Thursday, July 7, 2011

What I Did Wednesday #1

  1. morning coffee in bed
  2. fed Nugget
  3. watered indoor plants
  4. swept porches
  5. watered outside flowers
  6. did the dishes
  7. found Alex sleeping in my bed
  8. fed the kittens
  9. continued with my New Year's resolution
  10. had lunch on the porch swing
  11. misted and pruned the indoor plants
  12. made raspberry preserves
  13. made the glass sparkle
  14. watched clouds
  15. filled the candy dish
  16. filled the salt dish
  17. visited blog friends
  18. wound the clocks
  19. filled the bird feeder
  20. sharpened pencils
  21. laundry
  22. paper work and receipts
  23. time on the treadmill
  24. gave the boys their vitamin B12 shots
  25. added water to the fountain
  26. took a head count
  27. sharpened the kitchen knives
  28. polished the furniture
  29. fluffed the pillows
  30. scrubbed the bathrooms
  31. restocked the necessities
  32. enjoyed nature
  33. vacuumed
  34. short order cook
  35. boy duty
  36. chef ~ grilled salmon with fresh mango chutney, salad, rolls


  1. Hi Betsy,
    I love this post! you are one busy momma and I so admire how you handle everything on your plate with cheerfulness.

  2. I love this! Great pics of your busy day!

  3. What, that's it? Haha!

    Good thing you gave us captions for your impressive collage. I had a few Foxier ones in mind, myself!

  4. The fun part was carrying my camera around throughout the day.
    Funny how a collage can make chores look great! lol...

  5. Silver...hmmm...dare I ask? I know...misting the plants really turns you on. lol...

  6. Hi Betsy between a family death and Blogger problems I am trying to get back on line and back to normal. Thanks for kind thoughts.

  7. I'm gonna keep them all to myself. The photo with the syringes begged for one, I will say that...

  8. Big hugs, QMM. So sorry. Take it one day at a time, dear. xo

  9. Yeah, you could use some vitamin shots, as exhausted as you always are. lol...

  10. Right, that's exactly what I meant. :)

  11. I'm exhausted just reading it!

  12. Are you this busy EVERY day?!?

  13. Kathy ~ um, yes. Ha. But I don't have an empty nest! Besides, watching clouds and dragonflies really isn't being busy. lol...

  14. While on my vacation, I thought about doing something like your fun post. But mine was, going to the dentist.
    That's as far as I got.

    YES!, your collage does make your chores look great! There's not a bad pic in the bunch.

    Nicely done Betsy.

  15. Christine ~ thanks...it was fun to do. The uploading was what took the longest! It does kind of make the mundane seem special. ha.

  16. Plus, you obviously knocked your socks off... I mean, knocked yourself out preparing that post!

    Reminds me of a friendly argument I had with one of the bosses at my first job. He'd implied that I hadn't gotten enough accomplished during my work day, so on the next day, every time I finished a specific task, I made a note. "10:10 to 10:25, did this," "10:25-10:45, did that," etc. When I showed it to him, he asked -- conveniently ignoring that I'd only spent about 10 to 30 seconds making each note, as each chore was completed -- "When did you have time to make the list?"

  17. Well, seeing as it's 90 degrees, today. I didn't have any sock on to begin with. haha.

    Cute story about your boss.

    Picasa photo editing...free and really easy to use. :)

  18. (SH! Don't give away your secrets!)

  19. Ummm I did tons of stuff too
    Don't look at me like that, it's true
    What a fit or two don't count
    Well that decreases the amount
    Guess you win
    What a sin..haha

    I will agree the captions are great
    For I might have made a comment you could hate
    It be funny though
    But I'll bite my tongue as I go
    The kitties are getting bigger too
    Guess they are getting well fed by you
    And damn that is alot of stuff to do
    My ocd would go into overdrive and I'd have a rhyming coo..LOL

  20. It's 'coup' dear Pat. coup. :)

    And what's with you guys wanting to change the captions. Geesh.
    Simple, innocent housework. All of it. lol...

  21. "It's 'coup' dear Pat. coup."

    Oh, good grief, this "Grammar Nazi" thing is contagious!!!

  22. No for me it's coo
    Coup just won't do
    Grammar Nazi number two
    Simple housework, sure I'll believe you

  23. Pat ~ if you spell it 'coo'
    then you really are coo-coo!
    The P is silent
    unlike in your name as on it you are reliant! :)

  24. Reminds me of a story Skip and I were working on, where the vampire turned out to be a sweet-looking little girl. I entitled it "Bloodless Coo!"

  25. hahaha I know I just like coo the best
    As coup puts my ocd to the test
    As it just looks strange
    Over at my range
    Yeah we'll blame it on that
    Hey maybe I should get a silent P too and just go by At

  26. @At, I mean, @Pat: Just think, though, of the sight rhyme you could craft using "coup" and a word like "soup."

  27. Yeah very true I never used that one
    Look sight rhymes are catching here too, what fun..haha

  28. It's contagious & viral, like the Grammar Nazi thing!

  29. What a wonderful Wednesday. I love your collage...Wish I knew how to do that.

    I'm such a novice when it comes to cute and unique ways to blog.

    It was fun following you from room to room, and frankly, I'm pooped, so I'll stop and rest w/ a cuppa coffee.

    Betsy I just adore you.

