Sunday, October 18, 2009

Look Who Turned Sixteen

"The boys" turned 16 years old today.
A lot has happened to our little family in the past sixteen
years! When they were diagnosed with autism at the
age of four, we really didn't know what a crazy life
we were embarking on! But we love these guys!
And they love us! I'm thankful we can give them all
the care, concern, help and unconditional love they need.
We've crossed a lot of hurdles and seen tons of improvement!
God has been gracious ~ guiding our path the whole time.
Some of these milestone birthdays seem a little bittersweet
to me. After all, shouldn't they be getting their driver's
licenses and trying out for the basket ball team as
high school freshman? But in reality, I think maybe it is only
me that is missing those things,
and not them. I am very thankful that they
are happy, silly and loving guys. They were very content
with a birthday celebration that included potato chips,
new dvds, and some new winter clothes.
Harry, Alex and Spencer.
It also occurred to me that you have only seen still
pictures. Well, here's a little video clip of today.....
The Mister and I are trying to get Spencer to count to 16.
(actually, he CAN..but you know how it goes when you
want your child to show off for the camera!)

Happy Birthday, Boys!


  1. Happy Birthday to the boys! I enjoyed that video!

  2. Happy Birthday Wishes boys! I love the video! You can see how happy they are here. Thanks Betsy and congratulations to you too Mom. I can't imagine being the mother of triplets, especially ones with challenges. You've done a fantastic job.

  3. They all look very happy! I think that is what is important in that video. Happy birthday to them! I see cake in their near future:))

  4. Oh, Happy birthday to the triplets!
    and happy birthdy to you, Betsy, for giving birth to them

    Hope you all had some yummy cake and ice cream too.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday, to your sweet boys!! Loved the video and the picture is so precious of you and your babies.

  6. Happy Birthday to three wonderful boys. And to the parents, congratulations for having such a wonderful family. You are blessed. I'm sure it isn't always easy but so worth it.

  7. happy birthday to the boys! the video is precious...boys, what can i say....mine ham it up for the camera as well. smiles.

  8. Otin ~ they are always happy! I think that's what makes this all a little easier. We'd all be miserable if they weren't! LOL!

  9. Happy Birthday, Boys!:)

    I have to say having your favorite potato chips sounds like a great b-day meal to me~I love 'em, too! lol

    The video is great! They are such happy fellows!

  10. oh how i loved the video the smiles, the counting...happiest of special birthdays to these special children of God...and the amazing parents that are with them each step!

  11. Happy Birthday Harry, Alex and Spencer!!! Hope you guys had a great day!!! Muuwah, muuwah, muuwah!!!

    Betsy, you and hubby are awesome! Our friends' daughter has an autistic son, Wilson (14) and he is brilliant. We experienced a week recently with the family and I congratulate you as it is SO HARD with just one!!!

    Wilson is amazing with art and music and recently has been playing the panpipes occasionally with a South American band at a popular market in Tasmania. Just picked it up and plays like a professional! How does this happen?!!

    Lovely. xa

  12. Ah, congratulations boys!! How wonderful you look!
    I thoroughly enjoyed that clip, they are so cute! If one can say so about sixteen year old boys, ah, they might hate me now.
    Seriously, they are wonderful. I was wondering how they relate to ecah other; do they have a feeling for that they are triplets, that is that they look the same?
    Sorry if this is a stupid question.;)
    Hope you had a lovely day.;)

  13. Happy birthday young men! Lovely pics and video! Thanks for sharing these special family times with us Betsy.

  14. Betsy!!!! OH I love your guys! I will NEVER, NEVER get used to their DEEP, manly voices! And...how handsome they are sitting there smiling for their photos!
    Happy Birthday DEAR BOYS!
    I remember the day they were born! SIXTEEN! They are blessings from God!

  15. Happy Birthday, Boys!

    Besty, thanks for sharing the video. How much fun to see a glimpse of your sweet family interacting. The boys adorable... we can learn a lot from them about being content and a lot from you about loving unconditionally. It is a privilege to connect with you.

  16. Aww!!! They all three look so happy. Happy Birthday to the guys!!!

    Your hospital pic reminds me of you as "The Great Pumpkin", Bet. Seriously, people, I have never seen any human being so hugely pregnant, much less this little woman. When sitting, her belly literally touched the ends of her knees!!

