Wednesday, June 8, 2011


from in and around my Ohio village.

Starting top left and going clockwise...
  1. Xenia Courthouse
  2. Cedarville United Presbyterian Church
  3. Springfield Courthouse
  4. Grace Baptist Church, Cedarville
  5. St. Raphael's Catholic Church, Springfield


  1. Aren't towers majestic? Would like to visit the Grace Baptist Church.

    Was looking for your store fronts?? Did I miss it, or haven't you entered one?

  2. Well, if you were to visit, then you'd see me there! :)

    I didn't do a sketch this time. Thanks for missing me, though!

  3. Oh, and you live in a town with architecture. My town is strip malls and big gas stations. Thanks for the pics.

  4. happygirl ~ it's a little village...most of the buildings are old. It kind of looks like "It's a Wonderful Life" ha.

  5. I love the look of the old buildings!

  6. nice...love the clock towers...dont know why but they have always appealed to me...

  7. Yes, the clock towers are very nice. The bell tower on the Presb. church has working chimes. I can hear it from my yard...very charming!

  8. Very beautiful, sadly no towers like this in my area.

  9. Did you hear bell rings
    You know that's when an angel gets their wings...lol
    You stepped into that one
    So had to give it a run
    I like the first one the best
    Still like the rest
    Wow you really are in Mayberry I'd say
    Looks nice though down your way

  10. Pat ~

    being the angel that I am
    your comment I can understand!

    Yes, Mayberry is a good way to describe it...right down to the police deputy! lol....

  11. Angel you say
    hmmmm no shiny halo in play
    Guess you're just a pretender
    Least you're not on a bender..lol
    Oh yeah you have old Barney in town
    Just to see that I'd have to come on down

  12. How special to have such beauties in your village.
    I like that you choose 5 towers.

  13. Gorgeous town Betsy...


  14. Great shots, I love how you see the world, I really do!

  15. Pat ~
    Yes, we have a Barney or two.
    The stories are funny the things that they do. Would make a funny tv show just like the first
    Except this one would probably be worse. lol.

  16. wow, such beautiful buildings,,amazing to live here,,

  17. These towers are so ornate and amazing. I love the angles of your photos. :-)

  18. Hi! Betsy...
    Oh! yes, all Of your [pictured] bell towers are grand, but let me take the time to mention one of the most famous bell tower[s] of "all" where Hitchcock's Madeline
    take a "fall..."
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee ;-D

  19. Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing.

  20. I like how you put the towers in a collage photo. Very quaint village you live in. And there are even walking stick bugs there..what fun.
    I'm glad you and Alex had a good day of shopping. The store looks less quaint...Costco maybe? If it is lucky you...they're hard to find. Alex looks like did well and was helpful.
    Love your jewelry...very creative.
    Hope you're keeping cool...It's like 97 degrees here in Illinois. xo

  21. Karena ~ we don't have Costco here. :( It's a Walmart Super Center. Hey, I think we're having the same weather as you....mid 90's and very humid. ugh.

  22. I love to look at churches They are and so different and some are extremely beautiful. Even the very simple ones attract you to go inside and see whats up?
    And if by chance you are touched by God, then indeed that place is especially blessed.

  23. I love towers.....great shots

  24. If it looks like "It's a Wonderful Life" I'd love it! It's a great film. I wonder why a courthouse needs a tower? Just to look powerful I guess. No bells inside?

  25. I love the old architecture and it would be nice to live amongst it. It's amazing that there is still so much of it left in Europe after WW2.

  26. Do you have a crink in your neck from looking up? :)

  27. Betsy - I missed this post while I was on vacation, but am tickled to see it now. I just learned that a kid from our church will be attending Cedarville this fall...oh how I'd love to ride down there with his mom and visit you! It's fun to dream...maybe I'll have to add that to my Bucket list. =) Your photos are always so intriguing.


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