Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vanishing Act

Last week after I got home from the grocery
I took this photo. Packed it all in there...just barely!
I hate it when I need something near the back!
Good thing nobody here drinks milk because we
would need a separate refrigerator!
A few things didn't fit like a big bowl of kale for
Nugget and a watermelon.
Now here we are just 6 days later!
Yes, time to go to the grocery again!
Five men can pack the food away!
Well, and one girl, too! :)


  1. that's funny....just me and john here and all i do is go to the grocery store...it's my full time job....geez....

    guess what i did yesterday...took pictures of the inside of my refridgerator....i LOVE looking in peoples fridge !!!!

    sending cozy love,
    kary and teddy
    still raining........

  2. In only 6 days.... It's a good thin I only have ONE man.

    I do remember rasing our kids, 3 girls and a boy...and Myk could clean out a refrigerator faster than any kid I knew.

    If there is ever a famine in CA, I'm heading to your house. HaHa.

  3. Wow, that's an awful lot of food disappearing in little or no time !
    Funny, I've often thought you must have to grocery shop a lot, with five men to feed, and now I see how much :)
    You're a great mom !

  4. Kary ~ wow, we really are on the same wave length! The other day we were both making strawberry jam! :) I hate my frig actually. I wouldn't be a bit sad if it died. ha. It's old but it keeps on going!

  5. wow. as our boys grow it is getting harder and harder to keep food in the house...ha.

  6. Jo ~ I only go once a week. You should see my cart at the checkout ! haha.

  7. Brian ~ don't you need a couple more boys? ;)

  8. WOW!!!!!! and i see someone likes strawberries, too! that's unbelievable, I can't even imagine your grocery bill!

  9. LOL Did you make strawberry jam? I remember the grocery store as we raised our 8..heading out with 12 gallons of milk, we drank 1 a day easily! I miss cooking for my boys, no one downs food as good! ;D

  10. HH goes by the grocery every day. Since his retirement. I think it is the social highlight of his day. LOL
    I say why not make a list, he says oh no I can just stop by for so and so. You are a great mom.

  11. Betsy! I could cry!! It just goes so, so, so fast!!! I like the way it looks all FULL and organized! :)

  12. QMM ~ how did you do that....getting your hubs to grocery shop..and daily?? haha. I bet mine can count on one hand the number of times he's in the grocery annually. Sticker shock to say the least when he does. ha.

  13. Julie ~ I did! But only with one pound! The triplets ate the other 7 pounds!

  14. I love inside of refrigerator posts. I love getting a peek into someone's life. I'm thinking of doing a "what's in my purse this week" blog. And YES. Guys eat a lot of food.

  15. Oh Betsy, you need an extra fridge!

    your before and after pictures remind of me of my days cooking at the frat houses. When the weekly delivery came, I had to struggle to get it sll put away but by the end of the cycle, I was hoping I could stretch what was left to put meals out.

  16. Wow! And I thought I did a number on our fridge! ha!


    p.s. I love your "Cinderella" comparison post... so funny!

  17. That is amazing! When my son was a teenager, we used to laugh about how we would go to bed with leftovers in the fridge and wake up to an empty one. He had to get up in the middle of the night and eat. :)

  18. Rhonda ~ I would love a second frig!!! In fact, I would give up by big freezer for a 2nd one! Some day! :)

  19. It's amazing how organized you have that massive quantity of food! I remember the days when I was feeding three teenaged boys. It took a lot to fill them up. Now that there's two of us, the only thing we run out of is produce.

  20. Gosh, my refridgerator never looks that empty. Could I borrow your boys for a weekend?!

  21. Amazing...if they drank milk you'd need a whole herd of cows. Who could carry all those milk cartons?

  22. That second picture is what my fridge looks like most of the time.

  23. That looks like ours and we are only 2 people. I have to go tomorrow too. Both the fridge and the freezer are bare. Hugs, Marty

  24. Wow, that is pretty amazing. You really cut it close. I'm surprised you only have to make one trip per week. But then again, by now, you must have things pretty well figured out in advance.

  25. Corners ~ sure...as long as you return them...which I'm sure you gladly would after a weekend. lol.
    At least it makes wiping the frig out easy before the next trip! :)

  26. You always see the bright side of things, which is the reason I love your blog.

    I really admire you (more then you know!)

  27. Christine ~ aww...thank you. That made me cry. ha. I guess I needed to hear that. :) Wish you lived close. xo

  28. The kittens are adorable and Mama is a Calico She is very pretty.I couldn't find the papa cat. I used to have a white bunny like your Nugget, His name was buster.He would thump on his cage so loud that we always knew if someone was in our yard. lol When we cleaned his cage I used what was inside to fertilize my roses and they bloomed rose upon rose till the end of February.
    You have a wonderful blog. Betsy.:)

  29. Lady ~ I don't have photos of the dad yet...just saw him today for the first time in a long while. Mom is a tortiseshell. The kittens really look like their dad!

    Nugget thumps like that...shakes the house! ha.

  30. Wow! Shopping and cooking is a full time job for you, Betsy!

    I hate my new refrigerator as it is not as big as my old one. Even though we are empty nesters I still feel like I need more room when I go food shopping.

