Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Simple Things

I didn't leave the house yesterday. All the blizzard conditions
of the weekend made me want to postpone my errands and
grocery shopping for one more day. As a result, I had a quiet
restful day at home. Several things made me smile and it
occured to me that it really is the simple things, isn't it?
Things like........
1. The tree in the picture...one of those lovely views from my desk.
2. The afternoon sun sparkling on the snow.
3. The triplets and their fresh haircuts which I had been procrasting
to do for far too long! Oh my, they do look so much more
alike with their hair cut short!
4. Getting the last of the Christmas cookies in the freezer today.
5. Looking into the empty refrigerator at dinner time and putting together
the most amazing impromptu chicken alfredo with some leftover
chicken, garlic, cream cheese, half and half, parmesan and pasta.
6. Nugget untieing my slipper and then running away, hopping
completely airborne and then coming back to tease me some more!
7. Taylor and some college guys in the living room this evening.
Watching Monday Night Football, eating pizza and talking about
sports, final exams, girls, paychecks and the new IPhone.


  1. Very simple but all the important things.


  2. If we didn't have the simple pleasures, life would just be too difficult.

    Your dinner sounds wonderful, especially when it came from an empty refrigerator...HaHa

    We're watching Monday Night Football and snacking on Pumpkin Bread.

    Will you be posting the new haircuts?

  3. That tree belongs on a postcard.

    The simple things really are the most important.

  4. Can I just come spend the day with you? Your life seems so entertaining. Thanks for always making me smile.

  5. Betsy B ~ of course! How fun would that be? I'd love it!

  6. Wanda ~ let me wait until the Christmas card photo shoot is a distant memory to them, then I'll try a few pictures. hahaha

  7. Simplicity...we all need a little more of it :) We made our first batch of cookies tonight and it just made my heart feel warm...Yay!

  8. It's a good life..for sure! And it is all about these kind of moments...one does not need a ton of money to be happy...thanks for sharing my friend :D

  9. I agree with you, the best in life lies in the absolutely simple pleasures.;)
    Your view of the tree is to die for.;))

  10. I had been wondering if the bad snow had caught you - I always have trouble knowing just where the midwest is and when the news reports over here said that the midwest had been buried in snow I was unsure whether it would have caught you or not. Keep warm, relax and stay serene as always.

  11. you simple things put smiles on faces, but nonw as bright as yours i am sure...these things remind us that life is good...

  12. yes, it is the simple things Betsy ... I love your list :-) happy day.

  13. Brian ~ it is the little things...the simple every day wonderful things...we just need to remember to notice!

  14. Nice reflections on simple family life.

  15. LOVE your list of simple things. I agree...if we cannot take joy from the simple things we are missing out on a BLESSING!

  16. What I like about simple things is that you can "see" them everyday!
    Just take the time and enjoy.

  17. Simple pleasures are the BEST! I love your views from your desk esp! So beautiful & inspiring!

    We had a beautiful blizzard here on Saturday! Really, I loved the view & it inspired me to finish my decorating and bake! I'm so in the Christmas spirit and mood now!! One more week and the boys will all be home! :-) So excited!!

    Have a Wonderful week & stay warm!!!

  18. What a perfect Christmas tree! I agree, it's the simple things that are sweet memories over the years.
    BTW...your chicken alfredo sounds delicious!

  19. I do believe your blizzard has arrived in western NY. I will be staying inside my giant snow globe. Our power was out for about six hours last night. No school today!

  20. Now that is a FANTASTIC day! I so love a snow day!!!! xxoo

  21. Now that's a talented homemaker to come up with gourmet meal from the frig.....

    I'll take what I have rather than what's going around your area any day!!!!!!

    The tree is beautiful...is it in your yard?

  22. They are telling us here that the snow is really bad in the American mid-west - so if that is you (and it looks pretty bad there) then stay warm and safe. Too bad the fridge is empty - I guess that means you'll have to make a trip out soon.

  23. look wonderful and I love snow this time of year!!!!

  24. I agree, the simple things are life's greatest pleasures! The sparkly tree all laden with snow is beautiful.

  25. Life is good...it's the simple things we seem to enjoy the best. I love the tree outside your window. They always look better with a bit of snow dusted over them...just enough to let the lights shine through.
    Glad you were able to have a simply enjoyable day. xo

  26. Love the image of no. 7--so very family centric and wonderful to be able to provide a place of warmth and security.

    Of course no. 5 says it all--you are a domestic goddess--come on admit it? you shine, don;t you? Way to go, Betsy. I sure hope tehy all let you know regualrly jsu thwo much you do there to make the home so wonderful. not every mom and wife does that by any means. It should never be taken for granted.

  27. you also see that tree from your desk? wow, what don;t you see form there? it is an amzing view. Is that tree in your garden? I love its lights. So very veryt festive. Like the tour of your littel village--it is incredibly "Its a wonderful life" feeling. Wonderful indeed. Ahhh...


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