Sunday, June 26, 2011


One of my favorite little country roads to travel on in my neighborhood has a section that is completely enclosed overhead with trees. They rise up on both sides and meet in the middle. It's beautiful during any season but summer and fall are my favorites, when the tunnel is lush and or when you become completely engulfed in red and yellow leaves.
I drove through it this week and took a picture as I drove inside. The effect was this neat photo!
"When a train goes through a tunnel and it becomes dark,
you don't throw away the ticket and jump off.
You sit still and trust the engineer!"
Corrie Ten Boom


  1. I love it when the trees form a tunnel over the road..it's an amazing feeling driving through. I'd love that drive!!

  2. I always take the long drive home, so that I can pass through tree-covered tunnels.
    Like traveling through a fantasy forest...
    Amazing picture !

  3. That picture is so cool!!!

    Corrie Ten Boom, what a woman!
    It's great that her quote is about trains (Spencer!) & tunnels, perfect for your post.
    Chew Chew...

  4. Such a neat image. The Hiding Place is a book I read every year. Miss Ten Boom was such a model of faith.

  5. Looks like you were going about 90 mph!

  6. ha SF took the words out of my mouth...shouldnt you have both hands on wheel going that fast? smiles.

  7. haha...it DOES look like I'm flying through there! Actually I think I'm going about 35-40 mph but the photo is very deceiving! ha.

  8. I have always love Corrie Ten Boom. Her books, the movie The Hiding Place...She was an amazing woman, and this quote is so true.

    I love the shot you got, and when we go to the cabin in Tahoe, we have to travel down a dirt road, that looks like that. Love it.

  9. I love tunnel roads. This is a great picture!

  10. Cool photo on the move through your tunnel. Lost my stomach seeing it...like an amusement park ride. Weeeeee!

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  12. It would be really cool to have areas like that around here. Maybe somewhere up in the mountains it is like that, but we haven't driven up there in years. I'm not sure why we rarely go up there anymore but I think it has to do with allergies.

    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us. Really cool pic showing tree tunnels.

    God bless.

  13. Well I hope my engineer is working hard! Lovely shots, could be down the road from me frankly,

  14. Were you trying to go 88 mph
    So you could use some time travel power
    Looks like that from the second one
    In your tree tunnel fun

  15. the quote goes well with the photo.

  16. Great pic Betsy! I love those roads too...even if it will take a little longer to get there...it is WORTH it.

  17. Hey, Mrs. U ~ nice to see you around! This spot really isn't anything special...just an acre of trees in the middle of corn fields! ha.

  18. Another sweet post! Thanks for sharing - I adore the quote too!

  19. Pat ~ doesn't bush #3 look like these trees?
    just a flash of green
    All blurring from flying fast
    can't really see what just flew past?

  20. I love a drive with a magic tunnel! Isn't it nice to find a sweet spot on the way to where ever you're going?

  21. Bush #3 is more slow
    As I want everyone to know
    Or at least see
    What you get from me
    A clear view of my bush
    The one with the bent over tush..LOL

  22. Pat ~ oh, so it's the others who are fast
    Whizzing past
    that unique landscaping of yours
    Diverting their eyes, not wanting to lurk
    Telling the kids to look the other way
    as they react in dismay.

  23. I love such roads...
    Enjoy your day Betsy !
    Regards from France,


  24. Lewis always called that the "tree tunnel"! One of my favorites too! I always wish I was on a motorcycle on that road! :)

  25. Christy ~ that's the perfect name! I think I'll call it that, too!

  26. Love the photo and the quote! So true!


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