  30. Wanda ~ download Picasa. It's free and really quite easy to use!

  31. Ummm...couldn't you find something to do today? ha! I got tired just reading about your day. Really enjoyed your collage.

  32. 1. took car to shop after someone slashed my tire...

    woops already got it wrong...

    0. stood in driveway howling when finding slashed tire

    -1. i did have coffee first

    2. pressure washed house (ok so i just got the front before the rain)

    3. picked up car, lamented my bank account.

    4. ok so i did nothing near as much as you and nothing with raspberries which is depressing in itself.

    smiles. great pictorial of your day..

    think we can convince fox to share his?

  33. Jill ~ knowing you, you did just as much! :)

  34. Brian ~ do we WANT Fox to share his? lol...

    Sorry about your car. Ugh.
    Coffee..yes! I'd share berries with you if you were close. :)

  35. @Brian and Betsy: Heh. Probably not.

  36. Wow, you are a busy lady. You have motivated me to be more productive. I love the pictures, what a great idea. I really enjoy your blog, you are such a great blogger and very motivational and inspirational.

  37. hahaha Oh I think it be fun for the Fox to share his
    Maybe he could make it like a quiz
    Slashed your tire
    That would light a fire
    Sucks big time
    So ends another rhyme

  38. Well, thanks, kat...you are so sweet! :) Glad I could motivate you to watch clouds and drink more water. haha

  39. Silver ~ you could have another contest post on your blog and have people guess 10 things you did that day. ha. Maybe I could beat Skip this time. :)

  40. Oh pat and I are thinking alike
    Yes a quiz would be fun.
    Guess you must do one!

  41. @Betsy and Pat: You're both welcome to take a stab at it. Just make sure you pick a day/night when I don't have a date... so we can keep it PG.

  42. Well, that will give us LOTS of days/nights to choose from!

    (ducks) ha.

  43. hahahaha saw that coming
    But I am now humming
    As my tongue has a crease
    From biting it with no release
    As how can the Fox have a date
    When pining over a "certain someone" is his fate

    hahahahaha had to be done
    Oh what fun

  44. @Betsy: That's what you think, doll. I don't tell you everything, haha!

    @Pat: {Silver Fox closes eyes and puts fingers in ears] LALALALALALALALALALA...!!!

  45. Wow, no afternoon nap on there !
    You must take one of those shots yourself to keep up with everything on your list, I'm impressed !

  46. Thanks Betsy.... I'll give it a try!

  47. A busy day !
    Regards from France,


  48. Greetings Betsy! I lurve the new banner! Such a great collage of pictures and the simplicity of the them is perfect. My old computer crashed so I've been gone from bloggyland for a bit until the new one just arrived. Whew, you don't realize how much you use it until you don't have it ~ ha ha

  49. Why is it that when I did this kind of experiment it was full of pictures of me in pubs drinking and when you did it it is full of pictures of you doing good deeds and cooking healthy food?

  50. @Alan: That question almost answers itself, doesn't it?

  51. Okay! I am tired out now just looking and hearing all that you have done. But it is amazing how things add up!!
    Loved your photo montage!!

  52. WOW!! Love this photojournal of your day! You are one busy Momma. blessings ~ tanna

  53. You're a marvel! Love this record of your day.

  54. No wonder you get so much done, you have 36 hours in your "collage" day. I have only 24.

  55. What a fun post Betsy!! I could do something like that, but I'm not sure anyone wants to see diapers and bottles and more diapers. :)

  56. This is such a fun and creative post! It's fun to just look at the photos and try and figure out what it represents and than afterwards look at the words. Cool collage! :-)

  57. Rebecca ~ yes we do! You know we all love babies! :)

  58. Alan ~ because your stage in life is more fun than mine? ha.

  59. Jo ~ I never take a nap. Well, of course...someone has to take the head counts and make sure the house isn't on fire or some such thing. haha

  60. Ok. I'm tired! Are you? lol

  61. I am totally exhausted!! Where do you find the energy? I think I'll just slink away and take a nap. :)

  62. Love following this blog- what a great Mom.
    Someday I'd love to interview you for our blog- we love telling stories of inspiring autism parents.

  63. WHEW! I am tired girl!
    SOMEONE has discovered collages!

  64. you wear me out // amazing!

  65. Here in the Mother country we are only allowed 24 hours in a day, and 8 of them are spent asleep, so I have a job fitting everything in.

    So why is it that in the Colonies the days are at least 56 hours long? They must be for you to fit so much in and still have time to play with the kittens!

  66. I love this idea. Waht a fun post.

    #13--I had a hard time even seeing the glass as it was so clean! Betsy, you make everything sparkle. It's simply your nature to look on the brighter side of life.

  67. you photos look so good too--even the loo paper rolls. lol.

  68. BTW, at first glance i thought you were catalogueing your day by the hour but then it went over 24! LOL. I thought, well, the average person woudl need that many more hours to do all the work you do in one simply stay at home day! I hope you get taken out to dinner lots and flooded with flowers as a great mom adn wife and even neighbour and freind-- you deserve it.

  69. loo paper? you crack me up, Mmm. :)

  70. Whoa! Busy bee. Love the collage how did you do that?

  71. alright, it's official YOU ARE HIRED!!!
    nice that you mentioned #26 before #27. the other way around and i might have been just a tad concerned...

  72. I didn't know you had to give the boys shots!


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