Thursday, January 13, 2011

Like A Stream in the Desert

"I need wide spaces in my heart, where faith and I can go apart and grow serene.
Life gets so choked by busy living, kindness so lost in fuzzy giving, that love
slips unseen. I want to make a quiet place where those I love can see God's face
...can stretch their hearts across the earth...can understand what earth is worth,
can count the stars, watch violets grow and learn what birds and children know."
Streams in the Desert
I saw this quote on my friend Dee Dee's sidebar and immediately
recognized it from a little book I have, Streams in the Desert.
Someone gave The Mister and I the book after hearing that our
triplets had been diagnosed with autism. They thought the
words would be a comfort to us. I kept the book on my bedside
table and read a page or two each morning as I had my coffee
in bed. She was right...the words were comforting...just like
a stream in a dry desert.
We all get too busy. We all forget that we need simple, quiet
thoughtful spaces in our routine. We need to schedule them
in, or the business of life will squeeze them out!
Be good to yourselves dear friends...don't forget to
have time to renew and reflect!


  1. that is a really important part of each day .. a moment .. some space.
    I like the photo you matched with this post Betsy

  2. Hi Betsy....I visit you each day sweet friend...You and a good cupa...Best to start the day.....Lord bless you and your little family....
    Happy New Year! Dee Dee

  3. yeah those moments are huge...we are resonating a bit again as i wrote tonight about the quiet early morning hours...

  4. Brian ~ we've done that a few times, haven't we!? I'll come over and read...

    you know what they say about great minds... :)

  5. DeeDee ~ thank you for putting that on your sidebar dear...what a great reminder from several years ago. xo

  6. ~sigh~ Reading those words clamed me down. ~sigh~

  7. Oh Betsy...you are so right...that little space we carve out in our day to reflect, to read (Love Streams in the Desert) to pray...It's what get me through life...time with the Lover of my Soul.

    Blessings on you my dear friend. I love the picture of that little flower pushing it's way through that crusty desert.


  8. What beautuful thoughts of encouragement, and yes, so true.
    I admire your positive outlook on life, always seeing the best in each and every thing.
    You are a gently spirit my friend ;)

  9. i loved this betsy......

    sending love tonight

    kary and teddy

  10. That is so true, for me it is reading the scriptures each morning, it brings peace to my day. (My wrist is still toucy, I have to be real careful how I use it! ) :D

  11. Many other bloggers have expressed similar sentiments to yours recently and I am too finding myself in a time of contemplation about the bigger picture, looking for answers.
    Seems like a lovely book and a great gift...

  12. Wherever you find peace, may you find it often.

  13. Zuzana ~ I know you are very good at carving out some solitude for yourself...those walks in the forest, etc. Very nice!

  14. Such important advice! I have to have some quiet time each day. It is just how I recharge. Life is too loud and busy.

  15. Wise words lady.
    I do not know this book. Think I will read it.

  16. I think it is the culture and day we live in. Everybody is going full speed ahead but so many of us don't know what direction. I'm looking forward to full retirement someday.

  17. Very nice thoughts...thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the small things. It seems we are most often doing five different things at once and our minds adjust to the multi-tasking. So it is difficult to slow it down and focus on the simple things.

  18. Cat ~ that is so very well put. We are masters at multitasking...I know I have a have dozen things going at once all day long. I need to stop and take a breath and enjoy the simple, beautiful things. :)

  19. I feel the time I spend reading and responding to blogs is my "me" time! It is a great refreshing time for me. So I try hard not to miss!

  20. I would say ... that's one of the most difficult things for me to get ... Thank GOD for Daddy Day (and yes, for Daddy).

  21. Oh it is so important to have some space and time for ourselves. Many times we forget this. What a beautiful quote.

  22. I enjoy that book as well. Thanks for visiting my blog again! I was thinking of you the other day, as we are expecting boy number 5. :)


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