Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Paying It Forward

Don't you just love the goodwill being passed around
the world with this idea of "paying it forward"?
One of the most popular, of course, is paying for the
coffee or fast food meal of the person in the drive-thru
line behind you. And it's a case of truly experiencing
that scripture verse, "It is more blessed to give than to
receive." Acts 20:35. Well there is a fun Pay it Forward
going around the blogs. I saw it at Jojo's and decided
to join in. This one is especially fun because you not
only give something, but receive something as well!
While I was out last week I picked up a pretty little package
of British chocolates. I've enjoyed looking at them here on
my desk and now it's time to pay them forward to a few blog
friends. If you want to participate, here are the rules:
1. Tell me in the comment section that you want to participate.
2. Email me your postal address
3. When you receive your little gift, enjoy it!
4. Then, post your own Pay It Forward on your blog.
5. I will only be accepting the first 3 willing participants.
Now, I've taken the liberty to change the rules a bit. :)
Originally, you had to send out handmade gifts and send them
to five people. But seriously, I think some were turned off by
the fact that they had to make the gifts. We're all busy and
some may think sending five packages is a bit much, too.
We are all watching our nickles and dimes these days,
so a small gift to three people seems a bit more realistic
to me. And I mean small...I'm giving 2 little chocolates
and one tea bag of my favorite tea. The point isn't the
expense but the priceless gift of love and care, right?
Hope nobody minds me making my own rules!
If you would like to get this little gift from me, leave a
comment saying so and realize that you are committing
to sending out a little something to three more bloggers.
Regular comments are still welcome and you are
not obligated in any way. :)
I'd love to hear a few
other Pay it Forward stories if anybody
would like to share!
I'll accept participants from any where in the world.
That just makes it more fun!
When I get my little gift from Jojo I'll let you see it!





  1. Betsy,
    I'd love to "Pay it Forward" and participate. Your blog is beautiful. I am still new to blogging so I haven't learned how to do what you and Wanda do yet, but I'll get there. I am going to try the suggestion on paying for the person behind me in the drive-thru lane next time. What a great suggestion.
    Barbie Jo

  2. Barbie Jo ~ Great! Email me your address and I'll send you our your little treat. :)


  3. I can't believe I'm only the second comment! I'd love to participate in your Pay It Forward.

  4. Good, Kathy! I'd love to send you a little treat!

  5. Oh Betsy....could I really be #3? If so, I would love to participate.
    What a darling treat you are sending out.

    Love and Hug, Wanda

    BTW I left you a message in my comments about our MIL story.

  6. Yes, Wanda..you really are! I'd be so happy to send you all you need for your afternoon 'tea'. :)

  7. So if payback is a bitch
    Does pay if forward make you itch?
    hahaha sorry had to say it
    As I know you like my rhyming wit
    Bah giving ones address to a stranger
    Aren't we taught that brings danger?
    But I was to late
    Thus is my fate
    But it doesn't make me irrate
    As I won't take the bait
    You just want an address to spam
    Or a place to get rid of your yam
    I'm on to you
    Or maybe I belong in a zoo
    I try and give back with the facts
    Does that work as nice acts?
    Plus a rhyme plug gets done
    hahaha that was fun
    Good luck paying if forward now
    As I'm done and yes I know I wow

  8. Come now Pat, don't you trust me?
    Just ask Orlin and Cassie!
    I bet they'd give me your address in a minute!
    'Cause I'd send your package with catnip in it!
    And no, I don't want your address for spam!
    Not the virus kind or the ham in a can!
    It was all for good, I promise you!
    Now don't be mean and make me blue!

  9. While Cassie doesn't like people much
    So she might not reach out and touch
    Orlin would want the cat nip though
    So he might be persuaded to go
    And give you the address
    But I'm afriad it be a mess
    As he can't speak english like this cat
    So you may need some one to intrepret that
    Oh and you aren't fooling me
    Trying to get some sympathy
    Pretending that comment made you blue
    When the LOL was the last words by you..haha

  10. I've always stopped by to read your humorous & interesting posts but now I'm adding the comments!

    Glad everyone wants to Pay It Forward.
    Great idea!

  11. nice...this is really cool betsy...one of the pay it forward projects i am working on is setting up a poetry contest with all the foster kids in the US...teaching them to express their feelings artistically and networking with companies to provide them with Kindles...

