Friday, October 16, 2009


Anagrams are words or phrases made by mixing up the letters of other words or phrases, e.g. THE EYES is an anagram of THEY SEE. Here are some more good ones:

Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler

The earthquakes = That queer shake

Debit card = Bad credit

Slot machines = Cash lost in 'em

School master = The classroom

Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one

Dormitory = Dirty room

Punishment = Nine Thumps

Desperation = A rope ends it

The Morse code = Here come dots

Snooze alarms = Alas! No more Zs

A decimal point = I'm a dot in place

Astronomer = Moon starer

Fir cones = Conifers

The eyes = They see

Payment received = Every cent paid me

Conversation = Voices rant on

The public art galleries = Large picture halls, I bet

Election results = Lies – let's recount

Halley's Comet = Shall yet come

The Hurricanes = These churn air

And now for some celebrity anagrams...

Elvis = Lives

Clint Eastwood = Old West action

Florence Nightingale = angel of the reclining

William Shakespeare = I'll make a wise phrase

M. Caine = Cinema

Isn't this interesting!? WHO thinks up these things? LOL!
***Thanks to Kathy G, who sent me this link, you can type in your
name and get an anagram for it! Click here.
Betsy Anne = Been nasty.....ha-ha!!


  1. They are excellent! The Woman Hitler was funny right off the back!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. Willow made such a fun evening for all of us! I love that your date was Don Knotts!

    Beautiful blog. I work with students who have Autism, so I respect your situation tremendously. I will be back!

  3. Otin ~ I cracked up at that first one, too!

  4. As I was sitting here reading the list I kept thinking, "Who comes up with this stuff?" Seems my thoughts aren't far from yours.

  5. there are some pretty freaky similarities or truths behind some of those...

  6. WT really likes the first one.

  7. The whole time I was reading those I wondered if you had come up with them yourself! I suppose not after the last thing you wrote. They made my brain hurt, but the first one was awfully funny.

  8. This was interesting! Such a play with letters, very clever. Did you make those up yourself?

  9. I'm glad I don't have a job as an Anagram Developer!

  10. Oh, no...I did not make these up! Good grief...I'm not that clever! hee!

  11. I've not read these all. I remember the first time i came across one and noticed it as such was for Elvis Lives. Odd. I love the morse code one too.

    And to think, Mr Toast is To Trams! Hmmm,, and there I am needing a car. Quite funny really.

  12. Try this site: http://www.deanjackson.dj/nameanagram/index.php

  13. Hello, Betsy!! Just had to return your visit to say a great BIG thank you!!! And I've found and absolutely gorgeous blog!!! And fun, as well!!! I hope you won't mind if I follow you. And I'll be back as soon as I kick the painkillers!!~Janine XO

  14. Sniffles and Smiles ~ oh, how fun...yes, come back again! Hope your recovery goes smoothly!

  15. Pretty cool list...who does think up these things?

  16. Stevie ~ I put steviewren in that website and got Wiser Event. :)

  17. These are hysterical! great post :)

  18. Oh, these are fun. Yikes, the desperation one, though! It is amazing how you can define them using the same letters. That would be a fun game, to see what you could come up with.

  19. this is fun. mine is unlike jig. i'm trying to figure out if that means i'm not likely to dance or if it means i'm not like to tamper with things. hee hee

    btw, i'd love a piece of that pecan pie you have on your sidebar! yum!!

  20. Who does think these up? Amazing!


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