Sunday, May 1, 2011


today at the back yard gate
I know the official start of spring was weeks ago,
but May really signifies spring here in Ohio.
It means we most likely are done with any frost
and it's safe to take plants outside.
Although we still dip into the 30's at night, it's
the high 30's and the danger of freezing is gone.
I celebrated this weekend by ~
1. having coffee on the porch swing.
2. washing and putting away the boys winter coats.
3. removing the flannel bed sheets and replacing
them with the lightweight ones.
4. replacing the storm doors with screens.
5. making my list for what I want to plant in the
vegetable garden.
Still to come this month will be ~
1. planting the garden
2. moving the monster fern outdoors
3. selecting some annuals for the pots
4. choosing a hanging flower basket
5. setting out the bird bath and fountain
6. celebrating two holidays and the ending
of the school year.
7. ending the comfort food to grill!
8. replacing the after dinner cup of tea with a
bowl of icecream
9. sleeping with the window cracked just a bit.
10. having a garage sale.
Happy Spring!


  1. Love Spring, can't believe May is already here!

  2. Hi! Betsy...
    Your step(s) into spring plan is a positive sign that spring has actually, sprung.
    I like your use Of the acronym, your backyard (backyard in full-bloom) gate, and your golden apple crab too!
    Thanks, for sharing!
    DeeDee ;-D

  3. Love your flowers poking through the fence, I planted flowers and herbs today, it was 80 degrees !
    Sleeping with the window open just a tad, we share a favorite.
    Lovely May....

  4. sounds like a beautiful month ahead...may includes my anniversary as well...would not mind some front porch swinging...

  5. The Nursing Place ~ thanks for visiting! I can't believe it's May, either!

  6. Jo ~ I think that bleeding heart needs to be divided! I'll put that on my fall list. ha.

  7. I want to wash winter coats and change out wardrobe. I want to wash windows and screens. Rain go away, come again another day.

  8. If I lived close enough, I'd beg for some of that bleeding heart! Mine died in the drought months last season ... So sad to not have it this spring.

  9. Betsy! I am so excited reading your list! YEAH...it just might REALLY be here!!!!! I am so excited!

  10. So much to look forward to now that the door has been closed on winter!

  11. What a perfect comment, Bee ~ that goes so nicely with the picture of the gate! Why didn't I think of that? ha.

  12. We still have our flannel sheets on our bed and will for a while! We don't have that much in bloom either! I'm actually getting ready to do a similar post (well, I don't have a backyard gate and am not going to make a list but I'll have pictures and it will talk about blooming and stuff).

    It looks pretty at your place!

  13. Ahh, you make it sound so good..we are not there yet and we don't plant anything til June first. I will go for the ice cream though! ;D

  14. I love MAY. First, I get to celebrate 70 years tomorrow. And my mother gave me the middle name of Mae..to remind me I was born on May Day... Then next week I get to celebrate Mothers Day...Does it get any better...

    Love your lists...I have several things already on mine too. One is organize our garage.

  15. If this isn't a post to make a person want to breath in the warm air and take on board some optimism, I don't know what is. Nice one, Betsy.

  16. I thought I was organised but seriously, you pip me by a mile

  17. haha doesn't surprise me in the least you have such an organized plan
    Maybe my compulsion makes me a fan
    Although I don't really have to do a thing
    Not even dirt I have to fling
    As you need a house for that kind of work
    So I can just turn the heat off, stop wearing jackets and lurk

  18. Glad you are having your spiring now. I removed the flannel sheets here in Va. weeks ago and took out my hanging basket geraniums from my basement then too. They are blooming, everything is blooming.

  19. If April showers bring May flowers, we should have a heck of a May!
    Yea! for May!

    (love #8)

  20. Well I would love to join the enthusiasm for May 1st and spring. But right now I am in my jammies with a hot cup of coffee. The temperature is 30 degrees and it is snowing!!! Yuck!! waaaaaaaaa!!!!
    Maybe June 1st will work??

  21. art2cee2 ~ I brought my geranium pot in the house last fall and have managed to keep it alive. Hopefully it will bloom here soon!

  22. Christine ~ that is SO true. We should have the biggest blooms possible! We're getting more rain right now!

  23. Pat ~ lurking?
    haha...you do that well
    as far as I can tell
    You're good at rhyming, too.
    and your favorite color's blue!

  24. It must be May...I mowed the lawn :)

    And landscaping...hoofah!

    All better.


  25. So glad you're all better, Todd. Wow...you were really sick!

  26. You wouldn't believe the number of items that matched my itinerary to a "T." We got the bird bath back up last week. We had used a heated pet's water dish for fresh water for the animals in the winter. The water bowls were turned back over and almost immediately filled up with rain water. We planted 3 dwarf fruit trees and one whole cloth bag of meadow mix flowers not to get taller than 18 inches. The screens are already in but we added them to the office. Added some plant food here and there. The nursery came one day last week and planted the forsythia and red twig dogwood. Noticed how long it stays daylight now.

  27. Abe ~ you sound like you're 30 years old instead of mid 70's. Good for you! You're a little ahead of me but yes, the lists are very similar! We have a red twig dogwood. Lovely!

  28. and happy spring to you too! ooh, I love grilling and front porch time!! enjoy your self, Betsy! xo

  29. as for number 8--no, no, no--drink tea ANd have ice cream.

    boy, a the things I;'m "saved" form having to do here. My list consists of absolutely zilch when it comes to Spring cleaning. LO

  30. Jaymee is having a cupcake tier for the wedding. Wish you were closer and you could make them!

  31. Oh, the happy month of May!!! When we lived in Columbus we adored Ohio springs -- they are LOVELY.

  32. I usually wash the winter coats on May 1st, but the temperature when I left work today was 47 degrees. I'm going to hold off on the job because I might still need it!

  33. wow you guys are further along w spring....no bleeding hearts here yet!


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