread too!!!
    Aren't they amazing.....grow so fast.

  37. Loved the zucchini blimp line too. Made me smile as I suddenly remembered the vegetables my Dad grew in his garden way, way back. One such vegetable looked very like the zucchini, except we called them "Marrow". They were intentionally grown to about a foot long and must have been at least six to eight inches in diameter. Delicious when baked. The taste was very different from a zucchini but it was so alike it must have been from the same family. Great looking recipes, thanks for sharing them.

  38. Denise ~ I've never heard of 'marrow'! I'll have to look it up in Google. Sounds like it must have been from the same family. How fun!

  39. Denise ~ OK...looked it up! Yes, it is from the squash family. They can grown quite large. In fact, one photo has a man holding one and the marrow is a big as he is! ha.

  40. Thanks for the zucchini pie recipe! I can't wait to try it!


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