  31. Pat ~ I have a little more room now...after one of the boys pulled out the meat drawer and used it for a stepladder to reach the top of the frig. I just removed the whole sorry, broken drawer. haha.

  32. Ooh. And that didn't give you enough "ammunition" to justify buying a new one?

  33. silver ~ um, no. Now if it had been the actual door, I wouldn't have had a choice now, would I? ha.

  34. Love this - and you knwo why, because you ate it all up! I love that.;)) No waste.;)) Be happy that you have five hungry man at home, it is so difficult to buy food just for one.;))

  35. Wow--looks like you need a commercial sized fridge!! Also looks like good job security. :)

  36. With loads like these you should get the grocer to come to you like they did when I was a boy. They called them huckster trucks -- Reo trucks with hard rubber tires...no springs. The bumpy ride mixed the cream into the milk.

  37. Wow! Now that is empty!! Glad you stocked up!!
    Mine has looked like that in weeks...I keep adding left overs! Ha! Lots of plastic tubs with dabs of food. Time for a purge!!

  38. Oh, MY!! You have a big job feeding your crew! blessings ~ tanna

  39. Abe ~ that would be kind of fun! I do remember the milk man when I was really young!

  40. haha damn the food just disappears into thin air
    Leaving your fridge quite bare
    Your grocery bill defintely make me have a fit
    No wonder your always there shopping quite a bit
    But my fridge always looks kind of bare
    As I barely keep much in there
    Hey maybe you should get a lock
    I'm sure that would make them balk..lol

  41. Omg that is so funny. You know before my son left for boot camp this january that is how my fridge always looked and he was just one, I can't imagine how you do it with all you men! :-)

  42. Patt ~ I'm back again from the grocery
    And yes, it's the same old story
    Now we have food to eat
    for one more week!

  43. Unbelievable! I guess this is what I have to look forward to as my boys get older.

  44. I laughed out loud! It's good to know I'm not alone!! I'll think of you next time a discover a semi-empty fridge and think, "Didn't I just...?".
    Love your sweet blog.
    Bless you!

  45. Hi! Betsy...
    All I can say is..."Wow!"
    That's pretty amazing...Because my family do their grocery shopping only once a month...One day your fridge was "jammed" packed and today it was like a disappearing "act"...
    ...Take that Pat Hatt! LOL!!!

    Betsy said,"A few things didn't fit like a big bowl of kale for

    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  46. DeeDee ~ I'm sure Patt will appreciate your rhyme. :)

    Nugget's bowl of kale is the last to go in the frig. When it doesn't fit, it sits on the counter like a bouquet in water. ha.

  47. Bah poor old DeeDee
    Can never live up to me
    As I rhyme up a storm
    Out of the norm
    So take that
    From Pat Hatt and the Cat

    Back on topic when you touch the cart
    Going through the grocery mart
    Do you wear a glove
    As you shove
    Oh and I must have missed something
    As when the above poster gave a ring
    She said bless you
    Did you sneeze one time or two?...LOL

  48. Pat ~

    I didn't wear gloves
    but used hand sanitizer by the droves. :)

    I guess I'm just so sweet
    people want to say Bless You when we meet.
    No I didn't sneeze
    I'm just nice, if you please. haha.

  49. betsy this is great!

    reminds me of a inside of refrigerator photo series a photographer named mark menjivar did. npr did a story about mark's series (that you can see/listen to here) - when my sister turned me on to mark's pics, i started taking pictures of the inside of family/friend's fridges - you know how i like series - but i've never organized any of the photos.

    your post gives me an idea - maybe we should organize for the bloggyhood some upcoming friday as fridge friday, and post snaps of the inside of our fridges! ha ha!!

    okay, not very original - kind of a rip-off on npr reporter claire o'neill monthlong food photo friday series which was as part of her daily picture show feature...but hey, that's cool - you know what is said about imitation!

    hope everyone is staying dry...especially the kittens! expect you guys are having the same weather as we are....

  50. kimy mouse~ I think Frig Fridays would be hilarious! You should do it! SO fun!

    We are cold and wet here, too! Brrr! The kitties are great...I've found where they sleep and take milk from their mom and have a front row seat from my bedroom window. Bought them some kitten chow, too, which they gobble up. They still are terrified of me, though. :(

  51. Amazing but I bet you have it organised so that what you want next is right at the front!

  52. Wow! That's all I can think of to say. You must spend a fortune at the supermarket!

  53. that is amazing ..no milk drinkers??

  54. OHMYGOD . my fridge never looks that full, or that tidy for that matter.

  55. 6 adults and a rabbit will do that to a fridge.... i'm single with two cats and i find myself in the grocery store. i can't imagine having a large family. i think i would own my own grocery store. would simplify things, i think...

  56. Whopa. so true when you;ve got a burgeoning family to feed. Yes, so how funny that if they drank milk you'd be really in a bind!

    I don;t envy you having to reach back for anything though. Hee. My fridge looks less full than yours at the bottom ..and I just went shopping!

  57. yes, if there's a famine--we're all heading to Betsy's house! We can live on cookies alone I suppose. Sweet! Ha.


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