  12. A wonderful artist named Isabella gave me a beautiful little collage and she asked me to pay it forward...so I sent out two collages to other artists. I think it is still going on. This started out two years ago!!!!
    I love Pay It Forward! I think it is a wonderful idea.
    I do it with little gifties and lunches all the time.

  13. I joined a "Pay It Forward" well over a year ago. It was one where you are supposed to "make" something for the person and I still haven't made anything.

    Every so often I will think of something that I could make and then I think that would be a terrible gift to give away, and who would want that anyway. So what happened was that the person who "I" was supposed to make something actually ended up making a gift for me and she decided that I could send her a gift whenever I figure something out, no matter how long it takes.

    But in my defense I did undergo my shoulder surgery just after that and I seem to have never fully recovered. Although I could do an easy project but I guess I would need to go to a craft shop and find an easy one sometime.

    But maybe I should just do the thing of paying for someone's meal and do it in her name. But I also wonder because I have so much "stuff" in my house that maybe when I come across something worth giving away (of which there are tons) that maybe I should just send that, you know a "White Elepahnt" pay it forward. Or maybe I should just start a "White Elephant" give away sometime, but I wonder if anyone would like any of my "stuff".

    Oh and I like how you changed the rules. Rules are made to be broken, at least bloggy rules are.

    God bless.

  14. Ah well, I'm No 14, but never mind. It would be a shame to ship those eggs all the way over here. If you email me your address I will "Pay it Forward" by sending you a postcard.

  15. How much fun! I love this idea. I'm going to be on the lookout for some little happies that I can use to pay forward!

  16. Brian ~ now THAT is a very cool Pay It Forward! Best of luck with that.

  17. sommler ~ I love the idea of the collages...very thoughtful! Can't believe it's been going on 2 years!

  18. Mrsupole ~ my point exactly about the handmade. Sometimes it works and sometimes it scares people away.

    Love the idea of uncluttering and paying it forward! What a neat idea.

  19. Well, Alan,you know I can't resist an offer like that! :)

  20. I love that Wanda was number 3! That made me smile. :)

  21. Oh now people here are just being to nice
    I have to throw in some spice
    There that was it
    Did I cause a fit?
    No? Damn I need to do better
    Maybe I should mail a letter
    Anyway just wanted to say yes we did it once more
    And as always you didn't bore

  22. Whoa, Pat...anybody that didn't know the context of your comment is going to wonder what you're talking about. lol...

    and no, this doesn't rhyme! ha.

  23. What a neat idea! I did something similar via facebook earlier this year where you had to pass along something handmade. Have fun!

  24. You and the Fox seem to have your mind in the gutter
    Did I really stutter?
    But yes I can see how that might be bad
    At least a tad

  25. Oh, no..I assure you my mind and the fox's are never in the same place. lol.

  26. hi betsy...it's a small world...when i lived in cambria i used to ride my horse with catherine ryan hyde...the woman that wrote Pay It Forward...

    REALLY small world, huh?

    love what you are doing....very nice....so kind.

    happy to see you at Farmhouse Kitchen..as always, my friend

    sending SPRING love,
    kary and teddy

  27. Oh Kary, that is very interesting! Yes, small world! And what fun memories you had with her...you can say you knew her when...! :)

  28. I'll look forward to seeing how all this pans out. Wonderful and darling chocs there--of course--they are so English looking, aren't they?

    I have been known to buy the person behind me as latte and such as I've too been the recipient of such. Love that. :)

  29. Hi Betsy,
    I just wanted to tell you I love your blog. You obviously have a beautiful heart. Many blessings to you!

  30. Here I am.....a bit late....ha
    I love, love paying it forward! Great idea, sweet Betsy!

  31. I loved that movie about paying it forward and thought at the time how nice it would be if we all behaved like that, Betsy!

  32. This is a sweet idea. I have not done any "pay it forward" posts but I have made some exchanges with my blog kin. Some readers have sent me children's books and I have sent out some as well (even to Singapore). Blogging really establishes a wonderful community out of a group of people who were once strangers. Isn't that grand?

  33. Gary ~ it really is! And the children's books are such a great idea in your profession!


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