Monday, March 14, 2011


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Breakfast is the theme this time at Mr. Toast's Creative Tuesdays!
Probably my most favorite meal, even though I usually turn it into
brunch as I'm not a roll-out-of-bed-and-start-eating kind of person.
In fact, I'm a stay-in-bed-and-drink-coffee kind of person! lol.
The possibilities are endless, right?
Eggs Benedict, French Toast, Quiche, Muffins,
Pastries, Granola, Juice,
Chocolate Cake. lol.
  • Buttery croissant is calling your name,
  • Raspberry jam to spread on top.
  • Eggs are a must, your hunger to tame
  • And cut up some soldiers your yolk to sop.
  • Krispie Kremes are always good,
  • French toast, pancakes and lots of fruit.
  • Add some bacon or sausage if you're in the mood.
  • Squeeze some oranges for fresh juice.
  • Tea or coffee completes the good food!

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  1. It all looks good, especially the croissant.

  2. A brilliant acrostic and a wonderful breakfast ensemble. Thank you for doing this, Betsy. I'm hungry now--want to sample a bit of everything.

  3. I love every square!!! I'm so ready to jump in and have breakfast with you...not too early, I like the idea of brunch too.

  4. Wanda ~ perfect! Please bring your banana bread with drizzle. :)

  5. nice...i will take my egg over easy...and some toast...smiles. nice acrostic (i had to retype that as it was croisant)...and a cute pic betsy...

  6. Yum, I can't wait to get up for breakfast! Clever image, Miss Betsy!

  7. Really like the way you did this drawing. Different and really good choices

    I'd have to add one more square for ice cream.

  8. Mmmm, quiche sounds good. I'll have that please. : )

  9. Wonderful darawings and acrostic, Betsy. I am suddenly hungry!

  10. You make breakfast into a true feast Betsy.;) I agree, breakfast is my favorite meal and dawn the favorite time of the day.;)
    Lovely drawing indeed;))

  11. It all looks absolutely delicious, Betsy! I have been having breakfast very early in the morning AND then brunch later on!

  12. I am curious what you do with all your lovely sketches after posting them. You do have such a talent.

  13. Corners ~ I just stick them in a file! ha. Although I do have one framed on my desk.

  14. Breakfast is my FAVORITE meal!
    VERY cute Betsy!
    The poached egg reminds me of dear Zuzana!

  15. Love your images! I'm not a breakfast person myself, can't eat in the morning, breakfast for me is just one of your items....coffee!! :-)

  16. mmmm, breakfast with Betsy. I love your little drawings, and the acrostic. I am not a breakfast person strictly a Starbucks is all i can handle in the morning...but you are tempting me with a buttery croissant! wonderful illustration, as always!
    xo heather

  17. oh this is lovely, Betsy! So very creative.

  18. Brunch...yummy!!! Now you have gone and made me hungry!!


  19. Very artfully-done acrostic. And the illustration was varied and fun, too.

  20. Mmm....
    You had me at, "Buttery croissant."

  21. Christine ~ ice cream? You're my kind of girl...although I'd take chocolate cake. :)

  22. The chocolate cake sounds best! Ha!

    I'm so glad you worked your bird into your drawing :)


  23. Kristin ~ yes, HAD to have the bird! :)

  24. Now I'm thinking about eggs benedict. Good for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Such lovely, happy artwork, Betsy!

  25. That is so cute...and delicious too! ;D

  26. Such a creative post. Regarding your question about the muffins, yes the 500F trick can be used on any type of muffin. The blogger who originally did it made blueberry muffins and the tops rose.

  27. you make breakfast a whole new game.....i'm trying to eat breakfast but it is hard when you aren't hungry. sometimes I have protein shake or grapefruit or poached egg on toast.....I'd rather just skip it and have an early lunch.

  28. First off the Auction sounded fun, but I'd post that here as the other post was done.
    So did I skip a day,
    As it says Tuesday on the post down the bottom way.
    Just getting an early jump,
    watch out for that bump.
    Also that doesn't sound all yum,
    as I'm such a little bum
    My breakfast consists of chicken nuggets every morn
    I know your torn.
    This cat is a very picky eater
    and I'm sure things would be sweeter
    But I stick to the same thing over and over
    Unlike rover
    Who'd eat anything is sight
    Even poop which is a fright
    Oh and I looked real close
    While eating a mouse
    I do see a shed of green
    Maybe that's why I'm so mean.
    Who ville here we come
    You rhymed on my blog and then sum.
    Be back soon
    Signed the rhyming loon

  29. Lots of breakfast-y goodness to be had here!! I love the drawings and your acrostic!! They made me hungry again!

  30. Clever gal. I haven't had my bk. yet and this has surely made me hungry.

  31. my favorite meal of the day!!! yummy!!! love all of these wonderful sketches!!!

  32. how lovely! what a fabulous idea. I'm all up for some brunch with you and Wanda as well

  33. Really like this piece - you know what a fan I am of the 'grids'!

  34. These are great!! Breakfast is usually a challenge for me too but it is supposed to be the most important meal of the day!

    A wonderful and creative piece!

  35. Brunch sounds like a good idea and very civilised. Love your drawing and also matching the spelling, superb! Thank you you for becoming a follower of my blog, I appreciate it.

  36. Great fun Betsy... I'm definitely roll out of bed and eat kind of person... have even been know in my younger days of course, to eat an Indian meal for breakfast... it was yummy....

  37. Hi Betsy!!
    Thanks so much for visiting me today!! I LOVE how you did the grid style, and you draw so awesome! Not my strong suit if you saw my bacon and egg!!
    I love your blog. I am also married to my high school sweetheart, 20 years this year! And I have 2 boys. My oldest, 14, has aspbergers. I am amazed by how many of the people I've met have been affected by this, but your enthusiasm shows. You are a wonderful person, and mom, I'm so sure! Good for you!

  38. Daniella~ Hi and thanks for visiting! So interesting to hear about your son with Aspergers. I'm glad you joined CT! :)

  39. Beautifully done! I love your blooming shamrock header, too.

  40. All looks delicious... I'll start with the coffee and wait a bit on the others please. Time to decide you know.

  41. I love a big, delicious breakfast. You've inspired me this morning... I should make my family a delightful breakfast on a weekday morning simply because it's spring break.


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