Monday, November 2, 2009

Playing Hooky!

Harry and Spencer
I had to go get Spencer (in the black pj's) from school
both Wednesday and Thursday afternoons last week
because he threw up. He didn't seem sick at all
after getting home. I think he was faking! When
I put everyone to bed Thursday evening, Harry
sounded like he was getting a cold, so I thought I'd
just keep them all home. I couldn't bear the clinic
calling me again! So, we lounged in our jammies
and had a relaxing day. Hopefully I broke the
cycle for Spencer and today will go without
any calls from the school nurse!
Or maybe I won't answer and let that call
Did you ever fake sick or play hooky?
You know, I never did! In fact, I would cry
if I was sick and had to miss school!
(what was wrong with me!?)

****THIS JUST IN****

The boys' teacher just sent me an email saying Spencer made himself throw up after lunch and requested to go to the school nurse! Finally, she's on to him and said "No!" See...moms always know, don't they? Now if teachers would just believe the moms! LOL!


  1. I only ever did it once. I 'nicked off' as we call it, to go and see a new supermarket open. Unfortunately the TV camera's were also there to witness the opening and I was seen on local TV by all of my teachers. I never did it again - I can still feel the sting of that cane!!



  2. I don't recall ever playing hooky. The house rule when I was sick (which I continued with my own children) was that if you stayed home from school you had to forgo ALL activities for the day (including playing with friends after school). I think that nipped a lot of potential fake sicknesses in the bud.

  3. Nothing was wrong with YOU, my dear. ;^)

  4. I think I told you about mine when (was it) Spencer had his faking day for his train pictures and book.

    Fifth grade, math class, Mr. Davis, bored silly, couldn't stand it any more, told him I didn't feel good, told the nurse I didn't usually run a fever/check with my mom, she verified...and when she picked me up she'd already called the doctor and gotten me an appointment. We went straight there!

    Turns out it was viral mono and I had to stay flat on the couch for five days. Serves me right, or good sense and I didn't know it. Intuition about your health in 5th grade seems a little much.

  5. I played sick very often and I don't think my mom even cared. I never missed on a test or an important day at school with fake illness though.
    I loved to stay home and watch Jeopardy, Concentration, Card Sharks - game shows were my favorite.

  6. I tried once or twice in high school but my VERY savvy mother was ALWAYS on to me so off I went to school!!

    Sometimes the VERY best days are when you have an UNPLANNED mandatory day at home to do NOTHING in your jammies!! VERY THERAPEUTIC!

    Hope the guys have an illness FREE week!

  7. My mother would never let me play hooky when I was growing up. I don't think I ever considered it a possibility. But as an adult, I certainly think about it...everyday....especially today....wish there was a nurse who would call my mother to come pick me up today.

  8. They look so comfortable.;) What a great way to spend a Monday.;) I never played hooky, although I would have wanted to many times.;)

  9. I'd say you were simply very conscientious. As I was in a single parent home, my mother would ahve never allowed me to stay home anyway all on my own. We always went to school and I would have never dared fake illness...as much as I pretty much hated school from 13 onwards until College.

    Ha. had to laugh at letting the Mister get the calls again. that is too funny and I'm sure for him too much! :)

  10. Oh yea, definitely faked it a few times but it was rare as I couldn't fool my parents either. ha ha

  11. Hi Betsy,

    I played hooky once and felt so guilty about it I confessed.


  12. Gary ~ oh, that is funny! Nothing like the tv camera to catch you...no sense denying it after that! ha-ha!

  13. I was sad to have to keep my 7-yr-old home on Friday. They had their Halloween party and he missed it. But he was running 101 temp. This morning he said he was still sick, but no fever. That's the only way I can tell with my boys. All three of them love to play sick!

  14. There's no place like home....uh Spencer?

  15. ok, i was feeling sorry for the chap until i read the THIS JUST IN...perhaps he just wants to spend time with his mum...smiles.

  16. I did say I had a tummy ache a couple of times and loved the extra special attention from Mum.

    Children will often 'try' you to see what they can get away with; it's all part of their learning but of course Mum knows best and you knew he was being naughty!!

  17. My mom was a nurse and we couldn't get away with a thing! No, really. We couldn't pull anything on her. Her famous line was, "Go sit on the toilet, then head to school."
    I shiver just writing that.

  18. We were always allowed to skip school on our birthday. I loved it-until 5th grade when the catching up was harder than just going.

  19. Poetikat suggested I stop by your blog. I have a son with Autism, he's 4. I was at once humbled and inspired when i got here.

    You are such an amazing example of being positive in the face of hardship.

    Thank you.

  20. Carolyn ~ wow..thanks so much! I'm glad Kat sent you over! I'll come by and visit you, too...that little guy looks awfully sweet in your avatar! :)

  21. Wow, good instincts mom! I don't think I hate ANYTHING enough to throw up! I hate throwing up the most!

  22. Christy ~ oh, me either! I'd rather be sick any other way! Fortunately, I seldome get sick that way...even while pregnant. There's nothing worse!

  23. My goodness there has been a lot of throwing up going on! I faked sick a few times but never go so far as to induce vomiting.


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