Saturday, June 4, 2011

The First Day of Summer Vacation

pink peonies from the back yard

If you had been a fly on the wall at my house today, here's what you could have heard me say....
  1. Turn off the water and close the refrigerator!
  2. You need to say 'please'!
  3. Don't pour a full glass of Crystal Light and then pour half of it down the drain!
  4. Where are your shorts?
  5. Ack! I just sat on a wet toilet! Who didn't lift the seat before going?? Grrr!
  6. Stop using my bathroom! You have your own!
  7. I said "No" so stop asking!
  8. It's Alex's turn. You need to leave him alone!
  9. You have to finish your grapes before you can have chips.
  10. A kiss for me? Aw, thanks! You know I love you!
  11. Turn that down, please!
  12. Who keeps pulling everything out of the closet?

Repeat several times. Well, don't repeat #5. That only happened once. And once was enough! Tomorrow I have an auction to work. It's going to seem like a vacation! :)


  1. Phew...I'm going for a lie down after all this :)
    You certainly deserve a day of work !
    Does it quiet down once the guys get into a routine, and the excitement of being off for the summer wears thin ?
    Hope your auction goes well !

  2. deserve a day of work! LOL! You're TOO cute, Jo.

    the excitement of summer doesn't wear thin, but my patience does! haha. Actually, I'm really pretty good until August and then I feel the funny farm calling me! :)

  3. I love it!! Enjoy the auction tomorrow:-)

  4. Oh number 4 could be taken all wrong
    Maybe you should create an "I said no" song
    I bet your bathroom is germ free
    So that's where everyone wants to take a pee...lol
    You guys get summer vacation earlier than us
    Kids around here still go each day on the bus

  5. Have fun tomorrow...you deserve a break...even if it is work...hopefully your summer will include some fun times out as well as work. But then who am I kidding...mom's never get a day off unless there's work involved. Just getting things arranged so everyone is taken care of while you aren't there is work.

  6. haha...oh what a day betsy...smiles...i have 3 more days of freedom...i mean before school is out...smiles.

  7. Karena ~ oh, spoken like a true mom....and add special needs in there and the prep for you to leave almost makes it not worth it! ha. Yes, I'll enjoy tomorrow, even if it's just a different pace...and people who are verbal! lol...

  8. Patt ~ no, don't take it wrong.
    I just meant cargo shorts and nothing more.
    Although other things happened today that I'd rather not say
    as toes would curl
    and old ladies would twirl.

    Actually, they would faint, but that didn't rhyme.

  9. Silver ~ already...as in all those things happened already? Yep. And that wasn't the whole list! lol...

  10. Well, that, and that you already need a vacation! :)

  11. Oh, I'm ok...they were a little more than I expected, though. I've got a long way to go til that first day of school! ha.
    I don't dare count the days yet.

  12. I could do a countdown ticker on my sidebar! ha.

  13. What a day! Nice that you have a day of "respite" working the auction!

  14. We are here for you!

    (you keep us in stiches)

  15. Oh my...I'm thinking of the song, "Great is thy Faithfulness" and the line, "strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow" Sounds like a good motto for you! Have fun at the auction. I love the joy that you put into your posts...even after a rough day!

  16. That be funny to see some old ladies faint
    Maybe you could break their fall with a bucket of paint
    Then they'd wake up new and improved
    And everyone will think they moved

  17. Oh dear! I was a bit SHORT tempered today too...it could be a LONG summer!

    See you at auction! :)

  18. I'm sure they were all said with a smile! :) Okay, again, maybe not #5.

  19. You are ONE BUSY MOM aren't you! :)
    Hope your auction goes well. Bring us back some pictures. :)

  20. Oh dear Betsy I love the memories your posts invoke in me but do not have the energy left to deal with it. You are an amazing mom. I know, I say that a lot, but I really mean it. When I was about 10 or 11 I thought I wanted to be a nun and I remember praying for that. But when the perfect man for me came along I decided God needed good mom's just as much as nuns. So that is what I aspired to me. You set a benchmark.

  21. can't say it enough,

    "You are awesome!"

  22. And to think, it's just started....

  23. Ahhhh! The sounds of summer!!

  24. Hi Betsy,
    I have missed visiting you. Love your list, it takes me back in time.

    It was so good to spend a little time with my son and then see them take off for their getaway. I think that big grin was on his face the entire time.

    big hugs,

  25. I love how you keep calm and carry on with humor and grace! Hope you don't run into anymore belly buttons at this auction!

  26. Summer Vacation... A blessing ????? You are the blessing...what joy and humor you find in your 24-7 life.

    Had to laugh at #5....You don't have to have 3 boys for that to happen.....HaHa

    Love the feel of summer in your banner and that lovely flower.

    Have fun at your auction.

  27. You sound like a clone of my daughter. She has 3 kids :-)

  28. Oh Betsy, And so it goes. God bless you this summer with your 5 guys.

  29. QMM ~ yes, you do tell me often, but you know what? I truly appreciate it. I need encouragement from people..I really do.

    Wanda ~ you always encourage me, too as well as others...Cali Girl...thanks so much. xxoo :)

  30. I love to read this,, it was me 15 years ago,, you will miss this someday,, beleive me,I do.I told myself at the time,, kids central our house was,, that I should capture these moments in my mind because someday my house will be just my husband and I and I will miss the noise and mess, fighting and rough housing,,I did and I do,,

  31. Did anybody own up to being the culprit for No.5? I really do admire your spirit. Hope you all have a great summer, have you got any plans for it?

  32. Oh you do make me smile with your lists - but I feel for you all the same. I like Anita's comment - strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. I couldn't think of a better prayer for you and I am praying it.

  33. aw, thanks jenny...that means a lot! xo

  34. Haha, I think we can all relate to the chorus of phrases we tell our kids again and again.

    Mine would probably be, 'no you can't have another chocolate milk', 'stop rough housing!' and 'stop messing with the TV' :)

  35. a woman trapped in a man's world!!! (#5)
    you should move here. 2 bathrooms and not a wet seat to be seen...
    but #4? "where are your shorts???"
    i dare NOT imagine....

  36. oh gosh, i;m getting a headache but too funny. You are SUCH a trooper. A huge gold star awaits you, I'm quite sure, Betsy.

  37. you deserve a day of work? Yes, really. Piece of cake for you that would be, just to saunter off to the office, sent off with love and well fed? Perhaps that will be heaven for you instead? Just think, you can work uninterrupted repo-ing harps and what not. hahahahahhahah


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