  17. Just wanted to wish your boys a Happy Birthday....Thank you Betsy for sharing with us....How precious to hear your voice, the Mister's and all three of your boys...great smiles and lots of love going on in your family...
    Blessings... Dee DEe

  18. Willow ~ ha-ha! Oh, yes! You took a picture of me hugely pregnant and looking like the Great Pumpkin! I should dig that out. Scanning that photo for this post with the newborns in my lap I had to laugh thinking that they were all inside just the day before! Truly amazing. ...and sooo uncomfortable carrying over 18pounds of baby!

  19. Dee-dee ~ thanks so much...it's always a treat when you comment! xo

  20. heartfelt birthday wishes to the boys and the whole family for the love you've given and commitment you've made.

    you look so serene and calm in the photo holding the three boys!

  21. Julie ~ yes, calm and serene! I guess we could title that picture "The Calm Before the Storm" hee!

  22. Happy Birthday to all the young men in the video! Happy birth day to you too. I know it's been a roller coaster ride these past 16 years!

  23. 30... I love it! :) That video was so cute!! Eek! Your boys are so handsome! Happy Birthday, guys!! Eat lots of potato chips!!

    ps: Happy boys. You're doing your job perfectly. :)

  24. Many congratulation to the boys on their 16th Birthday. What handsome chaps they are. I have two grown-up boys (well men really) one of 27 and one of 40 they have given me much joy and I can see yours do also.

    Fine fellows indeed and very fine parents too! A lovely video. May they have a splendid year.

  25. Thank you Betsy for sharing the video. We really do miss seeing you all and being able to celebrate in person.

  26. Congratulations to the boys! Sweet 16. (Does that work for boys? i think so here anyway!) I loved that video. Quite fun too. ...and is that the lady of the house's voice we hear? Hmm... I suspect so.

    "I'm thankful we can give them all
    the care, concern, help and unconditional love they need."
    --That is HUGE! they have no idea just how blessed they are.

  27. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS....i love the video...thanks for sharing...Pat H

  28. Mmm ~ yes, that would be my voice! Detect any midwestern accent in there? ;)

  29. Hi Betsy,
    Belated happy birthday wishes for the boys. My, how time does fly.
    You've done a marvelous job.
    The Bach

  30. That is just precious and I got to hear your voice too, Betsy! Lurve it! Well here is my song to the boys...

    Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Harry, Alex and Spencerrrrrr. Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! And many more!

  31. Hey, Bach! Where have you been? I'll pass along the birthday wishes. :)

  32. you know that really is an incredible poem of Willow's for you on your side bar. It says so much.

  33. Thank you so much for sharing the video. I truly enjoyed it and hearing all of your voices. I wonder if you could put that in your sidebar sometime. It would be nice to watch and see how happy the boys are and them hamming it up for the camera.

    Please wish them a Happy Birthday from me. Their love is a blessing.

    God bless.

  34. Happy Birthday to your three ( OMGosh - three at once!) beautiful sons! I like the photo of you in your delivery bed holding the three of them. You and your oldest son look pleased, but somewhat dazzled, by the prospect of these three babes! I'm sure my photo would've included me fainting! The video - too cute! Do they know how famous they are? Hope so!

  35. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday. When something's really special you share it three times, right? Willow has me so curious, oh can't we see a preggers picture?

  36. Solar ~ oh, OK...it's loose in a box full of pictures. When I come across it, I'll pull it out. It's amazing, alright! LOL!

  37. Very warm, if somewhat belated 16th birthday wishes to your Three Musketeers Besty! Although watch out Spencer, you aged your brothers by 14 years & I reckon there'll be a little plotting & scheming going on right about now as payback for this oopsie!
    Millie ^_^

  38. Happy Birthday boys! 16 (going on 30)! I loved the video clip inclusion, too, Betsy. The picture of you with all the boys in your hospital bed also...what life lessons you have learned since that time!! I am so thankful for you. You are an awesome Mom and an inspiration to me. Happy, happy birthday.

  39. Oh, Betsy, I watched the video a couple of times I enjoyed it so much. I just had to giggle. I loved watching Alex cover his face, and Spencer smiling while he was counting was so sweet, and Harry could just care less what was going on.

    Remember when I did that post so people could hear what I sounded like and decide whether I had an accent, and you said the first thing you thought was I sounded a lot like you...you know what...you sound a lot like me! Cracks me up!!!

    Belated happy birthday to the boys since I'm very late in getting by!

  40. Kayren ~ I remember thinking that your voice sounded like mine! Funny! Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

  41. Hi Betsy

    I loved to hear your sweet voice and see your thriving teenage trio...
    I hope you all had a happy day

    Happy days

  42. Birthday wishes! Three! I found two at once hard work ... (still do).

  43. Titus ~ thanks for the visit! Two really is difficult! Three...just about impossible! LOL!


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