Saturday, July 9, 2011

Word Verification

Don't you just hate word verification? Well I do, which is why I choose not to use it. But for my blog friends that do, I am entertained some times by the 'words' blogger gives us to spell out. Have you ever noticed that they sometimes sound like they could be real words? I've seen some other bloggers do this, so I thought it would be fun. I kept a list the last few days of some interesting sounding words and what I think the definition would be....
--monoma ~ a single mother
--stryne ~ an injury to a muscle or tendon, most commonly an ankle
--bodoscon ~controversial scanners used during passenger screenings at airport
security checkpoints that can see through clothing.
--shrades ~ A game in which words or phrases are represented in pantomime, sometimes syllable by syllable, until they are guessed by the other players
--beheder ~ A machine with a heavy blade sliding vertically in grooves, used for beheading
--coophose ~ a tube used to wash and rinse out chicken pens
--muter ~ the button on the tv remote that silences the volume
--resortin ~ a verb describing what is done while on vacation
--catutinni ~ a feline-shaped pasta
--deacidi ~ a medicine preventing or correcting acidity, especially in the stomach
So, a monoma was weary of the stryne of cooking catutinni, playing shrades with the kids and her daily chores. Weary of asking someone to hit the muter and chasing poultry with the coophose, she decided she needed some resortin. But those bodoscons are as bad as the beheder so she opted for some deacidi.
spellchecker hated this post! lol


  1. "Catuttini" was my favorite.

    I only use WV because it thwarts some -- but not all -- of the spam commenters.

  2. Yep, Silver ~ that's what WV is for! lol...

  3. Oh this is hilarious.... I thought so many times that a word looked like something else, but never stopped to write it down.

    You are so clever, and yes I'll bet spell check has never been so frustrated.

    Betsy, this was so fun....cat pasta....love it.

  4. Wanda ~ can't believe I actually found cat pasta...I just took a guess that there would be some for real! hahaha.

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  6. Muter and shrades was all I knew
    Nice little diddy at the end by you
    Yeah I use it to prevent the spam
    Even though I can hit delete and bam
    Away the comment goes
    Where to? Who knows
    But then that is too much work
    I just want to lurk
    So you get to play with word verification from me
    At least it allowed you to be funny
    See I pulled a you there
    With a longgggggg sounding rhyme in that pair
    Bad influence you are on me
    Rhyming that longgggg stuff easily

  7. ha...and I read that just fine
    thinking that it rhymed!

  8. You are brilliant! This is the best use for word verification yet. I hate it too and don't have it on any of my blogs - and I sure appreciate that you don't have it either!

  9. Technically it might
    Just have to sound it out right

  10. Mari ~ actually I don't think anyone needs it anymore as Blogger put in their own spam catcher and it does quite well! But then we wouldn't have this kind of fun if nobody used it! ha.

  11. Re: Blogger's spam catcher... I'm constantly getting spam emails forwarded from posts I commented on months or even years ago and then signed up for "follow-up comments."

    Strange, though. I even get forwarded emails containing spam comments that never show up on the blogs themselves, as Betsy can attest.

  12. budoscan-haha...nice ones betsy...

    do you know eva gallant? she does a weekly dictionary on word verification terms....funny stuff...

    and i cant stand word verification...

  13. I bet spell checker did hate that one but I loved it!!!Too funny, I'm still smiling

  14. Brian ~ no, never heard of her! I'll have to look that up. Yep, the only thing worse than WV is peeling yourself off the ceiling with someone's playlist blasting! ugh.

  15. lol I dislike word verification, but sometimes it does give me a good laugh with the words that it puts out.

  16. Very entertaining. You have a great sense of humor.

  17. Hilarious. Spell check on blogger gets me even when I get it right. :)

  18. A fun post Betsy! The predicitiion mobile phone function predicts words & if you don't go back and check message before pressing send.. you might just be sending some of the stranges messages ever. This has happened to me many times.

  19. Kat ~ oh, I cannot do that prediction thing on my phone! Good for you if you've mastered it. I want to type my own texts, please! lol...

  20. Can you imagine talking to people this way. You would drive the nuts lol

  21. Oh that is funny! and a great idea. As much as I hate the word verification it does make me laugh at times. Great post there Betsy..;j

  22. I don't use word verification either. Drives me batty sometimes...but the letters that come up do make for entertaining "words"!!
    Loved the ones your gleaned.

  23. You know that you could have just told us that those were real words from an old dictionary and I bet that most of us would have believed you.

    Although I did think that catutinni was a casserole dish made with cat meat instead of tuna.

    There are cities here that have to pass laws to where one cannot eat cats. This has been going on for over 30 years here in So.CA. I think it has only been a few years since the news had their last story about another city being forced to pass that law.

    In certain cities, people keep all their pet cats indoors because they disappear and become someones dinner. Sometimes it has happened to the dogs, but because they are usually kept in the backyard, they are fairly safe. I think I am getting too used to some things, well 30 years of hearing about it, does that to you. But it is a sad thing.

    I like your meaning better. I need some of that deacidi right now and to do some resortin.

    God bless.

  24. AWL is my favorite.

    It is also me.

  25. Betsy - you are SUCH a creative genius....thanks for sharing this fun post! I got a kick out of all of them.

  26. Betsy, You are tooooooo clever!!! There are some "strange" letters that come up sometimes. It's like they are almost a legitmate word but no one knew quite how to spell them correctly. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  27. too funny on the "catittini"

    cute post

    happy to stop by today, my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  28. Just recently the word I needed to type for word verification was something like "hottie". I decided to take it as a compliment...or perhaps I was just having a hot flash?

  29. You went beyond funny on this one!

  30. LOL...I love captcha definitions, and usually run a post or two titled dabnabit...I took it off of my blog but like you I am entertained and sometimes LOL at some of them! ;-)

  31. i'm often stnned by what i see. today, i saw "mingdame", and i just knew there was a conspiracy hiding behind the word verification process... i just knew it!!

  32. Ha, love the catuttini. WV is a bore really but I get some weird comments if I don't use it. My favourite one so far was 'exploping' but I have yet to find a use for it.

  33. So clever. I loved this. Have just read over there on the right that the boys love 101 Dalmatians. I love how they all love the same things, that must make life a bit easier in your house? I hope so anyway!

  34. Oh gosh, that is absolutely brilliant and hilarious. Waht clever take. I love bodscan. ha. But, wouldn't "monoma" mean, "Man, no ma!"? lol.

    Ok, why do people have those anyway if they already have modification on? Rather redundant. one or the other!


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