Thursday, June 2, 2011

By George, I Think He's Got It!

Remember Taylor taking Statistics II for May Term?
Once he got the hang of it, he did quite well!
One semester crammed into 3 weeks!
It's all done and he's moved on to Accounting II for the summer session.


The other boys finish 10th grade (or their
equivalent of 10th grade) Thursday. Then summer
will have officially started. Oh dear. lol.... I've
already begun to gear up mentally.
Need to take a deeeeeep breath! ha.
24/7 care of them is...well, interesting. :)


And do you know where the phrase "By George, I
think he's got it!" comes from? It is actually "I think she's
got it" and it's from the play Pygmalian by George Bernard
Shaw. It was also figured into the Broadway musical
My Fair Lady starring Julie Andrews!


  1. woohoo...now for extra credit can he give me the mean and median of those scores? smiles.

  2. Yay for the guys...have a good summer. And I remember that quote in My Fair Lady..cool! ;D

  3. Good for those boys! I loved statistics...I'm a math geek.

    I recognize those magnets.... :)

  4. Kayren ~ I was hoping you'd come over and see the magnets! :)

  5. Oh I loved statistics too. The biggest think I learned in that class is you can make them saw whatever you need them to say. LOL
    Congrats on all of them for the year.
    Summer is a monster all on it's own, the best I can remember.

  6. By George, statistics is not all Taylor has! He's good look'en!

    School's out? Look out!
    Let the games begin.

  7. I did NOT KNOW the "by George" quote origin!

    I have to admit that this is the FIRST year that I almost dread summer vacation! I think I got used to having ALL FIVE of them in school and I LOVED IT!

    YEAH! For Taylor!

  8. Wow! Summer courses are tough, seriously! Nice to get them over with, but the work load can be crazy. Good luck with this summer! Keep us informed of the boy's daily happenings.

  9. Christine ~ well, I think he's pretty handsome, but I AM the mom. ha.

  10. Jill ~ I always dread summer! It's probably the time I most wish the boys were normal and we could go to the pool and camp and all of those things. Sigh. That said, it has gotten easier over the years. And I do miss my solitude, hermit that I am. ha.

  11. 24/7 of at least 3 men
    Must be a little rough being mother hen
    Oh and look at you showing some facts
    Are you trying to push me off my tracks...lol
    Always nice when a course is over and through
    Especailly when 100 is gotten by you
    Whoops meant him
    Just didn't rhyme so had to go all dim..haha

  12. Patt

    Yes, he's glad to have that done
    as quick as it had begun.
    It was fast and furious
    and made him delirious
    but those A's are great
    as you can relate.
    Not me...I can't do math
    Although I got a B in college
    I'm sure I don't still have the knowledge.

  13. congratulations on the statistics grades...Yes, I studied that, uggg! being a psych major that was a requirement! a 100 is very impressive...
    good luck with the summer, yours starts to early, we still have one more month! xo

  14. Ha! Taylor kicks butt! Love it.

    And is Alex still pointing at the calendar? Wonder if he'll still be doing that when school ends?

  15. Silver ~ yes, Alex is still pointing to the calendar. That's a good question...I'll have to see if he does it during the summer break. :)

  16. :-)
    And have a sweet day dear Betsy...
    Greetings from France,


  17. Pierre ~ Ah, greetings from France? The day is better already! :)

  18. Wow congratulations Taylor!!!All the best with the summer session.
    And all the very best to you to Betsy as you venture into your summer with those 3 beautiful young men. You're amazing & I reckon you'll pass the summer with fine grades also!! Cheers from Australia..Kath x

  19. Hi! Betsy...
    Congratulation! are most definitely, in order for all Of your men...Especially, Taylor, [Oh! no, Pat Hatt, when it comes to Taylor's scores I think it was a matter Of mind power and not "luck" and I read your "retort" Back to playing what point here at my and when it comes to Betsy, and Taylor, I was not "sucking-up!"]

    Betsy said,"And do you know where the phrase "By George, I think he's got it!" comes from? It is actually "I think she's got it" and it's from the play Pygmalian by George Bernard Shaw."

    Thanks, for sharing the information ...By the way, I own the version starring actress Audrey Hepburn, and actor Rex Harrison, not quite sure if the phrase was used in the film...Because I haven't watched the film yet.
    DeeDee ;-D

  20. I hated math in school, thus I am impressed.;)
    Thank you for clarifying the origins of the expression.;)
    Have a great rest of the week,

  21. Well congrats to him for his passing Statistics. Not an easy feat!!
    Summer off huh? Oh boy! You are going to have your hands full for sure.
    Have a great weekend!!

  22. Great job for all your boys. Interesting about the quote, by George! :-)

  23. I dropped statistics twice before I finally got through it. bah. Love seeing grades like your boy's. Welcome to summer and I hope you find some time for yourself.

  24. happygirl ~ that is such good advise! I did not take time for myself last summer and just about lost my mind! ha.

  25. It seems like summer rolls around after school has been in session for only a month or two!!!!
    Trying to catch up with my reading of blogs.....been shut out for over a week...still can't comment on some....

  26. I was hopeless at Maths and Stats - so I'm well impressed by Taylor's achievements.

  27. Your Going To Have A Ball!!! :)

  28. tony ~ if you say so! haha.

  29. I guess most of us look forward to having the family home over the summer but I guess you'll have your hands full. Still, fun and games and lots of trains. Congrats to Taylor, I was so lousy at Math!

  30. I wish we lived closer. I could really use Taylor's help! I'm taking Elementary Algebra next semester and let me tell ya, I am completely FREAKED out about it!!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooo bad at math. And I imagine that it'll be so much harder in college than it was in high school. Ugh!

    You learn something new every day! I never knew where that saying came from before.

  31. Good luck with this summer, and have a lovely day Betsy.

    Bullying Poems

  32. Wow! Way to go, Taylor!

    Congratulations, Harry, Alex and Spencer!

    (((Big Hugs))) as you brace for summer. Today is our first day of "vacation" and already Gracie was up and ready to go at 7:30, asking, "So, what are we going to do that's fun today?! Oy vay...

  33. way to go ..statistics is NOT my cup of tea...I imagine your days change over the summer..hang in there!!

  34. Oh! its my favorite.I love statistics.Really great post.
    I truly appreciate your post.

  35. Oh, Betsy, God bless you and your five men!

  36. that is absolutely brilliant. a big high five to your boy! He was so dedicated to get that done adn to do so well, to boot. You must be so proud. :)

    Yes I had guessed My Fair Lady too actually. I haven't said that in yonks actually.


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